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best sniper class setup

Today we're going to be going over the fastest XRK class setup that you can be using for multiplayer respawn multiplayer snd, or in war zone, so let's get right into it. So that is essentially the goal, so we're going to build the one that is best for respawning. In this case, the first attachment you're going to want to rock is the Handler short barrel.

This will increase your ad speed by 13%. I know it's a lot more, including the mobility as well, so we're going to slap that on first, and then moving on to your second attachment, you're going to be using the FSS laser. And then, if you don't have the FSS, it will leave you with a laser. Rock the razor Hawk laser light, but in my case, since I have it, I'm going to rock that and put that on now.

Moving on to the stock, your next attachment is going to be the helix. We're not going to use a no-stock now. If you feel like the no stock is better for you by all means, you can use it, but what I'm seeing here is that the helix is great for ad speed, of course, but the noock decreases your fage resistance.

best xrk stalker class

If you're playing, this may not be the attachment for you, and honestly, I think the helix is going to be better than this case. I know it's like a 1% decrease, but it's still pretty fast for what it is, and by all means, you know you can go back and forth and see what you like personally, but in my case.

I'm going to rock the helix. And then you want to slap the stalker with a light bolt. This will have a 50% increase and a 30% increase in rate of fire and rechamber time, so you want to make sure you can play aggressive here and get all the snip kills you want, right? And then, moving on to the XRK, Essentially, this is going to be put on for your rear grip.

Essentially, this is basically the SND class setup you could be using here, so if you want to have it for respawn and you want to slap on something like the seven-round mag I think taking off the rear grip or the stock, whichever you think is best, and then putting on the seven-round mag, now if you want to change the scope, you can take off one of the stocks and put on the Blackman Impact 9 scope, and just in case you guys don't believe that this ad, speed is pretty fast, this is with a seven-round mag.

best xrk stalker loadout

And then you take off the seven-round mag here and you slap on the rear grip, which is the XRK Stalker Factory Grip. You can tell that's really, really quick, especially with that little spinal fire speed that is also kicking in there. That's pretty quick ad speed the world work, and as far as the rest of the class set of these were the perks, I recommend them as always.

Markone gloves covered sinkers, padding, tack mask, and then pistol, and field upgrade doesn't really matter; it's completely up to you, and of course if you guys found this multiplayer class set helpful, drop a sub, and drop a sub and now we are going over to the war zone class setup. Okay, moving on to the war zone class setup with all the attachments, first we're going to rock out with the XRK, knall suppressor.

best xrk stalker loadout warzone

Now, before we do get into it. I just want to let you guys know this will not be one-hot to the head with three plates; it will actually only be one shot to the head with two plates, so just be careful and just be aware that this is not a one-shot sniper to the head just yet. Hopefully they'll be able to make some adjustments now for your second attachment to the barrel.

Here, you're going to want to slap on the Vision 60 Barrel. This will increase your damage range by 20%, a crazy increase to be able to sip this how-e bottle real quick while currently drinking the watermelon. It's pretty good. I love these glass bottles. Moving on to the third attachment, this one's going to be a little tricky.

best xrk stalker mw3

You can rock the high-grain round, but unfortunately, you will not be able to take one shot to the head with the high-grain round. You're going to want to rock the 50-cal explosive, like the MW2 meta. Hopefully they'll be able to make some changes but anyways moving on here forth attaching increase some ads speed here to play a little bit more aggressive you're going to want to rock the no stock attachment this will also give you some mobility for you to be able to dodge some snipers in the far distance or just play a little bit aggressive you know don't want to be stuck, with the sniper in one spot maybe try not to cam so much now moving on to the fifth attachment the last attachment the xrk stalker Factory grip now if you don't like the scope by all means you can take out the rear grip and then slap on the optic so that way you can still have ads speed increase I don't recommend the laser just because you don't want to be showing your laser in the war zone.

You know, in Battle Royale, that doesn't make any sense, but yeah, these are the five attachments to use for the XRK soccer.

The NEW OVERPOWERED BEST XRK Stalker Sniper Class Setup Loadout for Modern Warfare 3 Warzone 3.
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