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This is DK Dynamite, and tonight we're going to be talking about season 3 of Zombie. The mode is finally getting some updates that you guys have been asking for, but in all honesty, the mode just changed forever.

The mors is a wonder weapon!

The mors is a wonder weapon!

Bolt, the weapon itself, is honestly the new wonder weapon of MW3 zombies. They're probably going to Nerf it in the next week or two. They're likely going to change just how much damage the aftermarket part does to the photonic charge. That's supposed to be released through a weekly challenge or even the classified sector later in season 3, but it appears you get early access to it if you use either the battle pass or black, so blueprints of the Morse on top of that.

If you max out the base weapon, apparently you'll get access to it after getting a bunch of one-shot kills in multiplayer. I'm not sure what happened with this amp or if that was a mistake. Either way, I'll keep you guys posted with more over the next couple of weeks, but it's very fun to use in zombies, and it's probably one of the best weapons to use as of right now.

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As a reminder, we've got plenty of brand new coverage going up over on Donated. To, and Zombie, even CDL Best Loadouts War Zone Mobile, plus there are plenty of tweets every single hour on detonated Twitter, so.

Pvp is the mwz season 4 update

Let's start off with that PVP mode for MW3 zombies. Some additional information was provided by the usual data miners, and they've been talking about it all over Twitter.

Over the last few days, there have been quite a few leaks for season 4 and beyond of MW3, but here's what's going on with PVP. In particular, leakers are claiming that it will be a story like Mission taking you elsewhere with PVP enabled and respawn points. Now, it looks like weapon cases and even warlords will be featured in this mode.

New details were found in regards to different loot caches. Intel, and other aspects of the experience that honestly make it sound like an LTM, but it's probably just similar to Dark Eternity Rifts, where you have to access this new content from within Urzikstan. Through a portal or something, it'll spawn somewhere on the map.

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Now, according to Allen II on Twitter, it'll act as a deadbolt recon mission, and it looks like season 4 doesn't have a dark ether Rift nor does it have an ending cinematic cut scene of some sort, but it does have this PVP type of experience, so leakers have F references to a dark ether Rift and cut scene for season 5.

It looks like the studio working on Zombies right now is going to be taking a break with that style of update. With our fourth season, PVP is definitely coming, but it's not going to change the way that Zombies currently works and is technically going to be a separate experience from the main mode.

I'm looking forward to how it plays out; it just sounds like DMZ, and I just wonder how high the stakes will be. Can you just go in and risk losing absolutely everything on your person, or is it maybe a separate loose system when you go into this mode? really curious what's going to happen here, but once again, I think that is still better than nothing in season 4. They could just take a season off and not update zombies with any type of content, but at least we're going to get that, and then season 5 will likely end up closing out the post-launch season of MW3, zombies since season 6 will likely be focused on All Around the Haunting; maybe we'll get zombie updates for that, but that'll be very close to the launch of Black Ops 2024 and the return of the round base.

Treyarch has left mw3 zombies

Treyarch has left mw3 zombies

Now here's a big bomb show from the recent season 3 Creator Call. I was happy enough to attend it, and Kevin Drew from Treyarch did go ahead and confirm that was going to be his last call representing Treyarch and MW3, zombies, as he has moved on to an unannounced project, and I wonder what that could be.

It's going to be Black Ops 2024. Unless it's something else that just hasn't been announced but Black Ops 2024 is the upcoming project from Treyarch and I'm sure he's in charge of the zombies department for that but yeah I guess it does confirm that not only is tryer kind of stepping away from the mode but even Kevin Drew who has been repping it in every previous crator call even he has to move on from it but he did mention in the call that somebody from Sledgehammer, is going to be taking charge with talking to us creators in those development calls but the thing is he kind of made it clear that Sledgehammer, is taking charge to wrap up the MW3 zombie season both narratively and gameplay-wise we know there have been a few developers over on Twitter that work at Infinity Ward and high mooon who've confirmed their working on it Obviously, just about every mode in Call of Duty now is a collective effort for multiple studios, and no doubt multiple studios have worked on zombies since the beginning, but I do think Sledgehammer is maybe taking up a larger role to round out the rest of the zombies year for MW3.

And did they give me that sledgehammer now? Who knows, but we'll just have to wait and see how this does affect the rest of the DLC cycle.

The stash size increase is coming

The stash size increase is coming

Now what also got confirmed which I'm not really sure the release they on since nothing was mentioned about it is a stash size increase they're unfortunately just going to be increasing the stash from 10 to 20, it's not that big of a jump but it's better than nothing they didn't really mention when this was going to release but I'm sure it'll just be Shadow patched into the game once season 3 Reloaded comes around or maybe some point before that but remember containment levels last season weren't even mentioned in any marketing they just kind of got added in quietly through patch notes, so that's probably what they're going to do with this feature it's better than them just not touching the stash size I just think the studio or some higher-ups have data that says a larger stash size means fewer people are going to be engaged in, you know.


Gathering items around the environment and filling them with them—I don't agree with that. I just think they should increase the sash size to much bigger than what it is now, but sadly, that's probably not going to end up happening. So we also have another feature that I think is kind of a double-edged sword.

Here I'm kind of on the fence about it: a schematic and a cooldown feature.

Schematic cooldown finally dropping

Now I'm totally down to having a method where you can go ahead and lower the schematic cooldown because it's ridiculous to have to wait multiple days to use something that you might have worked very hard to unlock. But the method that you're going to be able to use starting with season 3 at some point, probably with reloading on May 1st, is Exfilling with Essence.

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