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The season three update ended up obviously changing a handful of weapons with various different buffs and nerfs in the long range meta now after the update is more competitive than ever before, and this is a trend that we've continued to see seasonal, update after update things are becoming more and more competitive, which is fantastic for the overall meta conversation, and today we're going over the best weapons for.

Warzone 2 best raal mg loadout for season 3

Warzone 2 best raal mg loadout for season 3

The long-range meta starts first here with the PowerHouse itself, which I can no longer center on the screen because they changed that feature with the season three update, but it is The Rao, which, lmg, actually caught a couple of Nerfs, but it's still just the most powerful option in the game, and if you can land your shots and you can get past the rather obnoxious recoil, this thing's going to shred just straight up.

It is ridiculous, Strong, so as mentioned, the recoil is not ideal. This entire setup is basically built to counteract that recoil and make it as accurate as possible, so I got the Step 40 rear grip for better control overtuning and to enhance the steadiness and stability. V4 is my personal optic of choice.

If you have one you like more, always go with what you are most comfortable with for the style position and faster ads on the tunes there. Dune, under Barrel here, is just for general better recoil steadiness and better recoil control; we're tuning to enhance that and optimize that shred. It's not one-to-one by any means, but it's a little something at least, and we tuned for the better range and steadiness there.

Overall, this setup really has not changed as of lately, and the route is still an absolute beast for medium- to long-range gunfights.

Warzone 2.0 best sakin mg38 long range loadout

Warzone 2.0 best sakin mg38 long range loadout

Another fantastic LMG option for the long-range meta is the sack, and this is kind of the polar opposite LMG of the rally, honestly. Nearly as heavy hitting as the damage here is nothing crazy, but it is so ridiculously easy to use that your real estate ttk, between Ralph with accuracy factored in and the second with accuracy factored in, is probably pretty close for most players, so it's curious how that kind of works out here.

It's going to be a very similar setup, quite frankly, with step 40 rear grip as well for the better control we got with the amount of V4 on here as well for this die position, faster ads. Edge 47, under barrel, and better stabilization. In general, with that, I would go for the second Shred 40 if you wanted to go for a suppressor, for instance.

There are plenty of good options here. The Zulu is solid, the Talon is solid, and the Polar Fire S is really the go-to choice, so if you wanted to switch to that, you absolutely could. This is just really making it as easy of a gun as you could possibly make this setup in general, making this behave in game so better gun kick control and stabilization on the tunes, then also Silver Series Barrel.

Better velocity, better range, and better control of the all-in-one barrel, if you will. Better range in steadiness on these tunes as well. Straightforward and super easy to use, it really pays off and is absolutely a long-range meta option.

Warzone 2 best m13b loadout after update

Warzone 2 best m13b loadout after update

We got the M13, which is surprising. After the season 3 update, this has kind of been an up and down weapon since the start; it's been really good at times and kind of mediocre at times, but it's feeling really consistent and really nice right now in the game.

I'm really enjoying my time with this personally low recoil, really realistic TTK over range as well. First up, here is a mod V4 yet again for the side position and the faster ads. There is a 60-round magazine. The fire rate here is obviously very fast, so you don't want to be reloading mid-gunfight.

long range meta warzone 2

60 is kind of necessary and kind of mandatory here. I would say high-velocity ammunition with better velocity and damage range on the tunes is going to help out that mid-range consistency in that long-range consistency. Echo. Is the go-to option if it's available with better velocity and ads on those tunes, then I go for the Echelon Barrel over an underbarrel just because it's so easy to use because you can get range velocity and some control out of this, which is super nice.

Be tuned for better range and steadiness on this as well; like I said, it's very easy to use, so low recoil and good damage equate to a very reliable gun.

Best kastov 762 loadout in warzone 2

Now, if you want power, you also have the 762 as an option. It's this in the row really for the long-range matter that brings the power to a just different level right once, more recoil.

Here it's a lot more noticeable, though, so the setup is going to be largely built to combat that some amod V4 yet. Again, same deal as always: 40 rounded caliber is the max, so you've got to be running that high-velocity ammo, especially here on the cast, because the base velocity is really not good for long range, so this is kind of a must-have attachment as well.

Edge 47 said if you wanted to go for lock grip for that extra recoil and control, or the Ripper for the extra stabilization, that's a good choice as well, and Edge 47 just has very minimal cons here, so that's why I'm always running this basically stability and stabilization on the tunes there, then the Polar Fire S suppressor as well as better velocity and better damage range.

Returning to enhance that velocity in ads Speed as well does take some getting used to with that recoil, but after you match that with that, the 762 is still going to be hitting like a truck now as we get into the remaining loadouts here today. It would be seriously appreciated.

Best m4 loadout in warzone 2.0

Best m4 loadout in warzone 2.0

Next up, we got all the reliability of the M4, no surprises, minimal recoil, good damage, and a great tick over the mid-to-long range. Set, up here, is pretty basic in the grand scheme of things compared to a V4 copy and paste per usual 45-round mag. If you wanted to jump up to 60, by all means, be my guest and feel free to do so; you're just going to be a little bit slower than with 45.

I have velocity ammo with better velocity and damage range on the tunes there, an echolus 80 suppressor with better velocity and ad speed on those tunes, and then I also recently dropped the under barrel for the high tower barrel with better velocity, better range, and better control. I really like how this feels, whether you're playing a chica or a mazra; it just works over the mid-to-long range, is still very easy to use, and gets that extra Velo.

The range is pretty nice on there too, so like I said, it's just reliable. There's nothing more I need to say about the M4, it just plays.

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