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This is DK Dynamite, and today we're going to be talking about a pretty huge update for zombies, some brand new content that was discovered, plus even more. Have you done the act for the story mission? Have you discovered any other secrets? If so, feel free to drop a comment. Have you guys finished everything? I think there are still going to be a couple more secrets to discover that maybe got added with season 1, and there should be a decent amount of content added in season 1 reloaded, which we'll talk about in a minute, but.

First look: mwz exfil streak reward

First look: mwz exfil streak reward

The first thing I want to bring up is that as of yesterday, the rumored Xville streaks for MW3, zombies, did get discovered one of them at least, so a couple of months ago I went over how there's 10 different Xville streak rewards that are apparently coming to MW3 zombies; they were leaked out by the usual data miners over on Twitter, and as of yesterday, an image did pop up of one of these XO rewards, which is the ability to spawn in with 500 Essence.

Now, that was obviously a leaked XO reward that we talked about a few months ago, so at least that lines up. It's very likely that these get added in either with the midseason 1 update or the beginning of season 2 at the latest. I can't see them adding this any farther than maybe those two proposed release dates, but I'm excited to know that there are some cool rewards for successfully exiling in MW3.

And the thing is, I know you guys are probably going to say what's the point of adding in these streaks if there's crashing issues and other problems. I get that, but I'm sure by the time they add in these xill streaks.

Voicelines leaked for the new mwz boss

Voicelines leaked for the new mwz boss

voice Line's also fully leaked out for the Doabe Warlord boss confirmed to be releasing with season 1 reloaded. There'll be a new Fortress update for MW3 zombies. It's unclear if this replaces the old fortress that we currently have already towards the middle of the map or if this will just be a bonus, a fortress spawn that is at a different location in Ekhan.

And obviously, in this new fortress, we're going to see Doabe as the boss we have to take down. She's obviously also a playable operator in multiplayer and War Zone, and you can even bring her in for zombies if you guys want. If you have the operator, she was in the Battle Pass, but the voice lines do suggest that she'll be calling in a drone swarm; she'll be insulting you obviously as a warlord, and she'll be calling in UAVs, whatever that means.

I'm assuming just counter-uavs, if I had to guess, and then there are voice lines about her dying as well, so it's about a minute and 50 seconds of audio. I'm not going to play it on screen for obvious copyright reasons, but you can find it on this exact Twitter account, as I wanted to show you guys on screen.

Will the s1r boss offer new rewards??

This update will be released in season 1 reloaded, which will probably be early to mid-January. I mean, they could even drop this before that, but I'd assume they save it for mid-season just to give zombies something. When reloaded, it does come around, and like I talked about in a previous article going over all season one rewards for MW3 zombies.

I do believe there's a good chance that the reward Rift that you'll get from defeating Doabe in the new Fortress could have some other goodies in it, maybe even better than the goodies that we got from defeating the initial warlord boss that we currently have inside of Ekhan. Now that detonated went ahead and posted in terms of zombies going forward, it's unclear what updates we have on deck aside from that Doabe Warlord update.

What's coming to zombies with s1 reloaded

What's coming to zombies with s1 reloaded

I feel like they'll add in at least a couple more minor things for Reloaded, unless they have a lot of big plans for season 2 and they don't want to waste anything in January. We know we have a Christmas update starting on December 20th, and as of right now, we haven't gotten much marketing in regards to how that update will impact zombies.

We know a decent amount in regards to what's coming to multiplayer in War Zone, but I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that we get some type of Christmas map reskin for Zakhan that we can see in zombies, or maybe not a zombie LTM, but at least challenges you can do while playing zombies. It's a bit unknown.

We obviously have the Vortex LTM coming out, but that's for multiplayer. Although it is still zombie-related, there is still a good amount of content to look forward to. If you guys are hardcore zombie fans, now this is something that I consider a pretty huge update for all zombies, but especially MW3.

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The success of Duty general manager just put out a statement a couple of days ago talking about the success of MW3, zombies, and what it could mean for the future, which I think you guys out there are going to be really interested in.

Huge update for the future of cod zombies

So, as you went ahead and said, we just launched a completely new, open-world, expansive way to play Zombies.

Sounds great sounds obvious not easy when you're breaking into modern warfare, there's the Canon and the Universe, and usually that zombie experience is not shown in Modern Warfare. As a subfamily, you have a whole segment of our audience who's like, We'll see about this, and it's a different way to play zombies.

Even the gameplay architecture is different, and so those are the best that you've got to take, she added. It's something we measure, and we can feel it. You can feel it when it's hitting, and credit goes to everyone on the development side for MW3 zombies. It's probably the best-rated third mode in a decade, and I'm not making that up, and you know we listen and we see that, so you feel it.

Sometimes, you can't measure it. So with this statement, I've seen a few replies to it. Well, this general manager probably wasn't around during the quote-unquote Peak zombie days of Black Ops 3, or even some of the lows like infinite warfare, or even some of the crazy resurgences we saw in Bo4. What about the Cold War's success during the pandemic?

I get it right.

Open world zombies never going f2p ??

Open world zombies never going f2p ??

I've seen all those replies talking about this, but here's my reply to that statement: I feel like because of the success of MW3 zombies and because, as she said, it's arguably the best third mode that they've done, this is what I think the mode itself, the open world expansive outbreak, is never going free to play, and this is something that I talked about many months ago after the end of DMZ.

I was like, Well, let's see how MW3 zombies get received because maybe that's what they'll do following its success, and I know it's unlikely now, but maybe they have it. Go free to play through war zones like DMZ, But then I always thought, Let me play the devil's advocate for a second. Could they really do that considering what happened to DMZ?

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