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it's me Kyle is here, and today we have another article about Modern Warfare 3.2023. And I just want to give sort of an update about my thoughts on this game because the last article I made on it ended pretty harshly against it, and every criticism I made in that article still stands true. This game is not Modern Warfare 2 2009, and the existence of this game kind of signs the death of there ever being a proper MW2 remastered, officially from Activision.

Skill-based matchmaking ruins the enjoyment and fun of any multiplayer match you would ever have in this game and even in this beta, just as it was in MW 2022, just as it was in Cold War Vanguard and Modern Warfare 2019. And even in War Zone, if you're a good player or even a decent player, you know exactly what I'm talking about, but it seems there's nothing that they're ever going to do about it and they're never going to change it, but today Microsoft officially took over Activision.

Maybe we'll see some things change down the line, but for MW3 2023, at least everything's going to be the same. I do like the gameplay. I do like the changes; it's a lot of fun, don't get me wrong, and it looks great. Of course, it's just a DLC for MW 2022, but I do think the game has worth. I don't really have faith necessarily in the campaign, but I will be checking it out, but we haven't really seen anything in the story, and I don't know if it's going to be any good.

is mwiii good

I've recently come around to the zombies. I am a fan of DMZ, so I do think a DMZ zombies type of thing that they're doing could be interesting to at least check out, as well as I learned that they have a full three-part story in Zombies, with cutscenes and missions, so that's going to be cool at least to check out, and as leaks were saying as I reported on in the past and even official people like cod name Pizza said he discussed with the developers when he visited, is that round-based maps or at least something of the sort is in the works and has been and will likely release post launch for MW3.

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So I actually have hope there on the zombie side of things, and I'm open to trying whatever else they're cooking up there in terms of multiplayer. I've come to the realization that spmm is going nowhere; we can still try to make it move and leave, but it's still staying, and it ruins all fun and enjoyment for players such as myself, so the only way to enjoy this game is to bypass the skill-based matchmaking, so whether I have determined I will play this game but I will never play it within their corrupt matchmaking system that should never be in casual lobbies it should remain only in ranked play so whether I have to play with bad players or accounts whether I have to do bad myself to get easier lobbies, or whether I have to use a VPN or a specific router and tune their matchmaking to be more like it was in the past fast and golden days of Call of Duty.

I'll do what I have to enjoy the game I paid for, so it's unfortunate that it has to work out this way, but all the gameplay you're seeing in the background was from me performing poorly for a few matches and then just finally being able to enjoy the game and do decently, or a few matches after that, so essentially what I'm saying is that for us good and decent players, the only way to enjoy this game is to get around their matchmaking.

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Overall, I'm going to say sort of possibly if you played MW 2022, especially possibly if you did not play MW 2022. I think it is actually really worth it to get MW3, here because all that MW 2022 content is going to be in MW3, all the MW2 2 weapons for you to unlock camos operators, stuff like that, so this is my take on MW3 2023.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare III 2023 may not be so bad after all, but. there's a catch sbmm.
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