News - New "meta" M4 Loadout Warzone 2. Best M4 Class Setup Mw2

best m4 build warzone 2

Build, this thing is an absolute laser without further ado. Let's go ahead and hop in the build, alrighty, guys. So I am rocking the Harbringer, D20, because it's going to be the best in slot for bullet velocity and for recoil control. I'm going to go and tune that bad boy up for bullet velocity and for a lock grip.

Precision is going to give you the best ad time. I'll also give you the best recoil control. The underbarrel is a tall tower barrel. I have it tuned a little bit for damage range and recall steadyness. Overall, it's going to give you recall steadyness and damage range. Your Amop V4 is the best sight in the game.

This thing is just absolutely beautiful. And then, of course, the 45-round mag 60 if you want some more to get the job done, but this has a very solid action with no recoil, and it feels just as fast as all the other metal guns in Game like the M lock in the Cronin Ladies and gentlemen, enjoy the gameplay.

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M4 gameplay

M4 gameplay

There's nobody here. Hello, Faith is normally the hottest spot, where all the hot dudes all the hot dudes usually come out. Where are all the hot dudes? There's a shortage of hot guys. Tell me the other guy behind us didn't hit him once. I've got to rock this guy.

This guy's shot must be horrendous; there's no way. Based on how much HP that first guy in the car had, I knew I had a zero percent chance of losing again if I did this guy. I put a single bullet in my guy.

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