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best way to level up guns warzone 2

Today I'm going to be showing you how I took an M4 from Level 1 to Level 20 in 12 minutes, and I did not even have a double weapon XP token pop. This is the easiest method to level up your guns, and if you do have a double weapon XP token popped, you can fly through leveling up any gun you want. Now, the best way to level up guns in Warzone has always been a Most Wanted contract, where you get a ton of weapon XP, but this just became a whole lot easier previously.

You had to do this in Big Map or Resurgence, and if you lost your loadout, you couldn't then level up the gun that you wanted to, but now we have plunder, and plunder makes this so easy because if you die, you can respawn back in with the gun that you want to level up. Now we're going to go ahead and grab this Most Wanted contract bunch of things that I want to talk you through first.

As I mentioned, make sure you have a double weapon XP token. Pop I didn't even have any double-weapon XP tokens. This was a brand new account that I made for this article, so I can really show you how quickly this happens. We grabbed the Most Wanted contract, and now here are the two biggest things about it: One of the most wanted contracts gives you a ton of weapon XP for some reason.


I'm not sure why they haven't patched it, but they give you a ton of weapon XP. On top of that, they are very easy to do; it's super quick because any crate duffel bag or medicine cabinet that I open takes off 10 seconds, right here medicine cabinet open minus 10 seconds, and all we're doing is we're basically playing plunder, we're just looting and doing contracts, and we actually go on to win this game funny enough, but not only do I lose time on the Most Wanted contract when I open crates but also my teammates as well, so any crate duffel bagger medicine cabinet that anybody on my squad opens up also.

Meters away from your teammate even if they're opening up a crate it still counts for you and takes time off so it can go where you like Grab the Most Wanted contract, complete that, then your teammate a thousand meters away grabs one because he's on the next one, and you just keep going back and forth and looting up a ton of loot.

easiest way to level up guns warzone 2

We're just going to go ahead and let's start to fast-forward this. You're going to see just how quickly this happens. Like I said, make sure you have a double weapon XP token popped, and you can do this for any gun. You can start with the M4. Once you do the M4, you can go to the Lockman sub. In terms of guns, right now the veld, the lockman, saw the cast-off 74u, The iso Hemlock The M4 is a good option, as is the TAC 56, which a lot of people are using right now.

You're seeing this fly down. We're going to go ahead, and I want to slow this down just for a second because you're going to see just how high my M4 gets. We've now completed two Most Wanted contracts. Right here, we're going to go ahead and grab the next one, and what do you. The M4 is already level 12 right here; it actually can't even keep up with the levels.

Notice it says M4 level 5 and M4 level 12. I mean, we are absolutely flying through this now. A few other things that I want you to keep in mind, right here first, are that gas stations are great spots to loot. You're going to see me kind of rotate over here, and then I look at the gas station and I'm like, There's crates.

fastest way to level up guns warzone 2

In there, there's a medicine cabinet. There is a ton of loot in here that I'm able to open, which takes a lot of time to the point where I complete this, and I'm not even ready for the next Most Wanted contract, like I've got to go find the next Most Wanted contract. Make sure you're using vehicles to rotate to the next one, but like I said, if you can split with your teammate and, kind of, two of you go One Direction, two of you go the other, and by the way, if you die, it's not a big deal because as long as you're not the Most Wanted as, the most wanted, you have to do what you have to do to stay alive.

If you're not the most wanted and you die, it's not that big of a deal because you fly back in with the gun. The other thing that I will say is about that boy, who's my teammate. The other two are randoms here, so they're just looting up. That boy actually hopped on a train. The train is a great spot because there are tons of crates, so you know, maybe one of you tries to land on that train early, and then from there you're able to quickly at least complete the first Most Wanted.

how to level up guns fast ashika island

Now, we're going to go ahead; we're going to drive over this way, and we're just going to go ahead and do the next one. It's also, like I said, less pressure than trying to do it in Battle Royale or in Resurgence because if you die, it's not that big of a deal. I also leveled up my own guns with a double weapon XP token in about two most wanted contracts with a gun from level zero to level 15, with most wanted contracts with a double weapon XP token.

I did it by myself. When you complete a Most Wanted contract, you actually get a UAV that allows you to see who's around you, meaning you can easily just go ahead and push away. We've got like a minute left here, and we're in overtime. I will show you the timer on the bottom right here. We're going to slow this down.

how to level up my guns warzone 2

My M4 is going to go ahead and go from level 16 to level 20. Here's the timer at the bottom: 11 minutes and 53 seconds to level up my M4, and you don't need Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer. I would say even if you do have Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer, this is hands down the best method to do it: pop a double weapon.

Go in with a squad, or maybe even buy yourself, and maybe play randoms. Grab a Most Wanted and just stay alive, and you're going to level up as many guns as you want to. I hope you found today's article helpful.

This is the NEW easiest way to level up your guns in Warzone 2! It took me 12 minutes to go from level 1 with an M4 to Max Level and I didn't even have a double weapon XP token popped.
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