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ghost is john doe

Ladies and gentlemen, today we dive in and break down the story behind season 2 of Modern Warfare 3 and War Zone, and I really do not think it is what you're thinking because overall, the cinematic that we are given. I'm not going to lie to you, is kind of dumb, and you'll see what I mean as we dive through and break down this actual story, and I don't think it adds too much to the overall Modern Warfare story whatsoever.

Aside from one thing, I truly believe that the new operator added in with the black cell by the name of John Doe is actually Simon Ghost. Riley and you'll see what I mean as we go through this article, and to fully understand it, we need to dive in to this cinematic, break it down, and I think you'll see what I'm saying by the end of the article, or at least I hope what I'm saying is right.

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You also see what I mean by that, but first, let's start out with what this cinematic actually is: I'm a war. Disguise so first things first, I don't know if you caught it, but the ghost is straight-up dropping bars. I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, as I walk through the valley of the shadow of death now this is actually a Bible verse but we are going to say just for the sake of the article that without a shadow of a doubt ghost is 100% a Coolio fan now I'm going to be straight up and honest when it comes to this cut scene the season 2 cinematic, it's kind of dumb it doesn't really continue on the story from the Modern Warfare 3 campaign with season 1 we saw something completely different you see at the very end of the Modern Warfare 3 campaign they were kind of focused on the evil characters there was two things that we knew for sure first of all Vladimir macarov eliminated so McTavish, after which escaping and going completely into wind the other thing that we knew is that we had Nolan.

Vladimir Makarov's right-hand man is captured, and in the season 1 cut scene, it shows us and tells us that Nolan has escaped, and then there's a whole diet tribe by Nolan explaining his allegation to Makarov and why he follows him, what his beliefs are, and digging us a deeper hole as to who these evil characters are and why they are doing what they are doing, seemingly setting up for what the evil characters are going to do next within Season 2 and Season 3, and onward even going further to kind of explain.

ghost modern warfare 3 story

Why he has gone to Y Exan and what is going on in that location moving forward now once again going into season 2, so this cut scene essentially shows us a battle between the ghost and Kate Lwell. Against the new character by the name of John de, there's a couple interesting things when it comes to the new characters, though, that I want to show you first.

When looking at our new characters in season 2 bios, we first have Rick Grimes, who gives us an entire backstory on him, none of which relates to Call of Duty whatsoever; in fact, it essentially summarizes the backstory of The Walking Dead and his story behind that. However, we do have our new character by the name of John de, where everything is redacted and we assume that he's just a skeleton of some sort, but the one that's interesting to me is Kate.

ghost mw3

Kate Lwell is a character that we know from her background; she works with Task Force 141. What's going on there, however, when we look at her bio? Once again, everything is redacted; her citizenship isn't there, her background is completely gone, and you'd think you'd see something here that directly relates to Task Force 141, or even what happens at the very end of the campaign, and what I mean by that is that at the very end of the campaign, we see Captain John Price inside of General Shepherd's off office; he goes in there to literally assassinate him, and he is let into this building into his room into his office, by none other than Kate Lwell, and I kind of expected something in the post credits to go on between those two characters explaining.

Why she let him in there is because she doesn't seem like the type to let that kind of thing happen, whereas Captain Price is bending the lines a little bit more throughout the Modern Warfare story, but again, in her bio we see nothing, so this brings us back to the season 2 cut scene, and in it we see Kate Lwell, actually out in the field working alongside Ghost and assumably working alongside Task Force 141 fighting against our new character John Doe.

ghost story

There are two ways we could take this: we could take it literally and not be able to take too much away from it, or we could take this cut scene figuratively. Let me start with the former. As far as taking this cut scene literally, there's a couple things that you need to mention. First of all, by the end of the film, we see ghosts fighting off zombies, including John Doe, and this is where the Kate Lwell part comes in because her story with zombies goes much deeper.

We know that she was one of the people in charge of Operation Deadbolt, the operation behind the entire story of Modern Warfare Zombies, bringing soap McTavish. Keep in mind that this story in Modern Warfare Zombies took place before the events of even Modern Warfare 2, after Modern Warfare 2019. After Victor ZV was thrown down into the missile silo by Captain Price, when they went to look for the body, he was no longer there.


Blood was found, but he was gone, and then in the zombie cinematic, we see him going into Yik Stand and finding these vials that turn people into zombies. Kate Lwell was brought in alongside, a member of Task Force 141 being so McTavish, to perform Operation Deadbolt and try to rid the area of the zombies and stop Victor Zak.

Keep in mind the entire story that I just pledged to you. We don't know if it is Canon with the rest of the Modern Warfare Universe; it has never been stated, even in the zombies in War Zone. It has never been clear whether or not that is Canon. Now option number two is very different and very strange for a Call of Duty game, and it stems from the final line that actually Ghost says at the very end of that, Cinematic.

Sometimes, you fight the devil in disguise. Sometimes, you are the devil in disguise. Now this is where the title of the article comes from: The ghost is John Doe. What he is saying there is that sometimes you fight the devil in disguise, but sometimes that person is yourself. What this trailer actually seems to be is none other than a ghost fighting his own demons, trying to figure out what is going on inside his own head.

john doe modern warfare 3

That is why he's fighting zombies and all of these other things, almost as if this is a dream sequence, and that is why zombies are in multiplayer. That is why zombies are and fortunes keep. Ghost head is all messed up and all of these things are going on, and instead of fighting someone else like Marov, he's actually fighting himself, hence the resemblance between John Doe and the ghost, hence him fighting off and standing off against him at the end of that cutscene.

Today we look at the newest bit of Story added into Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. In this video we look at the fact that Simon Ghost Riley is the new season 2 operator John Doe. I hope you enjoy.
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