News - Surprise Warzone 2 Weapon Buffs. Striker 9, Taq Evolvere, Jak Tyrant, Wsp Stinger

Assassin vest & no stock fixes

Assassin vest & no stock fixes

changes, and the first thing I want to point out here is that with the Assassin vest, we are once again able to use a piece of lethal equipment with that vest with the launch of season 2 that was unintentionally removed, but that is now fixed. Next up, with the season 2 update, they removed the hipfire crosshair sway, but this wasn't applying to the no stock attachment.

Until today, they have now fixed that, so no stock will be working properly there, and that's pretty much it for the general gameplay changes that came with this.

Striker 9 reworks

Now let's get into weapon balancing, and we're going to start off with the striker 9ine. The first thing they did here was increase our damage values in the first two damage ranges, but they nerfed our damage values in the minimum damage range, so at really long ranges.

cod mwiii

And what this means is it's now going to be a five shot kill in the first two damage ranges whereas previously it was just the first damage range, however at longer ranges it used to be a seven shot kill now it's going to be an eight shot kill to the body and then on top of that let's have a look at our range comparison cuz some of our range values changed slightly as well but as you can see here our five shot kill potential went from about 11 M all the way up to just over 20 M which is a pretty big buff to the general power of the striker 9, however it is worth noting our six shot kill potential has dropped and we are now dropping off to an eight shot kill rather than seven there, another thing you might notice is the enemy name plate range this is where you aim at an enemy player or really close to an enemy player you will see their name plate and that red diamond appear above their head they increase this range from 33 M up to 38 M and then on top of this our bullet velocity was very slightly increased with the striker 9 from 540 m/s, up to 560 m/s.

Honestly, you probably won't notice that difference at all, so there are definitely some noticeable changes there, but that's not it. They also adjusted The Recoil on the striker 9 and what they've done here is they first off reduced the gun kick which is a good thing however they also increased our horizontal recoil and our vertical recoil, so as you can see the total magnitude of recoil is quite a bit higher now with the striker 9 but it doesn't zigzag on you like it used to not nearly as much at least so I wouldn't necessarily call this a straight buff or a straight Nerf it's just going to be a bit of a different recoil pattern and you are going to have to control especially for vertical recoil a lot more after this update, so that's the striker 9 and I'm definitely looking forward to checking this out after the update cuz it is going to perform quite a bit different Next, let's move on to the stack evolver, and we're going to start it off with just 762 X51.

Taq evolvere 762 changes

Taq evolvere 762 changes

There were also changes to 5.56, but we'll cover that separately after 762. Which is of course the default ammo on this and the first big thing they changed here is our rate of fire they significantly reduced this from 706 rounds per minute all the way down to 500 rounds per minutes which also has an impact on our recoil even though they didn't touch the recoil values, since we have a slower rate of fire we're able to reenter between shots better and you can see we've got an extremely Accurate Gun on our hands now and on top of that they did buff our damage values and they added a separate body multiplier to the upper torso and the arms, so now this has a four shot kill potential to the body whereas previously it would take you five shots to kill anywhere in the body and that's not all they also adjusted our range values you can see they buffed the range drop off points here and it's now a four to five shot kill but with that slower rate of fire we're technically getting a slower time to kill potential as well at 36 60 milliseconds, within that maximum damage range with a four shot kill whereas previously with a five shot kill we were killing in 340.

Milliseconds and then finally, with the 762 version of the tack evolver, our base movement speed was increased from 4.4 m/s up to 5.1 m/s, so a very noticeable buff to movement speed there, and then on top of that, they slightly increased the amount of flinch that we deal to enemy players from 0.5 Newtons up to 8 Newtons. So again, just like with the striker 9, this is more of a rework to how the gun works rather than just a straight-up buff or a straight-up Nerf to the gun, so it should perform quite a bit differently post-patch compared to pre-patch.

Taq evolvere 556 buffs

Taq evolvere 556 buffs

However, that's just when we're using the default 762 ammo.

What happens if we're using 5.56? Well, they completely reworked this one separately as well, and with this, there was a rate of fire adjustment, so instead of the prepatch of 76 rounds per minute, it's now quite a bit faster at 857 rounds per minute, so there's a massive discrepancy between 5.56 and 762 on this gun now, and what this means is that again, even though our recoil values didn't change, we are going to be seeing more overall recoil just due to those faster fire rates.

Although this is still a very controllable recoil pattern, just like with 762, they did rework our damage profile, and with this, they actually changed our body multipliers entirely. It used to be just base damage and then upper torso and head damage, but now we have leg damage, lower torso, and lower arm damage.

modern warfare 3

upper torso and upper arm damage and head shot damage, which is the same as that upper torso and upper arm, but essentially what this means is Previously, it was a five- to six-shot kill potential to the body; now it's a four- to seven-shot kill potential to the body, and for a better illustration, let's have a look at our ranges, which were also adjusted with this gun.

As you can see here, our maximum damage range was reduced pretty considerably to just over 20 M. However, within that range, we're now killing in four shots with a higher fire rate, so we get a significantly better time to kill potential at 210 milliseconds, which is quite a big buff for close-range situations.

Then in our mid-ranges, we're killing at 350 milliseconds, which is just a little bit slower than our previous time to kill within that general range, and we do actually carry that time to kill out farther now, so in a way, this is a bit of a Nerf but also a bit of a buff, and then finally, beyond about 51 M, we're killing in 420 milliseconds with that seven-shot kill, so in general.

modern warfare iii

I do consider this a pretty big net buff to the 556-tack evolver. However, there were a few other miscellaneous changes here. First off, our base movement speed was increased, just like with 762 up to 5.1 m/s. Most importantly, though, with this, our aim walking movement speed was massively increased up to 3.4 m/s.

Today we got a surprise weapon balancing update for Modern Warfare III Multiplayer and it included a good handful of reworks and buffs to several guns that I wanted to cover in great detail.
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