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Today I've got for you guys the best build for any SMG in Warzone 2 based on actual, accurate attachment stats. We'll be grabbing all of the accurate stats from Sim.

The biggest problem with all smgs

Ggg, we're going to begin our build by tackling one of the biggest problems that SMGs have straight out of the box, and that's their damage range.

You can see on an SMG like the vas Nevin enemy only needs to be 11 meters away from you to have your damage drop off in the ttk increase by about 150 milliseconds, and also since our meta builds for primary weapons like lmgs are typically quite slow and built for quite long range, we need our SMGs to cover not just short range but also mid-range so we can stay versatile, so the first necessary attachment I'd recommend you put on every SMG build to give the damage range a nice boost is going to be the x10 rr40, suppressor, and muzzle now.


I know there are a lot of players out there who probably think suppressors are useless in Warzone too because there are no red dots on the minimap. Well, suppressors in this game actually give the best boosts to both damage range and muzzle velocity, and they also allow you to keep a little bit lower profile and blend in a bit more with the overall sound stage of the game (the X10RR40).

is available on every SMG in the game, and it gives the best boosts to both damage range and muzzle velocity. Now that we aren't done buffing the damage range just yet, to push that damage range to a level where we're happy with it, I think a barrel is a must. So have a look through the barrel list and find the one that gives the highest damage range multiplier examples of this barrel on multiple SMGs.

You've got the Vasnab with the cast-one barrel, the Lachmann sub with its F-Tac M sub barrel, and the Mini Back with the back-nine barrel. In many cases, these barrels also help out a little bit with recoil control, but not with SMGs. Recoil isn't too bad in this game to begin with, so it's just a little bonus, not a necessity.

It's really obvious to see the power of this combo of attachments when we look at the TTK graph. If we just look at the first damage drop-off, we've extended that by about four meters, and, as I said, that was a damage drop-off of a 150 millisecond time to kill that is literally the difference between getting a kill and dying in a fight. Then we can look at the second damage drop-off, which has been extended by about seven meters, and the third damage drop-off, which is about nine meters.

One smg breaks the rules.

One smg breaks the rules.

There is actually one caveat to using the muzzle-barrel attachment combo, and that's our favorite little SMG, the Fennec. This SMG has access to this barrel, the ZLR 16.5 ignition barrel, which gives it pretty insane power.

4, Times boost to your damage range from one attachment. That damage range boost absolutely trumps any other muzzle and barrel combo on any other SMG, so for the fennec, you can just run that barrel with no muzzle and free up space for another attachment, which we'll cover in just a minute now. Some of the stat crunching can get a little complex, so chill out for more.

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Speeding up your smg!

Speeding up your smg!

Anyway, back to our SMG blueprint, we now want to get this thing handled a little faster, specifically. We want to find some boosts to ad speed and Sprint's fire speed, in particular. Now that we've added in some of those heavier attachments that are going to slow the gun down a bit, ads speed and sprint fire speed go hand in hand, and they're incredibly important to making sure that we're ready for any engagement that comes our way.

Luckily for us, there's an attachment that's available on every single SMG in the game that gives boosts to all of those handling stats that we're looking for, and it's actually a laser. The one that I'd highly recommend actually can have two different names depending on what weapon you're using, so it can be the FSS old V laser, which is what it is in the Vasnab and then on the Lachman sub, and on some other guns it is called the vlk, lzr, or seven milliwatt laser; these lasers give the best balance of boost to the stats that we actually care about for handling, so ad times, sprint fire speed, and tactical sprint fire speed are all improved, and there are no statistical cons to running these lasers. now Technically, the laser is visible, which can be considered a con, but in real-world scenarios, it's very hard to spot the laser, so it's not really a problem.

The biggest mistake players make.

The biggest mistake players make.

Next up, I would 100% recommend that you add a stock to your build. I've seen so many players default to the quickest ads-speed stock, which is usually the stockless, the removed stock, or the collapse stock, whatever it's called, on whichever SMG you're using.

I would understand why it gives a nice boost to ad time and Sprint to firing time, but these view kick and gun kick multipliers are horrendous. It makes the gun impossible to control outside of three to four meters in front of you, so I would highly recommend you just stay as clear of this as possible.

Instead of the stock, I'd recommend you find whichever one gives you the highest boost to ADS (strafe speed). Warzone 2 by design is way more pre-aim heavy than Warzone 1 was, so when it comes to clearing buildings effectively, being able to move through it really quickly while Ads is incredibly effective.

So just some examples of which stock you're picking on some of the SMGs for the vasnev that would be the ultrasat, stock for the Fennec it'll be the Agile Assault, 7 stock, and for the Hurricane it would be the Demo. Quicksilver stock, so just look for whatever gives the best ads and strafe speed.

Some SMGs in the game don't actually have any stocks that give added strafe speed. If that is the scenario, like for the Lachman sub, then just pick the attachment that gives the best ad time. Not the stockless or the remove stock or whatever it's called on the gun you're looking at because we've already explained that we don't like that in this example that would be the Fort Mobile stock that gives a little boost to ad time so we'll Chuck that on.

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