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best mw3 class setups

Yo what's good hot peppers we're finally back on the setup and I'm going to be going over the top five class setups for the snipers that you should be using on Modern Warfare 3 this one's going to be a little bit controversial just because we had a lot of cyber changes that has happened in the last couple of months you know the SPX getting nerfed I believe like almost twice now the mors actually just got un nerfed and obviously, in the last top five snipers that we mentioned in one of the previous articles didn't have the mors now we have the Moors so that's going to be placed into a ranking, and then we have the Longbow being nerfed and we also have the xrk, being nerfed as well so lots of changes but we're going to go over the base ground class setup to use and that's going to be Marksman gloves to reduce the Flinch covert sinkers and EOD padding I do get needed a lot on this game at least for 10v 10.

And, to be honest, I think that's the move to rock if you're running for sand, especially with the infantry vest. Now, if you're playing 10v 10 Mosh Pit, you can rock the overkill vest for two snipers, CCT Com's vest. I find that very helpful for 10 M10, but I have noticed that some people have been rocking the compression carrier.

This allows you to be immune to shock EMP and snapshot grenades, reducing the strength of enemy flash stuns and gas grenades, so it's basically like a tactical mass on this thing, along with a quick fix, so if you get a kill immediately, your health regenerates. Very quickly, really, it comes down to whatever you're going to feel that you want to use.

best mw3 sniper class setups

If you do compression carrier and you use Tac mask, you're getting the effects of e padding, so on this. I would probably use this with the Moors, so that way you can have Mac Holster and Tack Mass, but I do get EOD padding, so you got to mess around with that a little bit, but the one I've been using for this, number five sniper on this top five sniper class, was used.

As you can see, it is the intervention now to get the intervention to have that OG intervention sound if you go to your weapons available blueprints. Obviously won't show here for me, but you got to find that one that says back in action, so you equip this and go into firing range; this is basically the default sniper.

best sniper class setups

Sounds very similar, the scope you know looks pretty nice now me personally I like it but there is a few things I would change on it so the first most important attachment to use on the intervention is you're going to want to rock the fjx, blast so that way the re chambering speed is going to be a lot faster than the stock and I mean if you take a look at the stats here re chamber time 6% fire rate 14% definitely going to help you out a lot and before I proceed I know people are going to say that the CMR is technically better than this in my opinion I think the intervention is good both in snd and in respawn cadr, you know if you want to drop High kill games it's going to be a lot harder in respawn, but some people can just do it but for snd you want to use a cadr for respawn intervention for both.

I'm going to have to go with intervention, just as a personal preference. Now, the second attachment you're going to want to use is a skull 40 grip; this will increase your SP fire speed as well. So those are the two most important attachments you need to be rocking. Moving on to the third attachment, this kind of varies now.

This could go between your optic, your laser, your magazine, or even your ammunition, or possibly even your ammunition, or possibly even carry handle now to jump straight into what I've been using for respawn that doesn't require the laser. I actually rock the SPX optic scope here. I'm going to put it on real quick for you guys.

best sniper loadouts

It's taken a while to be able to get through this because there's a lot of snipers or a lot of scopes, and then moving on to the fourth attachment from the SPX scope, which is the seven-round mag, this will allow you to get some more clips. You know, get more than a five on screen if you need it, and of course, if you miss, you can rock on that.

So now for the next attachment; this one can vary. I know a lot of people don't really need or use armor piercing, but I have been getting it. I've seen people get like triple collat with this as well, so if you want to go for those like one shot type of clips, not saying like it's a one shot guarantee but more of a collateral damage armor piercing is going to be the move for you now.

Let's say you know you're playing and you don't care about that. You want to speed up the ad speed. You know you can by all means use a laser site if you really don't care about that, and the laser sight I would highly recommend is going to be the Kimura laser light. And you're not carrying too much about the laser, you know; if you're playing it for a respawn, why all me to rock that?


So again, the one I found the most useful is this attachment right here. As you guys can see on screen now, moving on to the fourth sniper, honestly, this sniper was ranked pretty high, and now it's been put down quite a bit, and that's the SPX 80. Now the SPX 80 is fast, it's great, and it's still pretty much the meta you can stack with it, but there are other Summers that are at least more efficient than this thing, so the first attachment you need to rock in on this is the slagger match grip.

Get those ads and sprints to speed up immediately. Or, let's say, you know the laser is not what you want to do here. You want to just keep the eight-round magazine, but you still want to have another attachment. And let's say, like, I don't know, let's say you don't even have the eight-round mag and you don't have the laser, but you still want to advertise fast.

cod mw3

Hey, by all means, you can even change the scope to put a lament impact on the 9 scope if you're on controller. This actually increases the aim assist by just a little bit, I mean. It's not incredibly noticeable, but you'll definitely feel like your shots are a little bit more accurate with the Lackman impact 99, so that is my number four spot.

Also, if I didn't cover it. I'm going to change this because yeah, there we go, okay, and then field upgrade, you know, put on a tack insert, or you can even put on a trophy system, you're playing some hardpoint. And then tactical lethal, it's all personal preference, and then, of course, if you're doing something like a Ninja vest or a CCT communications vest, you know you kind of just got to mess with it a little bit, but if you do see a CCOM vest, you would be padding a tack mask.

Top 5 SNIPER Class Setups Loadouts to USE in Season 3! Modern Warfare 3 Best Class Setups for MORS, XRK Stalker, Longbow, SP-X 80, FJX ImperiumIntervention.
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