News - Still The Best Weapon Warzone 2 Zombies. Tyr Conversion Kit


So Sledgehammer finally fixed some of the aftermarket parts that you can get for completing the weekly challenges, one of them being for the tier pistol that kind of turns it into a sniper rifle, so with this thing being known as one of the absolute metag guns to use here in Modern Warfare Zombies. I figured I would jump in with this conversion kit and see how it's handling.

Let's find out if this is still one of the best guns to use in Modern Warfare 3. We're on the road to 10,000 subscribers, and you guys mean the absolute world to me. Starting off, we're going to skip the first-tier zone because we already know, even if it's an HVT. These things are just going to absolutely Be deleting whatever it is, so we're going to jump straight into the second tier zone, and we got an hvt, As a disciple, what do you know?

There was another disciple standing right next to it, and both of these things stood absolutely no chance, so I made my way on over into the third-tier zone, and I got an hvt on a mimic. Now, this thing actually gave me a little bit more trouble, but then again, it could have just been my terrible aim.


I ended up missing a few shots because I have a feeling this thing would have gone down way faster, especially with how many Mega Bombs and everything else we were going to put down in this article. Yeah, it did take me a few shots, and maybe it was just because I was a little bit rusty, but this thing eventually did go down pretty easily.

I don't know; maybe I would recommend something like a scope, a sight, or something on this thing, because I don't know. Maybe it's just my aim, but I was having a hard time getting this thing right on point to where I wanted it to be sometimes, so when I was on my way over to the next contract. I ended up running into this mega-abomination.

So I had to test this thing out, and honestly, the damage to this thing is insane. You end up landing two shots directly in this thing's mouth. It only takes those two shots to pop one of the heads; it's just finding that opportunity to do it when he's really actually trying to beam you with those things.


For some reason, in this match, these things wanted to just continue. Charge at me, but if you're going to get lucky enough, you could honestly kill one of these megas in six shots. If you're able to line them up just right and get lucky enough, you can kill one of these things in six shots. Next.

I ended up getting an HVT on a mega Abomination, and this guy was giving me a little bit more trouble, but mainly just because I was being sworn by so many other zombies and mimics and everything else that was around me right then, so I kind of had to back up a little bit, reposition myself, and come back when I was a little bit more confident there were fewer zombies around, but I had already taken care of two of the heads on this thing, so he went down really easily for an HVT.

This is, honestly, really surprising. I don't know, man, if this is with the conversion kit or with the aimos is better; honestly, that would have to be your preference. I think they might be a little bit stronger if it's a Kimbo and you're hitting them at the same time, but this thing is very powerful, and you can still hit those zombies from range.


That's where this thing's really going to help you. This is where things got a little bit crazy. I ended up running into another Mega Abomination, and I figured since the first few were so easy, I could just try to take on this one as well. As soon as I started fighting this one, of course, he just wanted to keep charging at me, and I was running across the map with this thing pretty much.

But I got to a point where we ended up running into another Mega Abomination, so I was kind of fighting both of these things at the same time and was lucky enough that I had the first one kind of close to death, so I wasn't having to, you know, really deal with both of them at the same time having to deal with all of these zombies and all of these bosses and everything that was going on, man.

I was really lucky that I found this Wonder WF at the same time. I mean, it was really helpful. But these things were definitely handled on their own, and I honestly don't think I've used anything else in this game that takes care of the bosses and zombies like this tier does. This pistol is just absolutely insane.


If you guys can. I would use this thing right now because, you never know, with season one reloaded, that's going to be coming in just a couple of days, and we have season two that's just around the corner. These things could honestly catch up really hard. Nerf, I have a feeling that they're going to try to switch up the gun meta a lot.

It's kind of like what happens in Call of Duty. They usually really try to switch up the gun meta that's going on in the game, so I'm prepared for a pretty big switch-up, and honestly, I'm kind of ready for it. I'm kind of tired of using the same things all the time, but these pistols are honestly amazing.

If you guys aren't using them, you honestly should be. Man, it's just my luck. Now that's here and just all these other zombies, this was just hectic; it was like a movie, but once I finally was able to beat the Mega Abomination, which was right there, and the disciple. I figured that it would have been time to go into the dark ether.


I not only did to test these things out in there, but I ended up getting a Sigil when I was doing some of these contracts, so it's just kind of a good thing to go in there and see if we can farm up some of those acquisitions, really quick, especially since we came in here with ether blade Golden Plates and a dog bone and all that, we might as well go ahead and put these things to good use.

Maybe we can just see if we can earn some of these things back. That's kind of an idea that I had for another article that I'm probably going to try to do. I'm going to try to completely fill my backpack with some of the rarest and best acquisitions that you can get in Modern Warfare zombies, and I'm going to see if I can, in one run, regain them.

All of those things that I used for the match—I think that'd be a good article. Now we're going to make our way into the dark ether here. If you're going to come in here. I would usually advise you guys to have quite a few self-reses, maybe even two or three of them, but I had a dog bone, so I wasn't too worried about it, and I think I had a self-res.


Being fully geared up with all the good acquisitions, I wasn't too worried about it, but you never know; I've seen stranger stuff happen starting off here in the dark ether. We're going to do the ether extractor contract just because it's really easy to go for when you come into the dark ether. You can just make your quick little path off to the left and grab the bunny from the top of the building.

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