News - New Vaznev 9k Is "meta" After Update. Best Vaznev 9k Class Setup - Warzone 2

best vaznev 9k class

In today's article, we're going to be breaking down the metal version of the 9K class setup in Warzone 2 season 3. So with that being said, let's jump straight into the class setup, and the first attachment I do want to throw on is going to be the Bruin pendulum muzzle.

Bruen pendulum

Bruen pendulum

This thing's going to give us a massive increase in horizontal and vertical recoil control, making this an insanely diverse SMG. It's going to have a great damage range, great recoil control, and insane ABS speed and a great time to kill, and for the muzzle tuning, we want to max it to aim down sight, and all the way to gun kick control or attachment number two, we want to throw on a laser, and we're going to use the FSS.

OV laser, this laser gives us the biggest buff to aimed outside and turn to fire speed out of any of the lasers we can put on the dozen of 9k giving this thing a very Snappy aim down sight speed even if we are like jumping around a corner or something, and it's also going to give us a buff to accuracy, making this thing extremely easy to use for, the laser tuning we want to go ahead and Max and Juice print to Fire and all the way to aim down sight speed because these are pretty much the two most important stats you can have on any SMG build in a war zone.

Two-four type of number three, we do want to throw on the ultra's.

Otrezat stock

At stock, this is going to give us a buff to aim walking and sprint speed, allowing us to move around the map at a much faster pace and just making the gun feel a lot better overall. For the stock tuning, we will already be maxing the aim down sight and maxing the aim walking speed before we finish off the rest of the build. Back in the build for attachment number four, we are going to be throwing on the True Tag rear grip.

True-tac grip

True-tac grip

This thing's going to give us a massive buff to sprint to fire and aim down sight speed, like I said earlier in the article, giving this thing the perfect balance between recoil and speed.

45 round mag

Here's the full metal version of the 9K class setup in Warzone 2, season 3.

It really helps us out. Stick around for this gameplay where we go absolutely crazy using this fast

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