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best kastov 762 class warzone 2

If 10 different assault rifles I know the time to kill of 10 different assault rifles; I'm going to give you the top five, from worst to best. We're looking at long range here; tomorrow you're going to get SMGs, and then there's also going to be a sniper support article coming. Every build will have a full tuning screenshot included.

The lacman 556 with a 1079 milliseconds, time to kill The good thing about being here is that the Lackman can actually be played with one of the higher magnification sides, like the VLK optic, because it has very low recoil. If you pair that with a lagman wrap barrel, which gives you a good chunk of bull velocity on damage range and recoil steadiness, you want to pull out the first damage range even further.

You can slap on a 60-round magazine; we need the high-velocity rounds, there's no question about that. You can go to Rico's tightness here, but you could also pull out a little more bull velocity since your barrel gives you a good chunk. We're going for steadiness, and now you have one final attachment left before I always test this one.

best m13b warzone 2

I like to go into the shooting range and just be like, "How does this feel now?" "What are we lacking?" And at the end, you notice how the sides just shake a little bit from left to right. But due to the shake. I like to put on the Aftec Ripper for the recoil stabilization and aim idle stability, so you're actually getting to the point where you get a wee bit rid of this final shake that the gun has, and then we have Mew.

For me, the lagman is actually number one, even though it has the worst time to kill, followed up by the M4 with 962 milliseconds. M4, known on Earth as a sniper support weapon or SMG, and here you definitely have to go either for Ironside, where the ammo is. I know a lot of people actually like to put this out, even for long-range shots.

Yes, kind of like the good old days, especially for controller players. You can choose the high tower barrel, which gives a good chunk of bull velocity. You can also adjust the outside damage range, recoil, and steadiness as well. Then we're going for ammunition with high velocity, which we always need for the biggest triple velocity because it gives plus 250 milliseconds and can be put on the 60 rounds.

best taq 56 class warzone 2

I shoot it like this on the range, and this is what we have here if you feel like that. If you don't want to have a PV4 side, that's definitely what you're looking for if you're going to be like that. Ironside didn't interact with me at all with AFTEC, Ripper aiming idle stability, and Rico stabilization, leading to a final, deadly M4 recoiler that does not exist.

It's very low, kind of like that always in one plane of existence, and when you're just shooting the players, you can really curl this away on any distance now, again, you cannot handle the Ironside. Go for a sign and put up that stock number three, the fan favorite, with 960, yes, only two milliseconds better than 56, Attack 56, starting with ammunition.

best ttk warzone 2

High-velocity rounds tuned towards Eureka steadiness: nothing changes here in damage range. Hold that out as well for this one. I would really like to use a higher magnification optic, but it has been a wee bit shaky, so I'm always checking myself going back to the AMO-V4 side, and considering that this one has a very simple Einstein, especially not like the M4 where it bounces in your vision, you could also use this Ironside on distance.

So here again, choose your poison. You're going to put on the 60-round magazine, and that's for sure. The barrel in this case is not worth it because it doesn't do Rico control. Therefore, we can take the calculation 80, which gives a huge chunk of bullet velocity that you can tune for even more bullet velocity if you want to, but rather aim at stability and side speed.

Now that we have two attachments, left again, we're going to go first for the stock for Rico control and, aiming for idle stability, tune this towards aiming at stability and adding speed, and then when we're putting this in now, you can kind of see what the gun has, and it's just really, really smooth, but it shakes a little bit.

best warzone 2 class setup

You notice that, and for the final one we're getting put on the F-Tech Ripper again, aiming for idle stability, recoil, stabilization, and a sweet spot of around 65 to 60. It's been around with that, so how do you feel if you're now shooting this away? Even without a side, it is surprisingly beautiful, right?

You just got it on. You just got it on. Again, which attachment would you swap off when you actually go for a side? That would be the tactic of "brute stock off" or siding, but I absolutely like this. Mental laser beam number four with a 923 millisecond time to kill would be the 13B, a fan favorite and one of my favorite guns all in all because it's just a huge laser beam, and surprisingly, you can actually play this with a VLK optic.

Yes, test it, and try for far and a non-sightspeed. The barrel is worth it to put on because it has a chunk of velocity and also has recoil control on damage range and Rico. steadiness ammunition, high velocity Nothing has changed here; it goes steadily around the seven damage range. Hold out, and then the magazine for the 60 rounds.

best warzone 2 loadout

Four attachments on the firing range How do you feel how do you feel and you notice m13b just in very good m13b, its existence just going away? Yes, you need a lot of bolts to kill with this kind of gun, but it's extremely stable. You notice some shaking on the side, and it's going straight to the left, which is very important.

Straight to the left means you're not going for the F-Tech Ripper because that one pulls harshly to the right rather than going for the Phase 3 grip, which kind of works perfectly to the left, to make this feel even better. So now we have phase three, and you notice how that stabilizes this quite nicely so you don't have this unruly, shaken baking going on, and you can shoot the M13 back very nicely.

If you want that kind of gun with an extreme fast fire rate to just laser beam your opponents away, try the M13, and the final one, drumroll, is going to be the 762, which actually has the same time to kill as the RPK. Even if you're missing some shots, you're good to go. You're going to take the cash.

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Barrel that's the best Ricoh control and bullet velocity that the gun has to offer on damage range and Rico steadiness, and we're going to choose the high velocity round ammunition as well for recoil steadiness because you do need that Rico steadiness and also damage range optics; you can't use anything over an AMOV side because the gun just does have visual.

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