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We saw a handful of buffs and nerfs with the season three update a bit ago, and one buff in particular has really stood out to me since the launch of the season, and that is the changes that were made to the stb556. Already a relatively competitive rifle, it is now even better, and sort of coinciding with some of the Nerfs that we saw to some of the other rifles, the STB has made a name for itself here very, very quickly, so I want to start first here today on true game data just to break down some stats because there are some surprising standouts.

So here you guys can see we've got the newly buffed stb556 and also the pre-patch stb556. We can look at the 250 Health here just behind the face cam combination shots, and it's a pretty clear chart here for the newly buffed STB556R. Redline clearly has a better ttk just in general; it's going to be roughly the same through the first 27 meters, but beyond that, the damage ranges and the drop-offs are just better on the newly buffed stb556.

So it's just more efficient in the mid-range and the long range than before the update, right? So now that we know that, for a fact, the newly buffed F's stb556 is largely unchanged, let's see how this compares to some of the other main and meta rifles. So now here again on true game data, we've got the newly buffed STB, and we've got the TAC 56, a top-tier Choice m13b.

best stb 556 loadout

A great choice for long-range ISO Hemlock is still considered the number one rifle by a lot of players, as is the 762, which is, of course, a powerhouse. Once more, we look at the 250, Health, and we go ahead and look at combination shots, and we get some pretty interesting ones. The first initial standout you're going to see is that our red line over time does actually end up with the worst quote-unquote ttk here, but I'm going to touch on that more in a bit.

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Yes, beyond 47 meters, its ttk is slower than our other four options here, but that's not always the case. What is very interesting, though, is how good the STB was before. That 47-meter range drop off right in the mid-range here is consistently the second or third best ttk all the way up from 29 meters to 47, which is a prime range there in which you'd be using a rifle like this or any of these options quite a bit, especially if you're playing a Shika Island, but even on all Mazda as well, also in the close range through the first 29 meters, it either has the best ttk by a decent margin for the first 15 meters or it's right there with the other options, second or third best again through the first 29 meters, so its close range in its mid-range is super effective.

Now, yes, like I said, the long-range damage does fall off. Here are some, but something you really want to take into consideration is control. The cast of 762, which has the second-best TTK here, has a ridiculous amount of recoil at 70 meters. You are going to land infinitely more shots with an STB or even with attack 56, which has slower ttks, than with the cast of 762.

The M13b, which has a very fast fire rate, means you're going to have to stop and reload more at the M13 if you miss a couple of shots than you would with the STB, for instance, so you end up with a gun that's 100 percent accurate. On paper, this is the slowest of these five options, but realistically, in game, once you factor in accuracy and once you factor in all the properties of each weapon, it's more than likely going to be a lot closer to the cast of the hemlock, so on and so forth, overall.

stb 556

I feel like it doesn't matter what range you're running this at now; the stb is going to be a go-to choice for a lot of players, and we'll have two different setups we'll break down here in a bit, one more for the close to mid-range, which is sort of sniper support, but also one to use in this long-range area if you want.

I do, though, want to look at a few of the other weapon stats here that are kind of unique, pretty standard, and right there with most of the other iPhones. In a lot of areas, bullet velocity and fire rates are a little bit faster, which is nice to see. Magazine size, by default, is going to be the same.

What is cool about the hero, though, is that the ad time is a little bit faster than the hemlock than the cast of 762, its velocity is good, its movement speed is good, and the sprint to fire it is wildly. So this first setup that we've got here is the sniper support one; we've actually talked about this one a handful of times.

stb 556 loadout

We've already taken this very fast, very aggressive rifle and made it even more fast and even more aggressive, so for the close range in the mid-range, this build in particular is going to be insane. Insanely, Competitive So first up, Q900, rear grip, better ads, and Sprint to fire on here, and we're tuning to match that.

We've also got the C11 Riser just behind the face cam, better ads, and Sprint to fire as well. To enhance that ad, tune the strafe speed a little bit too. I don't like the iron sights on the AUG at all, as I've talked about several times, so I go for the basic Blue Dot here for the close to mid-range.

stb 556 loadout warzone 2

It works perfect for that for these die-position faster ads; on those Tunes, the seven milliwatt laser is going to enhance those ads and Sprint to fire even more like this thing is leagues. Above the other rifles when it comes to its aggression now with these attached and, after this update right, better ads and Sprint to fire on those tunes, then lastly, the s901 barrel is going to just help out with movement in general, which is super nice to see this gun is so easy to use in general you don't have to worry about control or anything like that it is going to be a laser beam a very fast rifle, and its tttk as we saw is one of the best for that sniper support sort of close to mid-range.

Niche, then the long-range build here again is going to be ridiculously Easy to use, no recoil release, so we don't have to worry too much about that, and then we can just focus on making it reliable and consistent and, you know, dominant over range, so here I'm going for the amount V4, as always, if you have an optic you like more use of, that one is of course the furthest.

Die position faster ads on the tunes, and as always, the 42-round mag is the max capacity. Here, you definitely need this more for long range than you would for close range. You could use this on the sniper support build if you wanted to drop something for it, but I don't feel like it's super necessary there as opposed to long range, where it's kind of mandatory, unfortunately.


It's not 50; it's not 55; that would be a deal, but 42 is still sufficient for what we're going for here. High-velocity ammo per usual just to make that consistency more noticeable in the mid- to long-range so that hit reg feels a little bit more consistent, right, so better velocity and range on those Tunes echolus.

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