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In today's article, we are going to be talking about the MW free anti-che update and, personally, in my opinion, reading this tweet that was put out by the Ricochet team about anti-che and all the cheating that's been going on in Modern Warfare 3 and War Zone 3. Well, like I said, the Team Ricochet update has come out.

Mw3 anti cheat update post

Call of Duty update's posted this saying our team has seen and shared your frustrations about AR Rising cheating reports, which, no, unless you're living under a rock, there's a lot of cheating going on in Modern Warfare 3 War Zone 3. I've spoken about it with ground war. I basically don't play ground war anymore because it is riddled with cheating.

anti cheat update

I challenge you guys, if you don't believe me, to play five games of ground war and not run into a cheater. It is near impossible, but, by the way, with crossplay, of course, because most of the people who are cheating are PC players. Of course you know there are people who are using crones and stuff which is a form of cheating but it's a little bit harder to detect and harder to tell who's actually really good and who's just using the Cronus but we'll get to talking about that in a second but, they've seen a rise in cheating reports no surprises there and they said we remain focused on this fight on this fight so we have seen this type of tweet before we could probably go back and check this tweet from probably a month ago and two months ago and three months ago CU they all seem to be the same generic message so this one it says with the launch of season 2 reloaded which we just had we've deployed several aggressive upgrades including, fixes to combat flying vehicles with more on the way right so there obviously people in war zone there are people running around you can see this sort of stuff on Tik Tok actually if you go on Tik Tok I see it a lot of time I'll be scrolling through memes funny articles and then bang live stream someone playing war zone spinning around flying a motorbike.

Flying a car doing some crazy stuff just on stream, no problem, and I've never seen these people ever get banned live on a Tik Tok like ever.

Mw3 trolling cheaters isn't working

Mw3 trolling cheaters isn't working

I've not seen it once, but anyway, so They're fixing fixes to that, and then they've got this new mitigation called boom, and what it is vehicles that shouldn't be airborne or are two airborne. So it'll be things like making players invisible for the cheater, so the cheater can't see players because they're invisible, or it's going to make their bullets do like next to next to zero damage, and it's all well and good, like trolling the cheater like it was funny in the beginning.

But why are we making things to troll the cheater? Like, why are we making different things for whether they're flying a car or whether they're jumping from a helicopter and they can hit the ground faster and stuff? Why aren't we just batting them? Why aren't we actually putting a stop to it instead of making it harder for them to do stuff when all they're going to do is know that they've been caught cheating?


and then move to another account because that account is not getting banned; they're just showing themselves that, hey, now that you're seeing players invisible, you can't play on this account, and what they'll do is they'll just move to another account. I'll talk about that in a second as well, because that comes up later in this little blog post, but they put in here enhanced protections and increased response times for Colonel-level Dri.

I don't really believe this, to be honest. As soon as I see a cheater, they're never really banned; it takes a long time, and even if they are, it's typically a shadow ban, like I've never seen a cheater live, get banned, like I have not seen. I've seen them booted from lobbies, and maybe Shadow Band, but an actual band like where they're not playing, I have not seen it.

I have not seen it. Speed optimizations for detections in rank play, so obviously cheating is absolutely prevalent in rank play, whether it be in War Zone or in multiplayer for MW3. Just because the stakes are high, of course, you get to put yourself on a fancy leaderboard and be number one. There was even a article recently where actual Pro players came across a cheater who did it so blatantly that they dropped 90 odd kills in a hardpoint game against professional players with their cheats, and the reason they did that was because obviously that article went viral and they're going to sell the cheats to people who are going to see how good those cheats are and are going to buy those cheats because of it.

It was very clever marketing. I'll give props to that, but yeah, it got out there, it got viral, and those people have probably sold God knows how many cheats to God knows how many people, but anyway.

Mw3 cronus zen users targeted by anti cheat update

Mw3 cronus zen users targeted by anti cheat update

Next up, third-party hardware device tech was upgraded, so this obviously has to do with things like the cronis and stuff.

Maybe there are other devices that might exist. You know, I imagine there's probably knockoff chronis and stuff. Again, something I don't see, and again, it says device detection, upgraded right, so this is just detecting. You have to read between the small prints here because I've seen this before.

There's a thing that tells you. I believe if you're someone who uses a chronis, it tells you that hey, you've been recognized as using a chronis, but it doesn't stop you from playing with the cronis. That is one thing that people overlook; it's all well being detected, like you're being detected for cheating or being detected for using a device, but it doesn't actually prevent you from using the device and prevent you from cheating, and I can understand this from an Activision point of view, and I get the money making of this.


There's a reason why I don't think they'd ever actually ban someone for using a kronis, which is quite simple. Cronis is a form of cheating that reduces recoil. It can make your goal stronger. There are a lot of crazy things it can do. It doesn't have wall hacks and stuff you can't see through walls and stuff because of Cronus, but it does make your aim so much easier that you don't have to do anything, right?

It makes the game easy for you; you just run around and shoot whatever is on your screen. It doesn't necessarily make the player better, but it obviously is going to improve that person's aim, and then other factors are coming, such as whether that player can read a mini map, etc. And basically. I could see that Activision wouldn't ban these people because if these people who are using the chronis are buying store bundles and God knows what, like the season pass and black cell and all that stuff, why would you ban these people?

HUGE Anti-Cheat Update in MW3! Hope u enjoyed today's video discussing cheating in modern warfare 3 and why I believe the latest mw3 anti cheat update is not good enough and isn't doing enough to prevent the various cheating and cheats in mw3 such as aimbot, wall hacks, cronus users and macros in mw3 and what needs to happen to prevent this and why the current mw3 anti cheat doesn't prevent this mw3 cheating issue.
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