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Stim buff

Stim buff

And diving right into it, let's just start this off with the stim shot buff. This is something that several people were noticing, and yet it wasn't mentioned anywhere in the patch notes. Essentially, after they used the stim shot, they noticed that 20 to 5 seconds later, it would replenish itself.

Initially. I thought maybe this was tied to a vest and this was just like a hidden update with that vest, but I tested multiple vests, and they were all recharging Sims in 25 seconds, which definitely didn't happen before this update, and yesterday Sledgehammer did confirm with a tweet that this is in fact intentional, and they've now added it to the patch notes.

cod mwiii

Stim shots will now automatically replenish, no matter which perks, vests, or anything else that you're using, every 25 seconds, and I think this is great. Stim shots used to be pretty powerful early on in the game's life cycle, but then we got that default health regeneration buff with season 2, so that was great to see, and on top of that, we saw a big Medbox buff, which made them really powerful, and with those two buffs, it kind of made the stim shots useless.

With the new health regeneration, by the time you complete the animation for the stim shot, you will have already started the healing process just naturally, and as a result, you could still technically get back up to full health faster with a stim shot compared to the default health regeneration. That gap between default Health regeneration and stim shot regeneration shrunk Dr stastically, meaning stim shots weren't really all that useful especially since you only get one per life or two if you're using the engineer vest, so personally I'm on board with this change making those Sim shots regenerate every 25 seconds I think that's very reasonable I don't think that's overpowered at all and I'm also all on board with anything that may encourage people to Branch out away from stuns and flashes cuz those can be pretty frustrating to deal with even if you're using Tac mask also with this something I wanted to point out is with the Demolition vest this is the vest that has that ability to recharge equipment every 25 seconds, and it would work pre patch with Sims as well how does this work now Post-patch with Sims, do we gain any additional benefits, or are we just basically wasting that section of the perk on the stim shot?

Well, it turns out they did consider this, and if you combine demolition inv vest with stem shots, your stems will be regenerating in just 12 1/2 seconds now, which is awesome.

Soulrender "hidden" characteristic

Soulrender "hidden" characteristic

To see now, on a somewhat similar note, there's something else that people generally thought was bugged with the updates because it wasn't mentioned officially anywhere, but SL Jammer has confirmed that this was intentional. This is with the new Soul render melee weapon; it's actually designed to counter riot shields.

You can slice right through a riot shield and kill that enemy player, which is awesome, and it's just something I wanted to throw in here on today's article.

New optic added

I am still planning on doing a full breakdown of that melee weapon, but I have a few articles to cover before we end up getting to that one as to the next thing that was added with the season 2 reloaded updates, and I don't think this was officially mentioned anywhere; it just sort of showed up on its own.

This is a brand new optic that everybody just got for free; you don't even have to do anything to unlock it, and this is called the Close Quarters classic reflex. And with this one it's a throwback; this is basically just the Cod 4 Red Dot site, which is actually quite a nice clean sight and I think a very viable option in this game, and while for myself I'm probably still going to be leaning toward the Mark III reflector since I like that open top frame, this additional optic that they added is excellent, so there we go.

There's just a few things that I've noticed since the season 2 reloaded update that I've had a lot of people questioning me about, so hopefully that clears a few things up.

Latency widget broken (how to check ping now)

Latency widget broken (how to check ping now)

Now let's talk about some new issues that popped up with this update. It seems anytime there are large updates, they fix a bunch of things, but then they end up breaking a few things here or there as well. And the first thing I'm sure many of you guys noticed was that right away the latency widget in the game is broken, or at least at the time of recording this article, it's broken, and it will just show NA for your latency.

Which can obviously be quite frustrating if you're used to being able to check that really quickly, just a quick note with this one you can still check what your latency is in that game by opening up your menu then going to your account network settings and opening that up and then from there you will be able to see your latency value so if you just want to check to see like what kind of ping you have to the current server that you're playing on that's at least one method of doing that obviously that's not nearly as convenient as just glancing up to the top left of your screen on that widget, but at least it provides a method of checking the current connection that you're dealing with I should also mention that this Sledgehammer has acknowledged that it is on their trellis, and they are currently investigating this issue, so hopefully we'll see a fix for this in the not too distant future.

Speaking of that trell board, let's talk about a few other things that Sledgehammer has officially acknowledged, and something they're currently investigating that I have already mentioned is the factor of iron sight for the XRK stalker. This is a brand new sniper iron sight they added to the game, which looks quite nice, and I know a lot of people are excited for this because it still can't be unlocked again.

At least at the time we're recording this article, sometimes they fix these things quite quickly, like before the article renders and gets uploaded.

Camos & custom weapons

Camos & custom weapons

But again, hopefully we should see a fix for that one soon, and then let's talk about a persisting issue that popped back up on the Trello board because initially they said they had fixed this, but apparently that didn't go through, so they actually moved this back to the fixed scheduled section.

This is saving a custom mod that will remove certain camos from the weapon, and the one big camo that many people have an issue with here is Interstellar. If you try to put Interstellar on your gun and then save that custom mod, it won't save the interstellar, so with the season 2 reloaded update, it was expected that this would be fixed, and like I said, they actually moved this into the resolved category on their Trello.

Season 2 Reloaded of Modern Warfare III came with a handful of hidden changes, additions, and unfortunately, new issues and today, I wanted to cover these elements to keep you informed.
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