News - Crazy Update: Warzone 2 Zombies Content Reveal & Surprise Cancellation

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This is DK Dynamite, and today we're going to be talking about some crazy news from Modern Warfare 3 zombies: new content updates and some unexpected cancellations.

What mwz season 2 should've had

What mwz season 2 should've had

I know a lot of answers are probably going to include round-based or onslaught, but what about some quality of life changes? Like I was saying on the podcast just recently, all they really had to do, at least in my opinion, for the launch of season 2 for MWZ was add in a couple of quality of life changes, which alone could have provided some replayability, until the mid-season 2 update in March, which has actual content.

I mean, they would have just added in a wallet system, giving you more reason to continue extracting, giving you a reason to stack up a bunch of cash, and if they had added those containment levels, aka the xville streaks, which actually require you to complete. I believe it's at least 100 total contracts, and you have the xville for them to count, but all that alone.

I think it would have kept people fairly busy for at least the next couple of weeks before new content gets added in. Now, before we continue, I just wanted to remind you about Mitch {540}, where you can get assistance grinding camos nukes or schematics in MW 3. These guys do not use unlock tools or any banable methods and will actually help you play the game.

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First mwz update in 49 days revealed

First mwz update in 49 days revealed

Obviously, as we confirmed over on Detonated on March 6, which is the launch of season 2 reloaded, that'll be the first update for MWZ in over 49 days. Days now, obviously, there's been some stability and bug fixes; they got released thanks to the recent season 2 patch notes, but in terms of actual content, we're looking at the car's warlord, three new schematics, and a brand new story mission.

Do you think that'll be enough? I honestly think with the new Story Mission, we'll end up setting up a similar drop of content like we saw in season one, where you get a story mission, then you get an Easter egg to do in Ersan to unlock a rift to go back into that same dark ether space, and then in the space you can probably unlock an elder sigil, which allows you to do a hardcore version of that rift, plus other surprises.

secret rooms and drops that have been unannounced, that's probably what's going to happen, and we'll circle back to that, but there was, of course, a season 2 Creator call just a week and a half ago, and during the zombies portion of that call, as we reported over on , detonated, there were a couple of things confirmed.

Treyarch announced this before season 2

The first thing was in regards to Tombstone and how they were investigating. That would be a really healthy update, so it's unclear why they just don't want to increase the size a little bit more, and I could kind of see that having it set to 10 would make the mode a bit more replayable, giving people more reasons to keep playing a little bit longer, but at the same time, it's like just increasing the SAS size if you want to add in more items. I just don't get it.

Crazy cancellations for this in mw3 zombies

Crazy cancellations for this in mw3 zombies

But the sad news that Kevin Drew confirmed himself was that there are no new perks or enemy types planned for the mode. This is crazy to hear about, considering how many leaks have surfaced about MWZ. Content: Who knows what went wrong here, but we know about the widows wine teaser from the Walmart collector's edition, and we know about the leaks that talked about perks like Electric Cherry or even Mule Kick.


So in terms of what happened, that's a big question mark, and then you think back to the Activision statement about how mwz is apparently the most engaging, third mode Modern Warfare has ever done, and that's kind of a given since zombies will always be infinitely more popular than spec ops or survival, but you think about the statements from Activision about how successful mwz is, and then you look at the content output we're getting; it just doesn't make sense, but the only theory I can come up with is that during this transition period while Mirle all Hands-On deck for Black Ops as they pass the baton to High Moon or Infinity Ward or whoever else to work on mwz.

Maybe that transition period is what's causing a delay right now to see some actual content added to the game, but it still doesn't explain why content's being cancelled.

The pvp mode is still coming to mwz

Now there is a follow-up as well to a report that I did mention a couple of weeks ago in regards to a pvpve, Experience, inside of Modern Warfare 3 zombies.

No, it's not going to replace the zombies we currently have to where they add PVP, or they add friendly fire, or anything; apparently, a separate mode entirely is coming to MWZ. And who knows if it's canceled or not, but apparently new information about that got added to the game's database following the launch of season 2.

Apparently, that mode has a new form of Intel called Basic Advanced Major and even Warlord, so there would apparently be so there will apparently be some Intel you can find while playing this LTM, or whatever this mode is. I've seen theories that this is referring to Hordepoint, which is for multiplayer that also incorporates PvPVE.

But not all the least to suggest that this is a mode for Modern Warfare 3 zombies, not multi-player. I think if this does come to the game, some content is better than no content, and I think it could prove to be really replayable, in the way the DMZ was, if it is handled correctly. But let's all hold our breath on this and not judge or criticize something that hasn't even been announced yet.

Let's just wait and see what comes about this report about pvpve.

New mission, cutscene & easter egg

New mission, cutscene & easter egg

But in regards to what to expect with season 2 reloaded, like I mentioned in the tweet earlier, we are getting a new story mission, and apparently it's tied around Fletcher, so the description for this new story mission is apparently to go to Fletcher's last known location. So that'll be this new dark ether Rift, which I believe does take place near the sad shopping center, which we all saw on Almaza last year.

They're taking that entire space and making it a new dark ether rift similar to the dark ether rift we currently have, which is in Albra Fortress. So that'll be the new story mission, and I'm sure if you go to his last known location, fight somebody, or find some artifacts, it'll probably give you a quest that you have to do on another fetch quest, and then once you finish that story.

Mission: It'll probably give you a cut scene of some sort, and then it's up to us to go back to Ersan and figure out how to re-enter that rift without doing the ACT mission.

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