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This is the series where I go into great detail with all the stats as well as some excellent attachment combinations for every gun in Modern Warfare 3, and in today's episode we're going to be moving on to the WSP.

Damage & multipliers

Damage & multipliers

Swarm, and starting it off as always, let's have a look at our damage profile and with this gun it's a bit of a peashooter it is going to be a 5 to eight shot kill depending on the Range and it's also worth noting in that maximum damage range where you can get a five shot kill all of those shots have to hit the torso or arms, if you want to keep that five shot kill potential if you mix in just one leg shot it will now be a six shot kill as for head shots they're practically useless with this gun; don't even worry about them at all.

Rate of fire & time to kill

After that, let's get into our rate of fire stat, and this is actually tied with the fenic 45 with having the fastest rate of fire in the entire game at 1, 091 rounds per minute. What this means for our time-to-kill potential is that if we get a five-shot kill, we're killing just 220 milliseconds, which is crazy fast for body shots in this game.

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However, the main thing I want to point out here is that even when you drop off to a six-shot kill, we have a highly competitive time to kill at 275 milliseconds, which is still better than average for SMGs. And that's excellent to see, and it's just due to the really fast fire rate of this gun.

Ranges & velocity

Now, just to provide some more context, let's have a look at all of our range values compared to the other Modern Warfare 3 SMGs. As you can see, our five-shot kill potential is tiny with this gun; it's only 4.6 M, which is very close range. However, our six shock kill potential extends out to 19 M, which is pretty solid for an SMG, and again, like I said, the time to kill in the six-shot kill range is still excellent with this gun, so it really doesn't rely on getting that five-shot kill, and generally speaking, if you're just keeping yourself in that six-shot kill range, you should be performing just fine with the WSP Swarm.

Now, it is also worth noting that our bullet velocity is not terrible but also not great by any means at 450 m/s. And this just means that you don't want to be challenging gunfights at longer ranges but that's fine cuz the recoil won't allow you to do that anyway but we'll look at that in a little bit before we do that let's have a look at our hardcore range values and unfortunately the wsp Swarm can only get a one shot kill to the Torso in that maximum damage range so 4.6.



M which is Tiny, generally speaking this is going to be a two shot kill in hardcore which isn't great but I mean with a really fast fire rate it's still a usable gun just like everything is in hardcore modes , but then let's get into our hitfire and our minimum hitfire spread is pretty standard for an SMG at 2° per second whereas our maximum hitfire spread is actually the best out of all of the Modern Warfare 3 SMGs at 5.7 Dees per second so that's great.


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However let's get into the big downside with the WSB swarm and this is our recoil this has the worst recoil out of any of the Modern Warfare 3 SMGs and it's not even close, as you can see the magnitude is quite High it'll kick up a lot it also leans to the left which many people myself included are not a big fan of left leaning recoil and it's much easier to control right leaning recoil for us but on top of that when you look at the initial shots fired there's almost always a giant Gap at some point between those bullet holes, and that's what can really throw you off with the wsp Swarm and there's only so much you can do to that with attachments as well which just inherently limits this gun to being more of a close to mid-range gun and no matter what you do it's never going to excel Beyond mid-range In saying that, it obviously excels a lot if you keep yourself right up close and personal and you play very aggressively, and this is further supported by the handling stats.

Handling & reload add time

Our aim down sight speed is incredibly fast at 175, milliseconds this is the fastest in the SMG category, and it's a similar story with our Sprint to time this is also incredibly fast at just 88 milliseconds for our standard Sprint out time and roughly 165 milliseconds for our tactical Sprint out time and then finally for handling this leaves us with our reload ad time which is unfortunately, quite slow for an SMG at 1.6, seconds and this is something really does come into play as well because you are going to be burning through magazines really quickly with this due to its insanely High fire rate so this is the type of gun you typically want to pair with mag holster or just a larger magazine .



And then finally, for the base stats of this gun, let's get into our mobility stats, and we've got great mobility across the board. It's actually a little bit above average for SMGs in every area here, and that's excellent. You can get around the map really quickly, and your default strafe speed is at a great starting point at 3.4 m/s.

Wsp swarm akimbo kit

And there we go. That's going to wrap it up for the base stats of the WSPS Swarm. However, we do have an aftermarket kit with this, and this is the akimbo kit, so you can use two swarms, one in each hand. However, with this kit, it also completely changes our damage multipliers and profile. With this, we still deal base damage to the limbs, although this is a reduced damage value.

Then we've got a separate lower torso value, and then after that we have an upper torso arm and headshot damage profile, so we don't get additional damage to the head. While using this in a Kimbo, you're dealing the same amount of damage as the upper torso. And if you're hitting that zone, this is going to be a 6 to 8 shot kill, but of course since we can fire both guns at the same time, effectively speaking, this is kind of like a three to four shot kill, assuming all of our shots hit, which I realize we're looking at theoretically, but in practice you are going to be missing shots more often because you can't aim down sight with this now.

Unfortunately, in order to ensure that these didn't become completely overpowered, they also significantly reduced our rate of fire with each one of these guns down to 667 rounds per minute, so that's a massive slowdown. But it was necessary because even with that crazy reduction to our rate of fire, our time to kill potential is still assuming perfect accuracy.

Welcome to Modern Warfare III Gun Guides! This is the series where I dive deep into the stats of a gun and share the best attachment setups based on tons of testing and data collection! In today's episode, we're breaking down the WSP Swarm.
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