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This is the series where I go into great detail with all of the stats as well as some excellent attachment combinations for every gun in Modern Warfare 3, and in today's episode we're going to be moving on to the DM 56 Marksman rifle, and starting it off as always, let's have a look at our damage profile.

Damage & multipliers

Damage & multipliers

With this gun, it's going to be a three- to four-shot kill, although as long as you're hitting upper torso or arm shots, it will have an infinite three-shot kill potential. And in the maximum damage range, it's a guaranteed three-shot kill no matter where in the body you shoot them, and then let's have a look at our headshot damage, which unfortunately isn't great for a marksman rifle.

At least in the maximum damage range, we are capable of getting a two-shot kill to the head, but both of those bullets need to hit the head; beyond that, a head shot will never cut this down to a two-shot kill, so generally speaking, with this gun, you're just best off aiming for the body.

Rate of fire & time to kill

As for our rate of fire, this is the fastest out of the Modern Warfare 3 marksman rifles at 429 rounds per minute, so it is pretty spammable.

And what this means is that with a three-shot kill, our time-to-kill potential is actually pretty great at 280 milliseconds, and that's one of the reasons I recommend just aiming for the body CU if you're hitting your shots consistently. This time to kill will actually compete with many of the SMGs in the game up close.

Now, if you do manage to get that two-shot kill by hitting both shots to the head up close, you can kill at 140 milliseconds, which is an insanely fast time to kill, but you do have to balance the risk versus reward in most situations. Like I said, you're best off just aiming for the.

Ranges & velocity

Ranges & velocity

Body Next, let's have a look at our damage ranges. Our maximum damage range is about 35 M, which honestly isn't that great for an Arkman rifle, but that's okay as long as you're able to hit those upper torso shots. It will be a three-shot kill at any range.

Additionally, our bullet velocity is the worst out of the Modern Warfare 3 marksman rifles at 700 m/s. Generally speaking, though that's still a solid bullet velocity that shouldn't be a problem for you unless you're stretching out to really extremely long ranges, let's have a quick look at hardcore game modes, and the DM 56 is incredible in hardcore because it's a guaranteed one-shot kill anywhere in the body at any range.


Now let's get into our hipfire and the DM556. It really stands out in this case because it has a really good hipfire spread for a marksman rifle. It's actually one of the few marksman rifles where, I'd say, hip firing is actually viable in a lot of situations.


In saying that, though you generally want to get aimed down sight because our recoil is also very good with this gun, especially considering the fire rate, it does climb up a little bit with the first one to two shots fired; there's a little bit more recoil with those bullets, but then the rest group really nicely into a tight group, so this is absolutely very accurate and easy to control.

Handling & reload add time

Handling & reload add time

Additionally, for the benefits of the DM 56, we have excellent handling statistics. Our aim-down sight speed is very fast at 235 milliseconds; that's actually faster than some of the SMGs in the game. Also, our sprint of fire time is very impressive for a marksman rifle, at least at 168 milliseconds.

And our reload ad time is 1.27. Seconds that's a very fast reload and one of the reasons I don't even feel the need to run larger magazines cuz those just slow your reload time down now in saying this I have something very important to point out about reloading with the DM 56, and that is the reload empty time it appears to be bugged out in some way and what I mean by reload empty is if you fire the magazine all the way down to zero, now you have an additional animation you have to complete where you have to chamber around and this is normal for any of the guns in the game the thing that's not normal about this is you'll notice the bullets don't actually get added to your magazine like in the bottom right of the screen they don't get added to the magazine until the entire animation is fully complete and that's very out of the ordinary and that makes for an extremely slow reload time for a gun like this at 2.74.



Seconds, and I think the worst part about this is just the fact that it's really visually jarring cuz you can see on screen your character Chambers around and yet that round doesn't actually get chambered it just sort of disappears, if you cancel that reload after you chamber the round so there we go just something to keep an eye out for with the DM 56 next let's move into our Mobility stats and our base movement speed and Sprint movement speed they're pretty much average for a marksman rifle however our aim walking movement speed is quite good for a marksman rifle at 2.6 m/s.

Jak heretic conversion kit (recap)

And with that wraps it up for all of the base stats of the DM 56, however we do have a conversion kit for this which I did Cover in a article about a week ago but I'm just going to give you guys a quick recap since I think it's important to include as part of the gun guide so with this conversion kit it turns it into a four round burst, and it also turns it into a four to five shot kill so it does reduce our damage values and when it comes to our rate of fire with this the rate of fire within each burst is about 750 rounds per minute with a fairly slow burst delay at 115.

Milliseconds, and what this means is our time to kill potential with a one burst kill with that four shot kill this is 240 milliseconds which is a great time to kill but unfortunately this isn't a very accurate burst at all and therefore the likelihood of getting a one burst kill Beyond like really close ranges, is very slim and if you don't get a one burst kill you have a very punishing time to kill now at 435.

Milliseconds and as a result, I really don't like this conversion kit on this gun, and I don't recommend using it. I will still share a class setup for you guys toward the end of the article, just for anybody that might be interested in it, but I've got to say I'm not a fan of this at all.

Dm56 - accuracy build

Dm56 - accuracy build

In either case, let's get into some great attachment combinations I've got for you guys, and the first one I wanted to share is my accuracy build.

With this one, we're using the t51r, bitter brake, to help primarily with that vertical jump with the initial shots fired, but then, in order to compensate for that, we're also using the ftac sp10, angled grip, to help straighten out a little bit of that horizontal deviation that you sometimes see with this gun.

Welcome to Modern Warfare III Gun Guides! This is the series where I dive deep into the stats of a gun and share the best attachment setups based on tons of testing and data collection! In today's episode, we're breaking down the DM56.
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