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Ladies and gentlemen, season 2 reloaded is here, or at least almost here; it comes out at 9:00 a.m. M pacific Standard Time, but the patch notes have already come out, and that is what we're going to be diving into in this article, looking at everything that has changed in multiplayer.


And then Airborne, which is an evolution of Terminal.

We have our new weapons, the SOA subverter, which is a battle rifle, and the Soul renderer, which is a melee weapon. We have two new aftermarket parts, including the Jack buzs saww kit, which allows the Hoger 556 to fire two bullets at the same time, and the Jack Outlaw, which makes the bass b a lever action rifle.


After this, we have the new modes, which are Bounty, which has a high value, Target, and Jugger, for which everyone is a juggernaut. We also have our new events, which include Dune Warhammer 40K and Vortex. After those three are done, we are moving into season 3 with gameplay updates. Upon aiming down, the crosshair will now transition directly to the center of the player screen rather than easing into position.

modern warfare 3

We started to see this change at the beginning of season 2, now it is their customization, just some general fixes for that. As far as UI goes, they now added a filter to attachments by subcategories, so for example, you can do Optics. Like the hybrid or four times or thermal you can search by those types which is a good addition makes making classes a little bit faster you can now track up to five challenges outside the challenge menu I think that's cool better way to look at challenges and then a bun of bug fixes as we are looking at here fix several season 2 weekly challenges that is good many changes to maps you can pause it here if you want to read through them I'm not going to and then we get into our weapon changes, so I'm going to go through these as quickly as possible there's a lot of these so starting out with the new weapon the bp50, increase minimum hipfire spread increased maximum hip fire spread increased tactical stance spread increased aim down sights time decreased aim down sights movement speed increased horizontal recoil decreased vertical recoil so that's the only buff that we saw there so overall quite a big Nerf to this weapon the sbaa 545 decreased Sprint to fire time and decreased aimed down sights time that is a buff to the sbaa 545.

modern warfare 3 season 2 reloaded

The bass B got decreased maximum damage decreased near Mid damage decreased maximum damage range and decreased, medium damage range so pretty big Nerf to the bass B there Sidewinder we have decreased recoil intensity during sustained fire so a small buff to that one for the MTZ 762, for the conversion kit we have decreased horizontal recoil increased vertical recoil so overall just a different recoil pattern on that weapon sub machine guns we have the ram 9 just some changes to a couple of different barrels as you are seeing here the arm9, with the conversion kit bullets are now fired in a vertical column rather than a randomized spread so believe it or not that's actually a buff for that one it should be easier to control that recoil the wsp 9 decreased minimum standing hipfire spread decreased maximum hit fire and decreased tactical stance spread so a buff to the hit fire on the wsp 9, the Rival 9 for the conversion kit we have increased near medium damage range so that one is a small buff to that weapon the pdsw.

mw2 season 2 reloaded update

528 improved alignment, of the default iron sight, so a small buff, you probably aren't even going to notice the lockman sub from Modern Warfare 2 increased maximum damage range increased near mid damage range, so basically they are making the ranges better on this one, so a buff to that weapon moving into the shotguns, this one is only for the double barrel attachment, the damage pet count now remains at six regardless of ammo capacity, so that was more of a bug that they are fixing here the light machine guns increase strength of aim down sights idle sway, so that's a Nerf to the pamant, then we have the Brewin MK9 decreased aim down sight time increased lower D torso damage multiplier.

Increased movement speed, increased Crouch movement speed, increased tactical sprint, so all around a buff to the Brewin MK9. Sniper rifles some optic changes there the cat AMR decreased aim down sights time so that is a buff the xpx 80 inre ined aim down sights time so that is a Nerf, the handguns the core 45 just the conversion crit increased bullet velocity so a slight buff there the retti Jack verocity kit they resolved some issues with that one so nothing big there the 9mm Damon just the hand grip there now launchers the storm Ender the EMP effect will now properly apply to enemies in free-for-all modes apparently it didn't work before and then we have some attachment changes here for the hybrid optic under Barrel launchers and the Jack limb Reaper, so you can pause there if you want to check it out for equipment just some bug fixes for the stun grenade and the EMP grenade the field upgrade the ACs improve detection of objective Flags near sloped surfaces so again a bug fix for that one and then kill streaks the cluster mine and the remote turret they fix bugs with that as well as far as ranked play they added some restrictions the soul renderer that is the new melee weapon and restrictions to the Rhino modular rig vest now moving, into.



Zombies, so a bunch of new stuff here. First of all, we have the new story Miss the New Dark Eternal Rip, which is going to open after you finish up the story Mission, I believe, so you're going to have to do that first. There are three new acquisitions and schematics: the mags of holding, which makes it so you don't have to reload the blood burner key, which makes it so you can get the blood burner at any time, and the vr11 schematic.


Now this is the big one this is the one that we didn't know was happening so containment levels is essentially an xfill streak, so season 2 reloaded introduced containment levels a new tiered xville streak system which is immediately available to all players starting today when you complete contracts and successfully xfill from the EZ to increase your containment level up to 100 across 10 tiers, so essentially a new leveling system only available through extracts within zombies, rewards increase as your containment level tier increase so essentially what they are saying here is there's 100 levels and as you get to certain levels you reach a new tier so when you hit Level Two you hit tier one and you start with 500 essence once you hit tier 10 or level 100 I don't know why they need tiers I don't know why they just can't have levels with the things associated with it I think it makes it more confusing but as you can see by the end you are starting with 5, 000 Essence and have a 20% discount on your Pack-a-Punch cost then says players who are unable to successfully.

Today we got the Season 2 Reloaded Update for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone. In this video we go over everything new and changing in Update 1.
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