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This is DK Dynamite, and today we're going to be talking about the new features coming to zombies and the ones we're hoping for that will bring back the essence of DMZ. I know I'm one of those people, and of course there are plenty of tweets every hour on Twitter. A couple of days ago. I made a big news roundup just to end off the year talking about season 1 reloaded for MW3.

Scoreboard in mw3 zombies

Scoreboard in mw3 zombies

Funny enough and something that I forgot to bring up on the recent podcast is that in a recent crater call for season 1 with the studio, we actually brought this up to Kevin Drew and he definitely took note of it so I'm curious if they'll end up implementing this as soon as season 2 on February 7th if that's when it comes out as we wrote in the tweet this will be beneficial to track camel challenges and more which gives more clarity instead of guessing and I like that multiplayer, already has a big Improvement for the scoreboard allowing you to track and more information as well so as long as you see this in zombies at some point I think it'll be great and hopefully becomes a staple for all future zombie iterations as well Now I also want to get two things out the way real quick since these two things already leaked out and they're also formerly in DMZ.

Wallet system from dmz returns

We have first removed the wallet, allowing you to extract x amount of money and then take as much as you'd like from that stash into your next game. Right, that wallet came pretty late into DMZ, but it looks like it might be coming sooner than later for zombies, right? an image already surfaced online of what that looks like.

I mean, maybe they reworked. How the wallet system is going forward so that it's a little bit more balanced and isn't as overpowered to the point where you can bring in, you know, 75 to 200k into a game of Zombies. Maybe you guys would rather see it that way where you could just spawn in with as much money as you'd like, or maybe you guys out there would prefer if there's a bit of a challenge behind it where there's a cap on how much you can bring in, like 10 to 20K.

Exfil streak rewards for mwz.

Exfil streak rewards for mwz.

all these streak rewards already leaked out and we saw this added in a bit of a different way to DMZ, where when you on xville streak it would give you a specific perk that your operator would then spawn in with sadly though the perks were kind of bugged in DMZ for a while then they eventually fixed it but I think here for zombies the rewards are much more valuable and it's unclear if all the rewards stack including the ones that give you points or if maybe you get all the xill streak rewards, but then the ones with the points don't stack you'll just get the last one like if you're on xville streak 10 you'll spawn in with 5K but you won't get the other point streak rewards that you saw previously, who knows how they'll work but these two things have already leaked out images have surfaced online and I'm sure they'll be releasing relatively soon but the rest of the things here in this article I believe are a given these things will end up dropping guaranteed.


I'm pretty confident about these, considering how important they are to the gameplay loop and especially if other zombie maps do end up releasing for MW3.

More operator slots in mw3 zombies

Let's start off with more operator slots. This one's essentially a guarantee. I really do believe there'll be bundles really soon, probably either in Reloaded or Season 2.

They do offer more operator slots, similar to what we saw for DMZ back during MWW's life cycle. I see no reason for them to just restrict us to three operator slots. I'm surprised they haven't already dropped bundles with more of them, but hopefully there's a way where we can unlock additional slots by doing extra-act missions eventually or doing some other Easter eggs that would actually be cool.

I mean, I'd rather go through a tedious Easter egg to get an extra operator slot instead of a calling card or a loading screen. That's just the way I think, but for those out there frustrated with the lack of extra operator slots, I think this will be fixed in the next couple of weeks. But one thing that I wanted to bring up, which is probably the most unlikely part of this article here, is.

6 player lobby que in mwz explained

6 player lobby que in mwz explained

Six players Q: Now, obviously, we could assimilate into a six-man squad inside of MWZ, similar to what you used to be able to do in DMZ. But I do find that a little problematic, that for those out there who just want to play with three other friends, you can't do that.

modern warfare 3

I mean, I love the idea of similation. I think it's great for community building and meeting some new friends in a lobby. But what is the harm in just allowing you to spawn into a match with your entire squad if you have a six-man squad ready to go? I mean maybe they could limit it and balance it some way where you can't spawn into Earth stand with the six-man but at least the dark ether that would be cool if there was another Easter egg they released where you can bypass the sigil Quest and just spawn directly into the dark ether either version, right out the gate and then from there you can spawn in with six people but for ekan you always have to assimilate maybe they'll do it that way but I just want to play around with that idea real quickly since it's the only part of the article that I think is the most unlikely for future content , but next up the bigger backpack update this is something that's also a little odd because a large backpack in DMZ, allowed you to hold a third weapon whereas in mwz.

3rd weapon slot, backpack or mulekick

It doesn't, and we know Mule Kick has a perk already leaked out, which I find to be the most redundant perk to add to an extraction-based zombie game. They should have just had the large backpack release in season one reloaded or season 2, which would allow you to hold a third weapon, and then up until this point now we only had access to a medium backpack, or if anything, just add in an extra large backpack.

That lets you do this, but I guess they just want to release me for whatever reason, and I guess that'll just increase your bag space. I'm not sure how that's going to work, but yeah, I do think it's possible that bundle will work in the future as well. It could also have you know the ability to spawn in with a medium backpack, but maybe not a large one, because DMZ never allows you to spawn in with a large one, so we'll have to wait and see how they balance this, but it's also something that I'm sure the community wants to see: the ability to hold three weapons if you have two that you're working on camo-wise, and then a wonder weapon as a third weapon in your inventory. That's something that I'm sure is also coming really, really soon.

ALL NEW MW3 Zombie Updates That EVERYONE Needed Stash Increase, More Operators, Wallet PvP.
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