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Welcome back to another article. Today we're going to be showing you guys how to get a guaranteed ray gun weapon case. We're talking about getting multiple ray gun weapon cases that are guaranteed to be easy and simple. This is going to be a simple guy. You guys, you're going to end up leaving with a weapon case regardless.

So this weapon, as you guys know from my previous article we upload a article this weapon got a buff. It was kind of like a secret buff because it wasn't really promoted, but this weapon is absolutely. Right now, you guys, so this is the ray gun right here. Obviously, we got the schematic, but for the people that don't know how this schematic works, this is a method that you can actually get about two ray guns, possibly three ray guns, right away.

Be like, I kind of already know this, but you guys have to remember that there are hundreds of thousands of people who had no idea that you could actually do this. Now I know this for a fact because I got friends who had no idea about this mission until I just told them about it. So basically, even though you already know this, remember that other people might not, so first things first, we're going to do this one right here.

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This one is called Hold Out. This is going to be a story mission from Act 3. The only way to actually start this mission is by completing it. Every single story mission in Act Two, once you complete every mission in Act Two, you'll be able to start in Act Three. You're going to go all the way down where you say hold out, which I'm going to show you later on in the article.

So, what do you do? How do you complete the story mission? Basically, you have to complete an Outlast contract. You have to eliminate 50 zombies in the corrupted area. And that's pretty much it after that you go ahead and collect your reward, which is going to have the schematic for the Wonder WAFF dj2 you guys which is absolutely insane so right here we complete everything that we needed to complete the 50 kills and complete our last contract and we're going to get the ray gun weapon case but we got another easy way to get another one now I do recommend you guys actually get to the distraction point right after you complete this Mission, because you're going to have the schematic for the wonderer wa dig2.

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And the last thing you guys want to do is for your game to crash, or you're dying, or anything like that. Even though you have a self-revive, anything can happen, you guys, and you don't want to mess up. So before we talk about the other way you can get an easy-ray gun weapon case, you guys, I want to go ahead and mention that there are other ways you can actually get this Wonder Weapons weapon case.

We are talking about the ray gun, the Wonder Weer D2, the VR1, and all those Wonder Weapons. Yes, you can get it at the Red Zone. You can get it by doing contracts. By completing Bounties in the Red Zone by doing contracts and going to the dark ether in the area, you can pretty much get this type of stuff, which we already know a lot of people know about these missions as well, but again, a lot of people haven't done every single mission.

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I even know this mission is all the way from season 1, so yes, that's a way that you can actually get it, but this way, right here, we're talking about two guarantees: weapon and case. Also, another way before we get to the last one is to do the warlords. Warlords definitely drop weapon cases. We're talking about the scorpion, and we're talking about the ray gun.

Those are the ones we've been getting lately, so definitely Farm the Warlords because they do these items. We're talking about the ray gun, the scor, pretty much any wonder weapon, but anyway, here is the Wonder Weap Dig2 schematic. Obviously, we already have the ray gun. Now I'm going to show you guys exactly where to find it.

The mission, so once you go to the Act 3 mission, you're going to go all the way down right here where it says hold out, and then you're going to see right here, confirmation. So complete and Outlast contract eliminate 50 zombies inside the corrupted zone, and then pretty much have to extract that extract, so this is the other way you can get an easy ray gun weapon case.

easy ray gun weapon cases

I recently just told my friend that all you have to do is get 10, 000 bones to get a ray gun weapon case. I definitely get that because this weapon recently got a buff, and it's absolutely OP. We're talking about the damage, the speed, and how fast it shoots. I mean, this weapon is absolutely OP.

After you complete both of those things, you can find the reward right here by going to your stash. You're going to go to your rewards, and you should see the two-ray gun weapon case right here, which is what I got. We're on the road to 10,000,000 subscribers.

MW3 Zombies - Easy Way To Get GUARANTEED Ray Gun Weapon Case Acquisition.
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