News - The Best Thing About Every Cod Zombies Game (w. W-warzone 2)


World at War I think this game mode was absolutely timeless, and it was easily one of the best zombies ever because it was so barren and naked. Black Ops 1: I actually think one of the biggest things about Black Ops 1 has to be that the zombies team knew the formula. They did not stray away from this, and they did not mess around with it.

The only thing they altered within the formula were some tiny tweaks here and there, but besides that, zombies really felt like zombies, and that was totally okay. Black Ops 2 zombies, and don't get me wrong, this game is very different and diverse, and that's what I love about BO2. BO2 is the perfect blend of hard and easy because it has one of the hardest maps ever and one of the easiest maps ever.


Also, this game actually saved the launch of BO2 because the launch maps on BO2 were kind of mid-range, but apart from that, BO2 really slapped Black Ops 3 zombies now. I know a lot of people say Bo3 Zombie is the absolute goat zombies game, and I do somewhat agree with that, apart from the fact that gobble gums really split people in half, but I mean, we're talking about the things that make this game great, and I think that Bo3 Zombie does a fantastic job keeping the universes and maps fresh and new, and there's a lot of content, and Zombie Chronicles just single-handedly boosted this game into like the heavens of zombie awesomeness.

Black Ops 4 zombies, we say, after revisiting all the Call of Duty Zombies games and going back to Bo4. Bo4 had some really cool environments, and the graphics were a little bit special on this one as well. I think all of the implementations of the chaos story line were really cool. It's just a shame that it was in competition with The Ether storyline and set up with a weird perk system, but apart from that, all the maps and experiences on Bo4 are pretty unique and different, which is cool.

Cold War zombies now, I must say, cold war zombies gets a lot of hate, and there is a good reason for that, but I'm actually not here to hate on it; we're actually going to praise something. I think the one thing that I really do enjoy about this mode is the fact that the equipment, the grades, the C4, and all that stuff are actually like they actually do damage.

cod zombies

Okay, like in the past, grenades have really done nothing besides make crawlers, like in round 20, but apart from that, the equipment in Cold War actually kills zombies. Now the fact that you just got equipment off the ground. I'm not a huge fan of that, but like I said. I just really like that the equipment does damage, and I'm just going to let it rest on that one bonus time.

Let's do all the non-AR zombie games. EXO zombies, and I must say I'm in it for the LOLs because Burger Town is absolutely hilarious, but just kidding. EXO Zombies is really cool because it's just an interesting take on zombies. We've never really seen this before, and you get to jump zombies. I don't like the MP zombies, but you know what?

I actually enjoy the EXO zombies, Infinite Warfare Zombies, and, as you already know, I'm already giving this one the zombies in Space Landam. This map is so freaking cool, and it's such an awesome journey to just watch and play at the same time. Also, the Willard Ward story line is super cool. Bring it back, please, even though he's dead.


World War I zombies I feel like this is just a gimme, but World War II zombies were absolutely terrifying, and it was a gory gorfest. I feel like I was literally in the movie Saw, and playing this game had some zombie jump-out scares, but apart from that, the horror element to this game absolutely blew every other Call of Duty zombies game out of the water, and it was even a little bit more scarier than World at War from time to time, even though World at War was probably the cake and peak for scariness in Call of Duty Vanguard.

Wait, I really don't have anything good to say about this game mod Warfare 3 zombies. You know, I'm actually kind of happy for this game in the beginning because it proved a lot of people wrong. It's just that over time, this game is actually going to probably suffocate and die because it's not going to get updated, but apart from that grim news.

I actually think this game submerged expectations a little bit, and that's what I like most about Modern Warfare 3: Zombie, which is really interesting. I'm an actual

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