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But as always we are going to do our very best to test this gun out and just see how good it is going to be I need to remember this is an SMG not an AR because like I said the ram 9 the ram 7 is actually a very good gun in this game but it's an assault rifle so you can use it from a bit more further away, so what I've tried to do is make sure this gun is still built like an SMG rather than build it like an assault rifle cuz you can stick all of the ram attachments on it and just build it out basically exactly the same as the ram 7 or you can build it like an SMG and make it into an SMG as the ram 9 so I've tried to do that and keep it SMG form rather than making it the ram 7 and just making basically a second article on the ram 7even already, so what we're going to do straight away is go ahead and Pack-a-Punch it straight away that is the first plan and it's going to change the gun to the dim 9000.

And it's going to give us 100-round mags again. The biggest magazine size you can put on is the 50 round mag, so the same as the BP50, which had 45 round mags, this has 50 round mags, so not the biggest magazines in the world, but with it being an SMG, we're going to be up close. It should be able to do enough damage and take out enough zombies even in the Tier 3 Zone with only 100 bullets in the magazine.

Okay guys. I've jumped straight into the Tier 2 Zone to see what this Ram 9 can do at tier one Pack-a-Punch against some Tier 2 zombies, and as you can see, there's a couple that have just popped up right here that felt pretty quick against an armored zombie. I can't lie, that did feel very decent against an armored zombie, so we should be able to quite easily run around the tier 2 zone with this tier one pack-a-punch, and it should be able to do the damage that we need it to do.

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It looks like it's just going to fry through a lot of the zombies, so it doesn't feel too bad at tier one Pack-a-Punch in the tier 2 Zone, which is always a nice positive. Okay guys so we do now have enough to tier 2 Pack-A-Punch this gun which is exactly what we're going to do and then take it straight into the tier three Zone, and see just how good it's going to be in that tier three zone so we've now got a tier 2 Pack-A-Punch it should be very good in the tier 2 Z most guns are at tier 2 Pack-A-Punch, there it is there you can see the gun so I'm going head straight into that tier three reone and see what sort of damage we can start doing, in the tier three with this tier 2 Pack-A-Punch then of course we'll Chuck the legendary a for tool on and then we can go ahead and try tier three Pack-a-Punch it as well, but as suspected this thing is now going to melt through the tier 2 Zombies with no problem whatsoever really it's just going to absolutely fry through them we can get a whole bunch run up on us and it's not going to become a problem this round nine is going to easily take care of the tier 2 zombies at tier 2 Pack-A-Punch.

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Okay so here we go we're now in the tier three Zone let's see what sort of damage we can do to a tier three zombie a tier 2 Pack-A-Punch, yeah it doesn't feel too bad to be fair at tier 2 Pack-A-Punch, it doesn't feel awful I've definitely felt slower guns in the tier three Zone that tier 2 Pack-A-Punch, but of course what I do always do when we get into the tier three is normally just Chuck the legendary a for tool on pretty much straight away because as you can see the time to kill is not crazy crazy, but once we start chucking that legendary a tool on you'll see the big difference that is going to make without even tier three Pack-a-Punch in it it's going to help melt through those zombies, just that little bit faster get us through them a bit quicker and also make it a little bit easier for us to grind through them which is always a good positive.

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So Omega Abominations decided that it just wanted to roll up on us for some reason. I wasn't trying to engage with it; I wasn't trying to shoot at it at all. It just decided that today was the day it was going to just start with me, and I don't know what I did to deserve this. I went to Tier 2, Pack-a-Punch.

I need a Tier 3 Pack-a-Punch to be trying to take those Mega Abominations. Because I'm using an SMG, don't forget that at the end of the day, I don't need to be taking down Mega Abominations. At Tier 2, Pack-A-Punch is not ideal. I've got no plates. I wasn't really prepared to be taking Tak down Mega Abominations as of right now, so I guess we just sort of have to see what happens in this situation because this could definitely go very wrong.

Speaking of it going very wrong, it looks like it's just about to go very wrong. There it is; it's gone very wrong right away. I had to reload before it started shooting his lasers. I probably shouldn't have used myself just that quickly. I probably should have waited a minute, but it's okay; we're all good.

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I do kind of want to get away from this mega-abomination. I'm not going to lie to you guys, I don't think. I'm in the best position right now to be fighting Mega Abomination, so we'll just see what we can do to see if I can get away, and then just try and get enough money to get to Tier 3. Pack-a- Punch this thing, but in a situation like this, to be fair to the ram 9, it is holding off these zombies very well.

You can just stand at the top of the stairs and absolutely mow through them with no problem whatsoever. It's a very easy position to hold off zombies with this round, and look at how fast it just melts for all of these zombies that are here. It's absolutely mental how good this thing is at fighting down these zombies.

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For some reason. I decided to run down the stairs and put myself in a position where I've gone down, which isn't ideal because there's no one in the Tier 3 zone, so hopefully someone will come along and help me. I really hope they do, because I want to get this done in this game. Okay, so someone has just come along and placed us in the Tier 3 Zone.

What an absolute legend! What an absolute hero! Just coming along saved me as well. What a guy! The one thing I now need to remember is that I don't have jugs, and I don't have any of my perks that I did have, so we're in a situation where things could start getting worse. A little bit sketchy. I'm not going to lie; things could definitely get a little bitety to get you in the Tier 3 zone right now with no stamina up, no jug, none of that sort of stuff.

We are in a situation where any of these perks would be very useful. I think this guy's going to try and take this Rift, so I might just follow him just to get a bit of cash to get some perks back because we are in a situation right now where we don't have the money to do anything, which, okay. I did manage to get in okay cool, so I'm just grinding at this Outlast contract, trying and getting a bit of cash together, because again, like I said, we need our perks back.

In this video we take a look at what happens when you pack-a-punch the ram 9 in mw3 zombies! Pack-A-Punching the ram 9 in MW3 Zombies This Happens. Pack-A-Punching the ram 9 in MW3 Zombies Best Weapon.
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