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Ladies and gentlemen Season 1 of Modern Warfare 3 is officially upon us, and just like any other season, we got a cinematic, but we didn't just get one cinematic for season 1; in fact, we got two, and when we combine these together, we get a pretty deep story for what is going on moving forward with the Modern Warfare 3 story.

All of that kind of jazz shows me that you want to see more and more articles like this one. Speaking of this article, there are two things that we need to look at here. We have the story of Vladimir Marov and Nolan, the bad guys, but we also have what is going on with the good guys. In other words, the one we're focused on here is Commander Philip Graves and what he has done after the events of Modern Warfare 3.

So, how we're going to look at this is that we're going to start off with the bad guys, look at what they're doing, and then we're going to dive into the good guys. I'm going to play for you the cutscenes and then break it down and explain to you what it means for the story moving forward, so to start things out, let's dive in to Marov.

modern warfare 3 season 1

Nolan Marov taught me the power of a strong idea; all it needs is a spark, and if it catches, it can be explosive. So to fully understand what is going on in this cut scene, we first have to have a look at the backstory of the character in this, and that is, of course, Nolan. As far as his backstory goes, it is as follows: Recently anointed as Vladimir Makarov's right-hand man.

Captain Andre Nolan executes both plans and enemies with ferocious precision in the name of igniting a long-awaited war between the East and the West. In his youth, Nolan idolized great men of history who had changed the world with a mixture of strategy, charisma, and violence. He immersed himself in their battle plans, strategic maneuvers, speeches, and ideas.

When he was 17, he joined the Australian Defense Forces, wanting to take part in making history. Nolan excelled, becoming the squad leader with a reputation for brutality and consistency. He was quickly admitted to the special forces of Australia, where his team conducted anti-terrorism and peacekeeping operations throughout the Pacific.

modern warfare 3 season 1 story

Eventually, Nolan left the Australian Armed Forces for the private sector, bouncing between various PMC's for years before he was approached by Ivan Alexie. Ivan saw Nolan as a man who couldn't be bought; his respect and loyalty had to be earned by someone worthy with strength of will and vision. That made Nolan a perfect candidate for the Inner Circle.

An alter nationalist movement led by a tactical genius called Vladimir Marov, so a couple of points to hint at: First off. Ivan Alexie is the character within the Modern Warfare 3 campaign who helps Nolan rescue Vladimir Marov, but he doesn't show his loyalty quite as strongly as Nolan, and because of this, he is executed by Vladimir Marov.

On top of this, this is the first time that we hear written down about the Inner Circle, a group surrounding Marov of his closest men who are 100% loyal to him, and that is what we start to hear about within the season 1 cinematic: exactly how loyal Nolan actually is. Now we continue on here when it says Nolan saw in Marov everything he admired about the Great Men of the past: the strategic brilliance, the electric charisma, and the capacity to enact change through violence.

modern warfare 3 season 1 story explained

Nolan carried out orders with his trademark efficiency and viciousness, and Marov took notice, bringing Nolan into his confidence. After Marov's incarceration, Nolan, Ivan, and the other Inner Circle members joined a PMC group called the Coney Group to sew the seeds for Marov's return to power and secure Marov's freedom.

Captain Andre Nolan's unwavering loyalty earned him a top spot as Makarov's most trusted advisor and enforcer. He will faithfully ignite as many fires as necessary until the war between the East and West finally explodes. So now that Ivan has been killed, Andre Nolan is now the right-hand man to Vladimir Marov.

However, it seems as though Nolan was able to escape now. From the cut scene, it doesn't tell us whether Marov came to his rescue or Nolan just went and escaped himself, but he is no longer there, and from what we see, he has now escaped and has moved in, which is the next plan of attack for Vladimir Marov.

modern warfare 3 story

Now what is interesting about the final moments of the cut scene is that we see Nolan end up walking over one of the soldiers that is in Urzikstan; he walks over him and executes him. Now let me play this scene with one of the original scenes from Modern Warfare 2019. After, let's start some. Fore, clear, you can see the similarities, and in Modern Warfare 2019, the right-hand man to Victor Zak was of course Khed al-Asad, the person in the cut scene.

Now, Makarov's right-hand man, Nolan, is the one doing the execution. This brings us to our next question: What is going on with the good guys? I want that bird to be ready in three minutes. Relay those quarters. There we are. Head Shed gave the green light. We're deploying you to the front lines.


You're up grab your shoes. Rules of Engagement are simple weapons free on all sides. So if you didn't know already, that is Commander Philip Graves, and clearly he is leading the good guys into Yican, which tells us a couple of things because the last time we saw Commander Philip Graves, he was testifying in front of Congress about his actions directed towards Task Force 141 against General Shepard, and at the very end of the game, of course, we knew that Captain Price took out General Shepard, but we didn't know what was going on with Philip Graves.

Now it seems as though he has kind of switched sides and is now working alongside Task Force 141 to fight against the bad guys. Marov and his intern. Circle, in Ekhan. Now the question is: first off, we have the bad guys side of things, so essentially, what Marov is trying to do is move into Urzikstan and start a war between the East and the West, and throughout the campaign he was trying to do this by framing Urzikstan for a bunch of his terrorist actions; therefore, the world would be against Yukan starting a war.

mw3 season 1

Apparently, now that he is moving into Yhan to directly start a fight with them, I would assume he is also still trying to frame them for some sort of atrocity. Now we don't know what they are yet because, as of right now, we just know that he is sending in his right-hand man. AKA Nolan, the Shadow Company, led by Commander Philip Graves, is also being sent in to work alongside Task Force 141 to stop Marov and now stop Nolan because we now know that he is the one who is present within Yekan.

Today we go over the new story added to Modern Warfare 3 in Season 1. This is the battle the introduction of Nolan and the return of Phillip Graves. This is the Season 1 Story explained! Hope you enjoy.
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