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We're going over my top five best meta loadouts and assault rifles. I just want to get any farther than today's article. We are grinding and locking in on 5,000 subscribers. I am so excited, family. I can't wait to hit those miles, though. I want the FPS. We are locking up 100 followers. And I listen.

Enjoy all the nasty class tips. I've never seen you guys freaking dominate the battlefield, man. Send me clips via my Twitter link in the bio. I'll catch you all later.

Best taq-56 loadout

What This happened to our top five meta-loadouts with assault rifles in Warzone too. If I do sound a little bit funky, we're still trying to get over Kobe.

Bear with me. Fam, all right, so I've got five of my best AR loadouts here, and we're going to get through them. We're going to do this together, boys, all right, so make sure you're caffeinated and motivated, make sure you bought a chair from the shop, and listen if you do not buy a challenge shot.

ashika island meta

Brothers I do not know you, but Chad is a man. That's my workout partner, Chad. Got the they got he got really big quads all right, so start off with the attack 56. Bam, we're going to go now with this one. This one's probably my favorite. So for the barrel, I want you guys to make sure you put on the 17.5-inch Tundra Pro Barrel.

It's just good for damage caused by accuracy and bullet velocity. The next attachment for the Underbelly family is that I want you guys to go into the All Right, FSS, and Shark Fin 90. That's going to be good for aiming stability while also controlling that recoil. Now for the magazine fan, we do not choose nothing because you don't need a magazine for this weapon now for the ammunition family with the high-velocity rounds.

I'm not going to lie to you; I can actually feel the difference with the high-velocity rounds compared to not having them now. I'm saying for the next tattoo on the stock, you want to make sure you're going to put that TV Cardinal stack, and, for the last, make sure for a rare good. Put on the demo's clean shot grip.

Now I'd like to put on the FSS combat grip just because it actually helps with recode control sometimes, so let's just give you guys a tool here for the barrel. Make sure you go and put that recoil stainless up to 0.40 and max out the damage range completely. Now favorite FSS shark fin 90 underground Make sure you put that reclose debilitation up to a 0.70 and max out your aim walking speed.

I can help you with straight speeds for your ammunition for high-velocity rounds that max out damage range and bullet velocity. It's crazy to see the bullet velocity in a war zone. It really is insane. Now for the FSS combat, make sure you put this up to a 0.80, steadiness sprint divide time speeds all the way up, and lastly, for your TV Cardinal stock, make sure 80s times are up and walking speeds are up.

Let's take a look before we go to the next one. As you guys can see, we got pretty good straight for speed. There's not so much repo control that we can't control it all right now for the next ISO.

Best iso hemolock loadout

Best iso hemolock loadout

headlock Listen, people are still doubting this weapon, saying it's really not that good, but I promise you, this gun is actually still pretty solid. Let's go and get into it now for the muzzle. I've actually been changing up my classes recently, trying to mess with them.

I've been trying out this Binger D20 suppressor. I do like this one; it feels better to me, so that's what I've been using now for the barrel family. Make sure you go ahead and add this, Lr3056, Barrel, Cooking, and for your magazine. Make sure you put on the 45-round man. You're going to really want that because you never really know when you're going to get into a long-range gunfight for your optic.

Make sure you put on the aim of V4, and, for underground, make sure you go ahead and put in the FSS shark fin. So, for the AMOP V4, make sure you tune this to max out ads speed and max out your far range now for your FSS shark fin 90. Make sure you set your recoil smoothness to 0.60 and max out your aim walking speed.

First, suppressor guys, make sure you put the recoil smoothness up to a 1.10; if you get close, that is okay too; make sure you max out bull velocity completely; and for your barrel, you're going to put the recoil steadiness up to a 0.40 to max out damage drains. Let's take a look. It feels pretty nice in the hands and is reliable with a good damage range.

Honestly, the ISO is still one of my favorite ones in the game, and I still think it feels good to try this out.

Best kastov 545 class setup

Best kastov 545 class setup

All right, so check it out for the barrel fan. I want you guys to go ahead and put on the Castobia 406 barrel and make an attack on that Opv4 laser. I'm sorry, optic, now the next attachment you're going to want to put on is the 45-round mag. Hear me out, then what you guys are going to want to do is go ahead and make sure you go ahead and put on the FSS shark for 90.

And then I want you guys to make sure you put on the cast of Rama stock. This build is going to give you good mobility and pretty good recoil control. I was trying out this class on stream the other day and it was just shredded, so the iPhone said shark fin recall steady; this goes up to a 0.60; if you get close, that's perfectly fine too.

A walking speed has to go all the way up, always up, for your cash to still be a 406 barrel. Make sure you're going to put that recoil smoothness up to 0.40 and max out the damage race completely. Now, when it comes to the Amop V4 optic, make sure you max out ads and max out your far range. And lastly, when it comes to that stock, it's all about that mobility, baby 80s times, and walking speed.

Now, technically, this glass feels like I would find out what I felt like, Was pretty good. I'm not even going to lie to you guys. Check it out and take a look here. It's just crazy, so be able to drive.

Best stb-556 class setup

Best stb-556 class setup

It's pretty good. Next in line, we had to talk about the STB. Listen, this weapon kind of just got buffed with season three, and they'll come back in the spotlight, and I listen, there are so many things that can be said about this weapon, but it is so good now, so for this STD.

I want you guys to make sure you go and attack on you. Know this personally: this is just me. All right, it's just me. I like the 508 millimeter rare guard barrel; now this one I like better. It actually doesn't feel as clunky as the other ones. It's going to give you that damage range and bullet velocity, which are important now.

I also like to attack on the Heart Binger D20 sound, so there's just some I like to attack on there as well. Now you've got to remember the soul rifles; these are basically your long-range type of weapon. You've got medium and long ranges. You're not always going to get the best mobility from these weapons, but you do want them to aim very fast.

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