News - 5 Meta Long Range Rifles After Season 3 Update (5 Assault Rifle Classes Warzone 2)



This is going to be based on initial impressions. At the moment, once we get some further testing done, we'll make a longer article going over what the exact stats are. If you enjoy this little piece of content, don't forget to subscribe.

Iso hemlock

Starting off this list is the ISO Hemlock, even though it did give out a nerve for this update.

It's not a huge Nerf, and they never really nerfed the main thing about this weapon, which is the recoil control. Overall, it's still going to be a solid choice. Even though it doesn't kill the absolute quickest, it's still going to be a solid choice of weapon to use. In terms of the overall build, you do want to use whatever optic you prefer, and I've got the tuning on screen just now.

When it comes to the barrel, you do want to use the Fielder barrels, which are the best available when it comes to range and recoil control, among all the other benefits you can see. Screen at the moment as well. We are using the Harbinger D20 suppressor; this is the best suppressor for bullet velocity; it also does give your vehicle control; but if you do have a more balanced approach for the suppressor, then I'd actually recommend the Zulu, which is the one I personally use because it doesn't call your aim down site nearly as much, and most of your gunfight engagement ranges shouldn't be super far anyway, so I would recommend the Zulu, but if you want the best bullet velocity, then the Harbinger is the better choice.

Then we're using the F-Tac Ripper for the underbarrel grip. You've got two choices here: you've either got the Ripper or you've got the Precision, so if you need a bit extra vertical control, then you can use this as well, so both are solid choices here when it comes to the tuning. This is how I would tune the underbarrel grip there, and then you do need the 45-round mags.

Tac 56

Tac 56

Next up is the TAC 56. Now, this actually says in the patch notes that it got a headshot buff, but it's actually a nerf, but it's still a solid choice because again, they don't nerf the main thing of this weapon, which is recoil and control, so it's still going to be a solid weapon, and they probably haven't like tanked the headshot damage or anything like that, so if you are mainly hitting torso shots, then you're not really going to notice too much anyway, so, again, optic is whatever your preference is, and then the tuning is what you see on the screen just now.

Round mags or you can use the four if you play smaller game modes, but if you're playing quads or trios, then you won't need the 60, the high velocity ammunition. Now, people actually use the battle on this weapon, but this doesn't actually help with recoil control. There was no point in using the barrel here if you do choose the high velocity suppression.

You get the best bullet velocity, and then what you want to do is move that bottom slider towards recoil steadiness, and it's going to give you recoil control benefits that you can have now, obviously, because you can go as far across as you want, and you'll still get a huge bullet velocity bonus with this attachment.

But I like to go kind of somewhere more balanced and then obviously want to max out damage range because recursively moving this doesn't do anything. Then you do want to use the f-tac wrapper once again, or you can go for the Precision if you really want attachment tuning, which is what you're seeing on screen just now as well, and then again, similar to before Heartburner. D20 is going to be the best for velocity, and it also does give you some kind of recoil control benefits, but in my opinion, the Zulu suppressor is the best option for giving recoil control and a balanced amount of billet velocity, so this is the one I would personally recommend over the one that gives you the best velocity.

Cronen swirl

Cronen swirl

Next up is the Cronen Swirl, which is the new battle rifle that got added with the season 3 update. It's not the meta gun when it comes to long range, but it's definitely a high-skill meta weapon, and I do think it's a solid choice if you do want to try it out. It's definitely worth using. When it comes to mag capacity, obviously, you need the largest mags.

Precision 40 under battle grip is the best for this build, in particular because this gun does have quite a bit of vertical recoil. Once I get the tuning available. I will test out the Ripper with the tuning, but for now. I do think just the bass attachments alone, the lock grip, are the better choice here, and a Polar fire suppressor is going to be the best option.

The Zulu again: if you want the best balance, take the Zulu instead, but if you want the best billet velocity, take the Polar Fire Suppressor, and then we are using the base barrel here, which is the HR 6.8 barrel again. Once we get the tuning and stuff, it will make the gun a little bit easier to use, and then we are using the Slumbling Pro, or you could use whatever optic you prefer.

Slumbling pro

Slumbling pro

This gun is very similar to the Ram 7 from the War Zone One game now; obviously, like I said. I haven't gotten the tuning on this, so it's going to look like it is a bit bouncier than usual, but once you get this perfectly tuned, you will be able.

Hit your shots, but as you can see, the recoil of this gun actually goes upwards and to the left, so you're going to need to counter that by going down to the right. It does take a little bit of time to get used to, but once you can do it, you can still land your shots at a distance. As you can see here, the movement is not super slow.

But it's definitely slower than what you'd find with the AR. The next gun is the second MG. Now, surprisingly, this gun I've actually got is a Nerf, which is really weird even though it's the best LMG in the game right now. Maybe people are not using it enough, and that is why it's not getting nerfed, but anyway, regardless, it's still the best lmg, so if you do like lmgs, this is the one that you should be using.

all modern warfare ii weapons

It's online Pro with the attachment tuning you see on screen again. Optics are a preference, and then we are using an oily laser. You do need this on this gun because most ARS are aimed inside way quicker than this weapon, and attachment tuning is more towards movement, so spread the fire and aim down sight speed.

You still get decent recoil control by doing this anyway. We are using the best barrel for this gun, which is the Brilliant Silver Series Battle. It helps a recoil control it helps with recoil control, billet velocity, and range, so all the benefits are there, and in attachment tuning again, for the bottom sliders, more towards aim and site speed, and then for the left-hand side, more towards recoil control.

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