News - Use These Top 10 Meta Warzone 2 Loadouts Now


I found the top 10 warzones and two season 1 loadouts, and the last few will definitely surprise you. And yes, before you ask, all these loadouts are nuclear tested and approved. As we get started, double check to make sure you are subscribed with the bell turned on.

Raal mg

Raal mg

Starting off, we have a loadout that I get a lot of questions about because, well, it looks unique and it also sounds incredibly, like, "Somebody get on the gunner," and this is how I build it. We're using the Rhino Barrel tuned like this shred CP90, a muzzle tuned like this as a side grip, and a barrel tuned like this as your optic of choice.

I'm using the Corvus downrange; it's going to be tuned like this for using the stiff 40 grip tuned like this next up, and we got the MP5.

Lachmann sub / mp5

This SMG is a true Cod classic because of its all-around viability; it's probably one of the best SMGs for any beginner because it's just so easy to use and so foreign.

It's out with the Merc 4 grip tuned, like this. This specific laser is for hip-firing the 50-round drum. This rear grip is tuned like this and the Ft. Mobile stock, and it's going to be tuned like that now. Call of Duty wouldn't be Call of Duty without some sniping, and I for one loved War Zone One for its unique sniping characteristics, and Warzone 2 does leave quite a bit of that out because you cannot one shot , but that being said, there is a sniper rifle that you can use to delete people, and, well.

Signal 50

Signal 50

I've been reported the most with this build, and that would be using the Signal 50 caliber, foreign. I've won so many games with this gun, and I've gotten multiple five-win streaks in a row. In order to get our nuke gameplay with this very build, we're using the Bruin counter-ops, muzzle tuned like this; you can choose different ones if you want faster attacks, just know that you will have less recoil control.

It really depends on your playing style and how you want to use it. We're also using the 50-kilogram, 29-inch barrel. It's going to be tuned like this, using the schlager PEC box number four for aim down sight speed 50-cal high velocity bullets, like this seven-round magazine to round out the build.


warzone 2 best guns

Now let's talk about a lot. I don't see people using it that much, and I really don't know why, and that's the M4, which is literally one of the most popular ARs. It's got very little recoil and amazing range, and I've tried so many different builds for it that I think I found one that you will really enjoy.

He says that he saw me; he sees me out; I broke it down. He's screaming again. The Hightower 20-inch barrel was tuned like this using the Harbinger D20 suppressor. Tuned like this, we're using the f-tac ripper, although I have heard some people say that you can choose between the f-tac ripper or you can use the phase 3 grip; it doesn't really matter; it depends on which one you feel like we're going to have tuned like this, a 60-round magazine, because we need more Pew in our gun and your side of choice.

I'm testing out this reflex sight, and it's going to be tuned like this, although any sight really works; it just depends on your play style. Now, before we talk about the best SMG in War Zone 2, I'd love to give a massive shout out to our Energy Partners, over at Cardomax. As a gamer. I've tried so many different energy drinks, and you know they have too much caffeine, way too much sugar, or something artificial in them, and I just didn't find one that I really enjoyed.

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Fennec 45 / vector

Fennec 45 / vector

Let's get back to the vector, which is the very best SMG in this game quite literally the only thing you need to worry about is running out of ammo because it shoots that fast and has the best damage profile out of any SMG other than that it's literally pointed shoot.

This is how I'm building it using the point g3p04, laser for hip fire. Merc, 4 grip tuned like this, we're using the biggest magazines because we need all the bullets that we can The Fennec rubber grip is tuned like this, which is going to give us a lot of sprint to fire speed. We're also using the F-TAC lock tight.

Taq v / scar h

Stock is going to be tuned like , and this list would be complete without the very best battle rifle in the game, the attack V, also known as the scar heavy, and I really prefer to use this over the anemic attacks 5 and 6, which are just marshmallow shooters. I really do not like that gun. This heavy version has insanely fast ttk, and if you get one headshot, you win the fight.

This is how I have it built. We're using the lock shot compensator, tuned like this, using the F-TAC ripper under barrel, tuned like this, and using the 50-round drum because we dislike more bullets; if you don't want to have as many, you can use a 30-round mag. We're using this specific reflex sight because I'm still testing it tuned like this, and of course we're using the FSS combat grip, which is going to give you that extra recoil control, tuned like this now.

Vel 46 / mp7

Vel 46 / mp7

Let's get back to a surprising SMG that I thought would not be in the meta, but it was recently buffed because it's a lot of fun to use.

I recently went on a five-win streak with this MP7, and it's especially good at fighting multiple opponents because of its massive magazine size. He's on a recent cheering streak for that, jumping, and the MP7 is actually wild. This is how I have it built: using the Merc 4 grip tuned like this, the Point G3P04 laser for hip fire on a 60-round magazine because we need the most pew on our gun demo RXT stock tuned like this, and of course the Schlager soldier grip that's going to give us that sprint to fire and aim down sight speed tuned like this now.

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