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So when it comes down to covering the top five weapons. I always tend to struggle to put a list together simply because not a lot really changes in the most recent season 2 reloaded update with all of the buffs and nerfs. My list did change, and that's exactly why I'm covering this particular list; it could change based upon how good the new season 3 weapons are, but unfortunately I haven't had a chance to really try them out, so if they end up being good.

I will change this list around and post another top five article, but I'm not going to put off any more time. I just want to do a quick little intro.

Honorable mention 1

best class mw3

We got a couple honorable mentions, of course, so let's get into it , starting us off here with our first honorable mention in the striker. SMG this weapon has always felt very good to me since the beginning of the game all the way back to the beta This thing always kind of had a spot in my heart I guess you want to call it felt extremely good super low recoil very good at longer ranges, it does have the downside of struggling to compete against faster firing SMGs at close range but it definitely out competes them in the damage range categories so I wanted to start here with an optic this is going to be a preference I know a lot of people like the regular iron sight or a different reflex site in general they added the quarters classic reflex, and I have been using it here on the striker so I wanted to feature it in the setup of course but you can use whatever you want here in this category for a stock I'm going with the lochman Recon series stock this is a very important attachment the build when it comes to lowering your recoil and hitting some longer range shots it's going to give you a massive, 25%.

best class setup mw3

To the gun kick control along with 5% to the horizontal and vertical recoil control here, like I said, a very massive attachment. When it comes to this build, in this particular case, I do like to use a magazine. When it comes to all of my builds, magazines are always going to be a preference. You don't have to choose what I have; you can go with a completely different option or go with whatever the stock is.

Option may be I would recommend at least trying out the 48 round mag here because you are playing 6v6, or sometimes even 10 V10 or 12 V12 and those extra bullets do come in handy for a muzzle I like to use the ZM compensated flashhider for the longer time fans of the channel you know this is my favorite muzzle in the game because it gives you not only recoil control but also fire aiming stability for those who don't know fire aiming stability is your visual recoil or visual Shake on the weapon and this attachment does a very good job of controlling that but like I said it does give us recoil control 5% to the horizontal and 15%, to the vertical recoil control and our final attachment is the strike on recon long barrel that's going to give you ancre to both bullet velocity and damage range obviously it's an important attachment when I just said this thing does out compete other SMGs when it comes to range and it's a quite a large amount 18% there to the damage range bringing it up to 11.4.

M, and then 15% to the bullet velocity. This is kind of like a mini assault rifle that does have some SMG tendencies as well, so this is where you guys pause the article. If you have to copy down all of these attachments, do whatever you want with them; don't use them. I don't care. I know a lot of people are going to scroll all the way to number one and just use that, but these are some of my favorite weapons in the game.

Honorable mention 2

Honorable mention 2

best class setups mw3

That's why I couldn't keep this off of the list for the second honorable mention spot I'm going with. Bp50 so this is to some people a meta weapon it just doesn't fall, high enough on my list to considered a top five weapon I really enjoy using it suits my play style really well it's a very aggressive style of assault rifle but unfortunately it does have that damage range fall off where it doesn't necessarily compete with other assault rifles, now it is a very good small map weapon or medium map weapon whatever you want to call it and the build I have for you does limit the recoil so you can take farther range fights now we're starting with a stock with the forbearer, heavy stock for recoil controll and gun kick control it is going to sacrifice some aim down sight speed but as you can see we got 16% across the board to both gun kick and recoil control so the pros are going to outweigh the cons here and it is an assault rifle after all you don't need SMG like aim down sight speed for a rear grip I have the TRS.

Grip tape for recoil control, gun kick control, and fire aiming stability. Like I just said, fire aiming stability is your visual recoil, which is an important thing you should always use when you have the opportunity. To do so this is not going to be as large of a scale as the stock but it is 10% to the gun kick and 7%, to the horizontal and vertical recoil control like I just stated with all of the magazines, take it with a grain of salt I'm just going to give you my personal setups we got the 45 round mag this weapon does shoot extremely fast and I do run out of bullets very quickly I have seen some people say they don't need it feel free to not run it but I personally do love to run the 45 round mag here over here to a muzzle I have the Zam compensated flash hider for vertical and horizontal recoil control and even more fire aiming stability, this attachment may sound like a broken record in this article I have it on a ton of weapons so.

Again, this is my favorite muzzle in the game, and I think you guys, if you haven't used it yet, should definitely give it a try. I'm not going to keep going over these statistics; they give us horizontal and vertical recoil control and, like I said, fire aiming stability, and our final attachment is the L-9 heavy barrel for bullet velocity and damage range as well.

There are some smaller values for recoil control, but the primary thing is going to be the damage range. As you can see, it is at 16.1. M effective damage range after the 15% increase; it is an assault rifle, so without this barrel, this thing is at 14, M. You need the barrel just 100%; you need this barrel in order to compete with it as an assault rifle if you build it out like an SMG.

Sure, you don't need that, but it is an assault rifle after all. Once again, all of your attachments are on the screen. Pause the article and copy them down. It doesn't fall in my top five as of right now, but still, no slouch nonetheless.



For the first time ever in a top five weapon list, I have the TAC Eradicator, an LMG. You guys know, if you've been a fan of the channel for many years, lmgs are not my cup of tea, but how I build out the tack eradicator is like an assault rifle—a very good long-range assault rifle.

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