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So I'm going to be sharing my fastest and most steady class setup for the XRK stalker sniper rifle here in Modern Warfare 3. I'm not a sniper; all of the returning viewers to the channel know I'm more of a red-gun player or an assault rifle SMG. I'm not the flashy type. I'm not going to run around and get quick Scopes, or I'm not going to run around and get quad feeds, or you know all the crazy things that the phas, the sore members, and the obey members do consider my setup more like a regular player type of setup; it's going to do a very good job at hitting your one-shot kills, but also have a fast aim-down sight speed in case you need it or you want to go for it.

Fastest setup

best xrk stalker class

some quick scopes I'm going to change it up today, and I'm going to start with a barrel, and that's because this is actually the most important attachment of the build in order to make it very, very fast. That is the Handler LKP, short barrel. You can see the large increase by three ticks, and in addition to your aim-down sight speed, we also get some movement speed.

Sprint to fire speed and Sprint speed will hit your damage range quite significantly, but it's not a war zone. Let's be honest, normally you're going to be in that damage range where it's going to be effective, so looking at these statistics here, we're getting. 13.5%, To our aim down sight speed, which, like I said,'s what makes it the most important attachment of the build, now I'm heading over to a laser site with the FSS o, laser here.

So normally I would not run these attachments on my assault rifles. SMGs, and LMGs, but we're using a sniper rifle, and they can already see my bright freaking scope on the map, so why not give them a laser sight as well? This is going to give you a large increase in aiming stability, aim-down sight speed, and sprint-to-fire speed.

best xrk stalker class mw3

Looking at these statistics, we are 6.3% to the aim-down sight speed, along with 10.2%. To the sprint to fire speed, now when we're going over to an optic, I personally like to use the SPX. 86.6 a, now I'm not a fan of the super zoomed-in like 12 times or 13 times scopes that a lot of these weapons have, so six times seems to be my personal preference.

However, if you guys have a sniper scope that you enjoy more, you can definitely Chuck that on, but if you're just looking to try my build, there's the scope for you. Now for the stock, I have the Helix LV light stock that's going to give me aim-down sight speed. Unfortunately, for some reason, my no-stock attachment here is locked.

best xrk stalker class setup

I want to say that's probably the one I would use, but unfortunately, I can't even try it out. This is going to give you aim-down sight speed, which is 3.5%. And debatably, I say I might not run that no stock attachment simply because we're not sacrificing aiming idle sway. When you look at the no stock attachment, you can see the large decrease in aiming idle sway, which is going to make it much harder to hit your shots, especially if you're holding a hard scope, so it's hard to say if I would use that or not, but this does a good enough job for me.

And our last attachment is the XRK stalker light bolt, which is going to give you rechambering speed. It's not really a huge factor here, but I personally noticed that difference. It's going to make you rechamber your weapon much faster. I felt like without it was far too slow and I couldn't rechamber my weapon fast enough to get up and take another shot, but in my opinion it is a big deal, but statistically.

I definitely could see where you don't necessarily have to run that one, so here's all of my attachments on the screen if you guys are looking to copy it down. I'm running the mag holster there so I can get the fast reload speed, so I didn't have to give any additional bullets and slow it down overall.

I actually enjoyed using the sniper. It took me a long time to put this article together because I have expectations where I need to, you know, reach a certain streak or get a nuke, and I think I did a good job in this article. You guys are going to see me hit some very good shots, but you're also going to see me, Miss, hit plenty of pretty easy ones.

Let's just leave it at that. Let's get into the gameplay.

Afghan swarm

Afghan swarm

I hope you guys , Enjoy I'm dropping in on Afghanistan, and here I'm using the new sniper rifle. You guys know I am not a sniper, and that's why it's taken me so long to get this article done. I, Stink, think that's not necessarily the case, though, like it's just that I have an expectation, I want to get, I want to get a swarm with the sniper.

I see you. I'm out of here. I want to get a swarm with the sniper, and that's the goal for the article, just kind of like how it's been for a little bit. I guess, like it's kind of been the expectation but I haven't been able to get it. It's just as simple. I've gotten an advanced UAV a couple times, and I'm kind of lowkey.

best xrk stalker class setup mw3

This is what happens: I start freaking out, and I miss shots. There's something you're witnessing; you are witnessing what happens to me when I start to get stressed out on the vetene perimeter and I can't rush at Hills, which, honestly, might be more stressful than everything else. I saw you not being able to rush at Hills and lock down my streaks, or at least rush around the Hills, like that's kind of like the big thing because now I'm being forced to run away and it's not something I want to do but I have no choice, like UAV Advanced UAV, so we actually locked it in.

Obviously, if you guys are seeing this, I have that swarm. I'm hitting it. We're hitting the advanced UAV, Advan UAV, to move to the point. We're going for this guy. My teammate's trying to humiliate him; that was my kill. I mean, that's not my kill; that's his kill, obviously, but like I needed that kill, they had an air strike.

Interesting i assume that's on the hill, which means I don't really want anything to do with it now. Here's where I choked you. Ready him i wasn't freaking. Crap! I am just hitting him right now. I will take what I can get. I got to win the game, though I mean at this point, though at this point, I think I would take it just about even if we lost.

modern warfare 3 xrk stalker

I think I'd take it because I mean it. Ours is me sniping, and doing this well is a pretty rare occurrence, so I'll take what I can get. He has those freaking stupid rounds. Morpheus, I hate those oppressed rounds, or whatever the heck they're called; they mess me up, especially when you're using a sniper like that.

This definition of getting messed up, relocate It's a first-hit marker. I've gotten so few complaints on that front. That's a change. Normally, I'm a hit marker king; let's go pick some melons where they are. I want melons. There's one melon, there's another one, no melon, not today, not today, good shot.

The FASTEST "XRK Stalker" Sniper in MW3! Best XRK Stalker Class Setup -Modern Warfare 3.
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