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Ladies and gentlemen, I have not uploaded a article for a year—well, kind of 18 days to be exact—and I tend to do this pretty much every single year we're at Christmas. Moving into the new year, I take a little bit of a break, take a step back, look at what I did right and what I did wrong over the past years, and try to be better moving forward.

That's exactly what's going to be going on this channel. I know I mentioned that there were going to be two more Story articles coming up before the new year; they took me much, much longer than expected; in fact. I'm not even done with them yet, but I'm working hard on them, and there is going to be so.

That is when it's going to be happening, but we also have a ton of information as to what is going to be coming within that update, and that's essentially what this article is all about everything that is coming to Modern Warfare 3 zombies and War Zone in the season 1 reloaded update, and that's exactly what we're going to dive into, but first let me tell you about today's article sponsor.

cod mw3 season 1 reloaded

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Normally, I go multiplayer, zombies, and then war zone. Today we're going to go zombies, war zone, and then multiplayer, just for a little bit of a difference. So to start things out, really, there's only two guaranteed things happening in zombies, the first of which is the addition of the new warlord.

This is kind of like the new mercenary boss who's going to be in the world in some way or another. We don't know what the rewards for completing this task are actually going to be. If it's going to be another mission, we just know the warlord is going to be put into zombies. I would assume though that the reward for it is the VR1.

Either of those last two are confirmed; the only two that are confirmed are the new warlords. And the VR11 schematic, so then we have the war zone. So as far as war zone goes, there's essentially three new things coming here, but when we get into the Modern Warfare 3 section, we're going to look at the new weapons and things along those lines too, but specifically for war zone, the first of which is the new Champions.

modern warfare 3

Quest so this Champions Quest is going to work very similar to the one in Call of Duty war zone 2 if we're calling it that where if you complete it a nuk goes off you win the game there's a kind of another win condition now as far as this one goes you can steal it once a game so if someone else is doing the Champions Quest and you go and kill them one team per game can pick up that Quest off of a dead body, and try to continue it themselves so you don't need to do the entire thing yourself and it should make doing this a little bit easier but of course if you do activate it everyone in the lobby is going to be gunning for you because they're going to be trying to steal it from you the second one is a very strange one for Battle Royale that is a covert, xfill.

modern warfare 3 season 1 reloaded

So, in other words, another way to leave the Battle Royale that's not just winning the game. Now you may be wondering: You're playing a battle royale; why would you ever want to do this? You wouldn't win the game; you just kind of disappeared out of it. Well, that has to do with the next thing: Apparently weapon cases from DMZ are going to be making a return in Battle Royale, in which when you fill with them, you get rewards.

I'm not sure if it's going to be like DMZ, where there's a random amount of rewards, or whether it's going to give you a blueprint or a weapon. And that is why they're being implemented into the game, and I would assume they're going to work very similar to DMZ, where when you pick them up, you're going to be alert to the rest of the lobby of where you are, and they can steal them from you, so on and so forth.

This hasn't been announced yet, and what the rewards will be hasn't been announced yet, but I would assume it'd be very similar to DMZ. The next thing we're going to look at is the things that are coming to everything—the new weapons, aesthetic things along those lines—so to start things off, we have the new weapons, the HRM 9, which is an SMG.


This one is going to be an Armory unlock; in other words, you unlock it with Armory credits by winning games and things along those lines, and like I mentioned, it's an SMG the second. One is called the TAC evolver, and this one is going to be a classified section in the battle pass. Unless things have changed, this is what it's set to be, and these are going to work just like in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, where it's a specific set of challenges, and upon completing them, you then get that new weapon, just like the classified battle pass sectors in Modern Warfare 2.

So the second thing that will assumably be coming to everything is the new boys event. Now it's not said whether this is going to start right after season 1 is reloaded or a couple weeks later. But the things that we know that are coming with this are a couple of different operators, first of all at Train, and the other one is a new one called Firecracker.

mw3 season 1 reloaded

Of course, there are big characters among the boys. We're also getting a new souped-up Modern Warfare 3 event, in which I would assume this would be similar to the kind of event that we had with the boys back in Modern Warfare 2 very similar and I would assume we will also be getting some sort of event or playlist in War Zone as well.

When that does come out, moving into the multiplayer-specific items, the first thing that we have is the new 6v6 map, which is titled Rio. This one essentially looks like an old-school Call of Duty map, a little bit bigger than the ones that have recently been put into the game, but as far as this one goes, it kind of has open areas around the outside and then a claustrophobic area within the middle.

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