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So in today's article, we're going to show you guys how to solo this guy right here, the new boss in the new Story Mission: The Crabber. Recently, we posted a article where it was four of us going head-to-head with this guy, and when I say it felt easy, it felt easy, you guys, but one thing I can say about this guy is that his health actually went down, even though it was four of us.

That guy that he was chasing definitely felt the pain, but the thing that we're going to need for this method is that you guys, to actually make it absolutely easy, make sure you get a LT 53 and at least two sentry guns. Also, another thing that is recommended, at least for me, is the WSP, Swarm, because that's 400 rounds, especially for this specific boss.

He's going to be coming at you, and having 200 rounds on each side is absolutely key. Also, run the Epic or legendary tool, and Packa Punch 3 is definitely going to make it a lot easier. First things first, you're going to go ahead and follow the signal right here. Once you come in here, all you have to do is wait.

A few zombies are going to spawn right there, and you're going to kill them. After that, go down and climb on the ACV. Start this part of the mission, which, by the way, is the easiest part of the mission. All you have to do is escort the ACV to the location, eliminate some of the zombies, and that's pretty much it.

countermeasures boss

After that, once you get to the first part right here, the first section, you're going to approach this computer, and then the mimic is going to show up. Don't worry, he's going to be super, super easy. You guys, all you have to do is shoot him a few times, and he will go down easy. After that, you're going to get to this one location where the ball is going to attach to the ACV.

After that, all you have to do is escort the ACV to the last known location, which is going to be right here on this infested stronghold. Now, remember, you definitely are going to need a gas mask. If you don't have one, don't worry, because you're going to find a whole bunch of gas masks. Now, I'm going to show you guys all the locations for every single sport that you have to actually destroy.

easy countermeasures boss

Now one of the perks that's definitely going to help you is their per section because it's going to allow you to see through walls; it's going to allow you to actually find the hitting spores that you can't actually see, so I was able to find a few with the help of that protection. Also, some of the other perks right here are definitely key to actually making it easy.

Remember, this is not a requirement; it's all about making it easy if you guys do not want to die. Definitely, why not make it easy? So definitely, a dead shot for critical heat damage. You got J KN for extra health, you got Speed Cola to be able to reload fast, you got stamina to be able to run fast, and Quick Revive is going to allow you to, you know, pretty much heal faster, so every perk that I came in here with definitely came in hand.

easy way to defeat krawvir in mw3 zombies

I'm always running pretty much every single perk, so once I complete the top level. I make my way to the bottom level, where I'll pretty much wipe the whole section down, and then I make my way to the other side. If you look at the mini map, it's going to look almost like a cross, so down there is going to be a whole bunch of them, but first we're going to get to the top level, and then we're going to do the same thing with the lower level.

Now we did one section of the area, which was the other side, and this is the last one right here. The one thing I noticed and mentioned in my last article is that once you are pretty much complete in the infested stronghold, you do not see any rewards. I'm assuming once we jump into the regular dark eer, you will be able to see some of the rewards when you complete that F stronghold.

So once you get here, which is the last location, you're going to activate the Outlast contract, and this is when the boss fight is going to happen. So before we get to the boss fight, I'm going to go ahead and make sure that this is where the WSP Swarm actually comes in handy. This is the only gun that you have: 400 rounds, 200 rounds each, and then you're able to just keep spamming zombies coming at you.

how to easy defeat krawvir in mwz

When you have 30 to 40 zombies, you're not going to have any other weapon that's actually going to do that. As you also saw, the decoy grenade definitely comes in handy. Okay, right here, the boss fight is about to happen. You guys, after you complete the Outlast contract, the portal reef is going to drop, basically telling you it's time to escap.

Don't worry, you're not going to be doing that, especially right at the beginning because the boss is about to show up. So right here is the new boss, right here the new mangler, and he's going to be coming at you like you owe him money now the sentry guns are going to spend on him, so you want to draw him this way to the circle.

Once he get close to you just run away if the sentry guns are still not shooting, the crazy thing about the sentry gun is the sometime it takes him a minute to start shooting once it starts shooting as you can see right here his health is going to be going down so fast especially since you're going to be spamming him as well with 200 rounds on each side now you're going to throw a decoy grenade to get some of the zombies off of you after that you're going to go ahead and switch to your LT 53.

how to solo krawvir in mwz

So right here, he's pretty much almost down. You're shooting him with your weapon, and the two sentry guns are shooting him. He's barely getting close to you. You're going to throw that LT 53 to get some of the zombies off you, and pretty much you're going to finish him up right here, so that's it for the boss.

I mean, he was so easy, especially doing it this way. I remember doing the warm The central guns do not shoot out the warm, but right here you put the cental guns, and they will shoot out the boss, and his health is going down like nothing. We got the Mac of Holding, we got a refined Crystal, we got an Epic tool, and we got another cup.

I mean, I already had a cup, but I can just go ahead and give it to somebody who hasn't really completed it. But anyway, man, that's it for the article, you guys. Drop a like on this article. We're on the RO with 7, 000 subscribers now. So anyway, I will be dropping a article on how to find all the artifacts to open the dark ether.


So stay tuned for that. It'll probably be out later today, but anyway, thank you guys once again.

MW3 Zombies - How to Solo Complete the New Act IV Story Countermeasures and Boss fight.
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