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I hope you're all having a fantastic day today. Now, ladies and gentlemen, today's article is extremely important. I had to go ahead and put this out because I feel like there's no in-between to what people believe when it comes to OBJ. There's either people who completely ignore it and don't even bother, or there's people who are very hyper-OBJ, and if you don't touch it whatsoever, you know a bad person you suck.

You have to be on OBJ 247, and there's no in-between point in reality. The in-between point is exactly where you want to be, and with the mentality nowadays, you know you go across Twitter. Reddit, you know, this article is actually inspired by Reddit because I saw a post that was genuinely asking a good question about, you know, tags and why people don't go ahead and pick them up, and you know stuff that sorts, and the whole comment section is filled with people saying that people just hate playing obj, people, you know, just despise obj; they rather go for kills; they rather go for frags.

This is this, but in reality, there's a lot more strategy behind how you play objectively than just knowing mindlessly and throwing yourself at it 24/7 across the board. But of course, ladies and gentlemen, before I go ahead and dive deep into this topic and really dissect it, by all means, if you do enjoy what you hear today, don't forget to go ahead and subscribe and hit that bell.

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WE Post daily here at 8 in the morning Eastern time, and you know, of course, it's mostly about Call of Duty, but we are going to be dabbling and ex-fighting with those game launches, and last but not least, we are going to be going ahead and streaming over on Kick, so if you guys want to see that, check it out and hang out with the squad by all means.

That stream usually goes live around 12:00 to 1 p.m. You know, a lot of the time when I don't pick up tags, it's because of strategic purposes. You know, you'll see me end the game with maybe like 50 kills and I might only have 20 to 30 tags, and other times, yeah, you will see me absolutely go crazy and I'll have as many tags as I do kills.


But again, you have to think there is a strategy behind it. And I really hate the mentality that people have nowadays where you have to blindly, push the objective over and over because no you aren't benefiting anybody in any scenario and you are not benefiting your team just because you are choosing to throw your life on the obj time and time and time again does not mean that you are making sure that we are winning the game and if we all started doing that and we all started dying, you know we wouldn't be benefiting the game either you have to take, you know a little bit more of a I don't want to say laid-back approach but a more smart approach when you go about these things or if you're just casually playing the game then by all means casually play the game if you're camo grinding or going for other event challenges and stuff of that sort you know do what you need to do you know I'm not really too worried about that I'm more so Focus on the players who, like I said, believe that you have to play OBJ.

24/7 and that's coming from me, a guy who loves OBJ. I think you know playing OBJ is extremely crucial, but again, you have to be smart about it. People out there think that literally every kill that you get, you have to pick up that tag; you know, every engagement that you get into, you know, you have to go and recover it.

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Every single tag that you see on the mini map, you have to go take no. You have to think once again logically, like, for example, if you get a kill and you just go blindly push and pick up that tag, and then you die because you blindly pushed and picked up that tag, and then they get a kill on you.

Doesn't that just completely cancel out the whole benefit of playing OBJ? You didn't get any advantage for your team whatsoever; you literally picked up a tag, and the enemy traded you right back. It completely cancels out everything. If anything, you benefited the enemy more because the enemy made a good play.

They traded you know, if they didn't trade, then obviously you would be at an advantage, but no, you blindly pushed the T tag, and sometimes you don't even get the tag. If you do that, you know sometimes you won't even pick it up; they'll get the kill on you, and not only did they cancel out your previous tag kill, but they also got one on you as well.


You see what I'm saying here? A lot of the time, it's smarter to sometimes avoid the tag, take different routes, or even use it as a bit of bait to see how many enemies are approaching or nearby. You know you have to be smart about how you approach the tags, and this goes across the board to all different game dominations.

A hard point like the beginning of the game that you see right here When I was playing dominance, I didn't even go straight to the B flag. You know, I took the left route because I wanted to see if I could either cut them off, as they're running to assist my team, or make sure there were fewer people on the middle objective.

Is going to be negative. For your whole squad, you know people even enjoy baiting out the tags as well. You know, that's another reason why people don't pick up their tags right away, because sometimes they want to see how many enemies are there. If the enemy sees that one of their teammates has died and they want to recover the tag, they're probably going to go hunt down that tag as well.

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I would much rather have that scenario than have me kill one person, go up, get the tag, and then trade with them. Nine times out of 10, in those scenarios, I can at least kill two of them, maybe even all three, without them even obtaining one another's tags, which is even better for me. I just made the odds for my team 10 times better.

Instead of rushing out for the one single tag that I just dropped, you know, possibly risking my life to lose that tag, I now have three tags. In the clear, I could pick them all up at once, which will massively benefit, and now we're at 3 to 1 odds right now, right? We have three tags. If I die, who cares who cares?

It doesn't matter anymore; it's irrelevant because if I die, I already gain three tags for my team. You get it. It's so much more smart. To plot out how you are going to play OBJ instead of constantly pushing it 24/7, like I said, that only leads to losses, and this article must be made because that is the OBJ mentality.

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I'm telling you there are two types of people: the players who don't give a crap about OBJ, and that's fine; that's great. You know, we have TDM and a bunch of other game modes where the OBJ is literally just getting bodies, and they have the crowd who do enjoy playing OBJ, and in that OBJ crowd, like I said, almost all of it almost all of it contains that mindset of push, push.

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