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aim assist vs mouse keyboard

There's a little pattern. The console folk never get mad about people talking about removing or crossplaying; they are actually in favor of it. Day in and day out, PC folk I have a couple of questions. Something's just not making sense to me if somebody makes a article talking about removing crossplay with PC because the cheating has just gotten out of control, especially with Call of Duty lately.

It sucks you guys can't party up with your homies, but we need to do something since Activision is going to step up and get a proper anti-cheat. Y'all go off the deep end about this. You get so mad and toxic about it that veins pop out of your forehead, but isn't this what you want? You guys are already tied to PlayStation for the most number of players on Call of Duty outside of mobile, so you wouldn't have a problem finding a lobby on the game.

That's not the problem; you're crying a river every single day about an assy. How it's legal Aimbot it's Skynet it quote unquote It plays the game for all you trash can controller players since you don't have a toggle switch to turn off crossplay. Wouldn't this be something that you want? Don't you want to get away from that legal Aimbot overpowered aim assist I see nerds out here every single day posting legitimate Aimbot clips.

call of duty aim assist rant

Crying about aim assist. There's even nerds out here disguised as controller players, so they come out here with a gross clip of an aimbot clip, and they'll be like. Aim assist is overpowered, but it needs a Nerf, and then they'll go on about how they don't play on keyboard and mouse. They are a controller player on PC, and even they can tell you that aim assist is overpowered and it needs Nerf, right?

That's what they want you to think—they want you to think they're a controller player. So they'll be crying about an assist as well as how it needs a nerf; it's overpowered as [__]. It's legal, Aimbot. It's Skynet It plays the game for you; wouldn't you want crossplay gone if the controller is so overpowered?

How come you get mad when we talk about removing crossplay? Again, we've already established. If you're not worried about not being able to find a Lobby, wouldn't removing crossplay from the console significantly reduce the number of controller players and the amount of aim assists you're going to run into on any given day?

call of duty cheater rant

I had a nervous reaction to my last article. I actually had about 5 to 10 nerds that I had to put on a bench, but there was a nerd he's been following me around on a few articles crying about assist every single time I talked about keyboard and mouse and control in a article he was there hating calling me stupid calling me this piece of [__]] whatever he can come up with man calling me all the [__]], and he's crying about assist and how overpowered it is.

It's Skynet It's this, it's that, and on my article yesterday talking about how we need to remove crossplay with PC for now until they actually do something, step up and get a proper antiche. He's the first one out here saying you're stupid as [__]. Crossplay ain't the problem; he's crying about aiming assist and how overpowered it is.

call of duty needs to remove crossplay

You have a chance to get away from the console, which is going to reduce the amount of aim assist you run into and the number of controllers you run into, and he's fighting against that again. Y'all know you're at the top of the food chain outside of mobile for the number of players on your platform for Call of Duty or something, which is just not adding up here, man.

It's almost like y'all know you have an advantage. You use that as a crutch every time you die. I died to a controller player [__], an assist man; it's overpowered, but check this out: I'm a God, though I'm a God, but if I die, it's because aim assist is overpowered, man. You need to have that CR.

It almost sounds like you need to have that crutch, because let me ask you something else that doesn't make any sense at all. I had another PC nerd mad as hell about my last article about removing crossplay. And he goes on to say that removing crossplay is not the move; it needs to stay in the game.

He starts breaking down how I need to do my research and all this. Because there are more cheaters on console than there are on PC, he's arguing against removing crossplay; he wants to keep it in the game, but to refute my point, he also brings up that there's more cheaters on, so he wants to play with more cheaters.

call of duty remove pc crossplay

Then wouldn't you guys want crossplay gone if you're on PC? Apparently, this is not what I'm saying, but apparently if there's more cheaters on console, wouldn't you want to just be with the PC folk? anybody with half a brain knows that there's way more cheaters on PC than console, and anybody who actually plays on controller knows that an assist is nowhere near as strong as you nerds make it out to be.

Yes, there's cheaters on Console, but I'll take that over that PC cheese and give me a whole Lobby. Of these quotes. Aimbot AES, [__] Run around with controllers that play the game for them; give me that, because currently the only console on which you can turn crossplay off in games is the PS5 PlayStation.

cod rant

This is the only console on which you can actually turn crossplay off, but the mechanic of the crossplay feature itself is actually broken. Because it's definitely not the matchmaking that's doing this; we're talking about the newest Call of Duty right now, and you could go back to Advanced Warfare when skill-based matchmaking started to get really intense.

In Call of Duty, we saw it a little bit in Black Ops 2. It came on with full force. In advanced warfare, you find a lobby within a fraction of the time it takes you to find a lobby in the newest game, just a 6v6. TDM, you click the button in advanced warfare, you're playing with just PS4 folk, you're playing with just Xbox folk, and you're almost immediately in game.

You turn off crossplay on the PS5 now or even the PS4, and I'm sitting there for 5 minutes, sometimes even more, looking for one 6v6. TDM The crossplay feature mechanic is actually broken in the game; it doesn't work properly, because that would be cool. It would just give us an extra toggle switch and give us an option to turn off crossplay.

cold war

But give us an option to turn on cross-console play, and I'd be cool with that if they actually implement it properly. It's funny whatever skill-based matchmaking bracket I'm in nowadays, I can't even tell you anymore, man. Like, back in the day, like I always said, I'd never tried Harden out here in these games.

Even when I was younger, my reflexes were better than my reaction time was, and all that. I still never tried hard, like I don't get down on article games, like these sweaty little virgin nerds do now. I just never played like that. You know what I mean. Like all my energy went to [__]] outside of gaming, so when I was gaming like that, that was my time to chill, but even still.

Apparently call of duty PC players hate playing with console controller players. They're the ones getting mad anytime you suggest removing crossplay with PC.
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