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Yes, you can see I have 886,000 Essence, and I have tons of schematics. We are alive almost every single day. If you guys are looking for people to play with to help with zombies or any of that fun stuff, maybe you need to help set up your tombstone. So as you can see, guys, I currently have 886.000 Essence, and I have everything that I want to keep in my Tombstone, whether that's going to be maybe schematics, consumables, or stuff.

For you guys, those are going to be what you want to have once you have your bag set up. It's going to go just like that. So we're going to go ahead and buy Tombstone first. Go ahead and get our bonus points. Go ahead and purchase our tombstone. Make sure we do not have a self-reference on us because we don't want to have that for this glitch.

Now all I'm going to do from here is go ahead and find a zombie and actually get knocked. All righty guys, once you do have your tombstone in all of your stuff that you want to duplicate, you're going to go ahead and go down like a zombie. As you can see, I'm getting absolutely clobbered by a zombie right here.

I don't have my self-reference on me. I'm going to go ahead and go down, just like so, and then I'm going to hold B to give up. Once I give up fully, my teammate or whoever I'm playing with is going to need to help me. From here, you want to make sure you give up, and you are on the Little Death icon, and you can see me going to Resme.


Then from here your Tombstone, is basically set up this is going to be the new work around for it but don't leave the article just yet because there are more things you have to do so as you can see I am sitting here I just have all my stuff duplicated, now I'm going to go ahead and if I am playing with a friend I'm going to go ahead and leave Squad, as you can see I am all by myself he is no longer in the squad with me and we're going to go ahead and go down from another zombie, once you guys are fully dead from a zombie go ahead and either give up or let the time go out whatever you prefer, we're going to go ahead and let the timer go out just for the sake of the article and then we're going to go ahead and show you guys what to do next.


Once you guys are fully dead, you will obviously have a squad eliminated. Go ahead and let this play through. This is going to be how you keep your Tombstone every single game, and we're going to show you guys part two of this glitch so we can go ahead and skip through all of this, but if you guys are wanting to play through the game, do a whole bunch of stuff in the game.

Once you guys get feedback from your friends after holding B to give up or whatever button it is to give up, you guys are good to go and play, so we're going to go and leave G, we're going to come back in, and we're going to show you guys that Tombstone is still here and how to keep rinsing and repeating it over and over again.

So we just got back into game number two, and as you can see, I have 88, 000 cash on me. If we go ahead and take a second to look at the map, our Tombstone stash is still in the same location. Before even doing this glitch, you guys want to make sure that on game number two you are going to buy another Tombstone.


You're going to have to do this every single game. Unfortunately, if you guys want to keep rinsing and repeating the Tombstone glitch over and over again. I know it does suck, but that's going to have to be what happens, and in order to do step one again, you only going to be if you need to go and reset your Tombstone to switch it with other items, so we're going to go ahead and make our way over to our Tombstone stash, and we will show you guys what to do from there.

So we made it back to our Tombstone, and one thing I wanted to point out for you guys is that if you guys are claiming anything out of your Tombstone beforehand and using it, please do not do that; you will lose your items if you do it that way. So what I like to do is go get a large rucksack or whatever rucksack I need to have in order to do the glitch and put my Tombstone items back into my backpack.

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But I'll use my Essence, so I like to take my Essence out and keep everything in the RU Sack or the original Tombstone, but now we're good to go ahead and put everything in there and make sure it crumbles, and now from here, before we use any of our items in our ruck sack, obviously I can't use schematics, but if we were going to use our items in our ruck sack, we do not want to do that beforehand, so now we're just going to go ahead and go down like normal after we've bought the new Tombstone on the second game.

So we're going to go and let the zombie kill us. He's going to take a minute, though, because, as you know, we're built differently. Any day now, come on, Mr. Zombie; any day now, you got it; almost there, one more hit; there you go. Now we're going to go ahead and give up, just like normal. Now we're going to have our friend revive us just like we had before prior to the first game, and then from here, as soon as he is done reviving, we are good to use all of our items and everything else that we need to do.

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He's going to go ahead and try to One V one the zombie right here. He's going to get it off, Bud. I got it off Bud; he is knocked. So we're going to go ahead, and once we have recovered after we have fully given up, you guys want to make sure you pay attention to these steps. Go ahead and rewind the article if you need to, but you are good to use any of these items that would be in your rucksack—your money, all of that good stuff—because it's going to swap over for another game.

As you can see, we just lost our Tombstone perk because it's going to be implemented. Back here, when we leave the game again, unfortunately, you cannot take any xil with this glitch to work. You cannot close out the game or anything like that, so if you guys do want to take advantage of this Tombstone glitch, you're going to need to rinse and repeat these steps all over again, and you are going to need somebody playing with you.

I know there are a lot of solo zombie players out there, but if you guys are looking for some people to play with, definitely join my Discord. We're always out there trying to help people, whether it's dropping schematics, playing Red Worm, or all of the above, but that is going to do it for today's glitch.


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