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So since the start of season 2, there's been a lot of change to the weapons here in Modern Warfare Zombies. With enough time finally passing for me to use these weapons, I'm finally comfortable putting this list together. I know this has been requested for a minute, but here are the top seven loadouts to use here in season 2 of Modern Warfare Zombies.

I do usually exclude Wonder Weapons from these and just stick to the guns that you guys can always fit into your loadouts, so starting off at our number seven spot, we're going to be coming in here with the BP50. Now assault rifles don't get a lot of love here in Zombies, but this thing, I'm telling you guys, shreds.

When I first took this thing into the red-tier zone and was trying it out on the zombies, I was very impressed with it, and it tears off those heads on the mega-abominations fairly fast. Hell, this thing even holds its own in the dark ether. We're going to throw the load out on the screen right here.

This is an assault rifle that is definitely worth a try. While there are many good SMGs here in Modern Warfare, zombies coming in at number six are going to be the Rival 9, and this thing is still reigning supreme. This is one of my personal favorite SMGs to run in the game. The mobility on it is just insane; it's incredibly.


Snappy and its power are just really underrated. This gun is amazing; you definitely are not going to need a legendary ether tool, even just Pap 2 with an epic, and this thing is going to handle almost anything in this game that you come across. We're going to be throwing the load out on the screen right here.

I think this is definitely an SMG that you guys should try, and it's still one of the best here in season 2, coming in at our number five spot. We're going to have the hurricane from Modern Warfare 2. Now the reason why this thing is actually placed on this list is because of how fast it can kill the storm caller with the Tona being nerfed, and one of the only other ways to kill the storm caller extremely fast is going to be the vr11.


The Hurricane is an excellent option for you guys to use if you need to complete that mission, and it's not a bad gun at all to use with 200 rounds. After this thing is Pack-A-Punch. I just ended up making a complete run farming up contracts in the red zone, and then we went into the dark ether and completed that, and this thing honestly completely held its own.

I'm going to throw up the loadout on the screen that I like to use right here, and like I've said before, you guys can mix and match some of the attachments if you'd like, but this is my suggested loadout now; our number four spot is going to be taken up by a shotgun that I didn't think was going to be put on this list, but I want to talk about the haymaker.

Now in season 1. I tried using this shotgun a few times, and it was pretty decent, but after season 2, they ended up making some changes to this thing because now it's one of the best guns to use in the game. Pair this thing with slug rounds and a laser, and you can just sit there and hip-fire and pop this thing off continuously.


It's honestly a very powerful gun, and that fire rate just makes it incredible for killing those Mega Abominations. And if you put the no-stock attachment on this thing, you can have great movement with it as well. We're going to throw up the load on the screen right here. If you guys use this thing in season 1, I guarantee you that if you come back here in season 2 and try it out, you will be impressed.

Now taking up our number three spot, you guys might be a little bit surprised by this one, but it is another shotgun, and it's going to be the Lockwood. It is still a very good shotgun and one of the best to use in the game, but I don't feel like it's as powerful as it used to be. I do think it is a slightly better option to choose over the haymaker, just because it is more powerful.

I would say if you guys are really going boss hunting and stuff like that. I would stick to the Lockwood, but the Hammaker does have that ease of use thing going for it, but the Lockwood is still an incredible option to use here in Modern Warfare Zombies. We're going to throw the load out on the screen right here, unfortunately.


Right now, I think the Lockwood kind of got knocked down by these two upcoming guns. Our number two spot is going to be the swarms. When you put these things in a kimbo, and these things are little demons, I do wish the mag size was just slightly bigger, but they're powerful as all hell; they really remind me of baby swarms.

Now with the mag size and how powerful the swarms used to be. I would say it was better to run the swarms over the swarms, but since the swarms caught a small Nerf and the stingers haven't been touched. I would say these are definitely the better option, and I find myself grabbing these things for my load out all the time.

Now they're great for the Red Zone; they're great for the dark ether hell; they kill those Mega Abominations. Really fast the only thing I wouldn't recommend you do with these things is fight the red worm. So here's going to be that loadout for those stingers. This is a loadout that I highly recommend you guys try here in season two.


I think you may just find a new favorite loadout to rock, and here it is. Yes, I know the pressure's been building. Coming in at our number one spot, we got the ram. What can I really say about this gun? It is incredible, all the way down from the movement to how it handles the bosses to those Red Zone zombies.

This is a gun that you definitely do not need a legendary ether tool for, or to even get this thing up to Pap 3. Even if you just have it up to Pap 2, you should be just fine. Now, this SMG is honestly great for almost anything. In this game, you can handle the Red Zone, the dark ether. It's even a wonderful weapon to take into that redworm fight right now; it just all around is the best gun to use, and in Modern Warfare Zombies.

I can't post a single article or do any sort of testing or anything without my whole comment section just being filled with everybody saying the ram 9 the ram 9 the ram 9. I know guys trust me. I know let's go ahead and throw that load out on the screen for the RAM 9 right here. You guys haven't used this gun yet here this season; please try it out; it will blow you away.


That is going to be about it, guys. That is my top seven loadouts to use here in Modern Warfare Zombies in season 2. I know we all have some different preferences. And hell, some of us know some things that aren't really public knowledge yet, but yeah, I appreciate everybody who's been touched by the article today.

If anybody is new, have a wonderful rest of your day, and I will catch you guys in the next.

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