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best longbow build

My new Onot Longbow build is the best sniper rifle on MW3, so I'm going to go through and break down every single attachment that you need to be using on your Longbow class setup. Let's get into it. Jumping straight into the first attachment on the one-shot Longbow build, we do want to try to get as much ad speed as we can, so with that being said, we're going to go with the FSS, old V laser, which is going to give us a huge increase in our handling.

As you can see, we get a 6.7%. Decrease to the aim down sight speed and minus 10% to the sprint to fire speed making this thing a lot faster, which is one of the most important things you can have on a sniper, and even though it does say we get a 55% increase to a rechamber time. I am pretty sure that's bugged because it literally makes no difference.

best longbow class

Next up for the second attachment, we do want to go ahead and throw on the no stock, which is going to give us a massive increase in our mobility and handling. As you can see in the detailed statistics, we have a 7.8% increase. Decrease to the aim down sight speed and minus 10% to the Sprint to fire speed plus a pretty big increase to every single one of the mobility stats all at the cost of a little bit of recoil control which has absolutely zero impact on a sniper rifle making this one of the best attachments on the entire build now for the third attachment, as you can see if you look in the bottom left corner this gun actually starts with a 30 round mag which is just complete overkill for a sniper rifle it's just going to slow us down a ton so what we want to do is throw on the 10 round magazine, and it's going to give us pretty much every single stat that we are looking for aim down sight speed Sprint to fire speed and reload quickness and not just a small increase either 6.1%, decrease to the aim down sight speed again and minus 18.5%.

best longbow class mw3

To the Sprint to fire speed with absolutely zero cons besides the magazine size, which is still massive for a sniper rifle, next up for the fourth attachment, we do want to go ahead and throw on an under barrel, and this is in my opinion one of the best under barrels in the entire game, especially if you're an aggressive movement-based player, and that is going to be the DR6, hand St, and it's going to fit into this build absolutely, perfect once again giving us an increase to aim down sight Sprint of fire and movement speed 5% to the movement speed 4 and 1 half% to the aim down sight speed and Min - 12.1%.

Of the Sprint of fire speed at the cost of a 10%, increase to our hipfire spread which really does not affect us at all because hipfire is a last resort with snipers and for the last attachment to complete the One-Shot Longbow build I'm going to have two separate options depending on which map you're going to be playing and since I was playing shipment the best option is going to be the true Tac short barrel because as you can see when we open the detailed stats it's going to decrease our effective and minimum damage range but since shipment is such a small map 11.2, m is going to be good enough and we do want to try to keep that ads speed as fast as we can as you can see it's going to be at 400 milliseconds which is one of the fastest you can get it to on this Longbow build but if you are just playing normal quick play in some of the bigger Maps I highly recommend you use the pro99.

best longbow class setup

Long barrel, and this is going to give us effective and minimum damage range, giving us a lot less hit markers. Regardless of when you are using it, you definitely still want to try to aim as high as possible, like the upper chest or the head, because either way, this thing still does get quite a bit of hit markers, but it is still very overpowered.

Regardless, here's the full fastest one-hot longbow build in Modern Warfare 3. easily my favorite sniper rifle in the game right now, and with it I dropped a. 140+ kill game, so with that being said, let's get into it. How sniping on

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