News - The "new" Milano Warzone 3. Best. Wsp 9. Class Setup

best milano class 3

So War Zone just broke the Milano in War Zone 3 in a recent update of the WSP 9 AK. The Milano just got a recent buff, making it one of the highest headshot multipliers in the game. Overall, the feeling of this SMG is just absolutely incredible, so we decided to build the Milano from War Zone 1 using the WP9, and it did not disappoint.

We dropped over 30 kills in today's gameplay, so without further ado, let's get right on into it, and I hope you guys do. Cover is inbound, [__]], Location, he's going to go to the Precision I don't know why he would finish me. All right, guys, and here's the Milano class setup that we're rocking in today's article.

Obviously, back then, everybody used to use the agency suppressor on war zone guns, so the ones that look the most like the agency suppressor are the I'm not even going to try to say that you guys got it, but it's going to make us undetectable by the radar whenever you fire our weapon, so it's going to be easier for us to take out our enemies at farther ranges of engagement.

best milano class mw3

We're going to get some bullet velocity, firing enemy stability and recoil, control for the under barel we're going to be rocking the brew, and tactical vertical grip because everybody used to be using the Bruiser grip, and this is the closest grip that I could find. The Bruiser grip is going to give us some firing AIX ability, gun control, HP fire, and tax spread for the magazine.

We're going to be using the 50-round mag because this is the highest ammo capacity that we can rock on the submachine gun, and we also had a 50-round mag on the Milano back in war zone 1. For the stock, we're going to be using the WSP factory stock for some more ad speed. Moon speed and SP to fire speed, and this is going to kind of give us more of a Milano feel, and then finally, we're going to be using the quarters, the classic reflex.

Site because this is literally identical to the reflex site that we used to use back in war zone 1 in the Cold War era. If you guys did go on to enjoy that 25+ kill gameplay.

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