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best guns in mw3 zombies

Mona 3 zombies can be really challenging if you don't have the right weapon on in the game especially if you're playing in the tier three red zone or in the dark ether PS now before season 2 there were epic weapon contenders such as the tyr, pistol with snake shot rounds and even the Lockwood 680 shotgun they were completely, broken and overpowered, in monare 3 unfortunately since season 2 and season 2 reloaded update there's been a lot of changes to weapon balancing in Zombies a lot of weapons have been nerfed other things have been patched and therefore the landscape, is quite different now in zombies so in this article I'm going to be showing you the new top 10 most broken weapons in one 3 Zombies along with some amazing loadouts of these which when you Pack-A-Punch these weapons is going to allow you to take on enemies in mon 3 including zombies special zombies and bosses in the tier 3 Red Zone and even the dark ether as well now if you're playing in the zombies tier three zone for example for fun or if you're grinding schematics.

You're going to want to check out my recent guide with all the unpatched, safe areas that allow you to hide and take cover without dying in the Tier 3 Zone.

Use before weapon nerfs!

Without further ado, let's get straight into this guide. I'm going to give my top 10 best weapons and loadouts. If you want to check out any specific ones, feel free to use the time stamps in the description.

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Best loadout #10 in mw3 zombies

Best loadout #10 in mw3 zombies

Let's go through them now, starting out with number 10 in Zombies. We've got the crossbow. Now this used to be one of the best weapons again in the game when you're using the thermite bolts. Unfortunately, they've been nerfed now, but interestingly enough, another type of bolt was not nerfed, so let's look at what the new best loadout is for the crossbow.

The thing with the crossbow is that you'll find yourself short of ammo quite a lot. There's not a ton to deal with. You can fire quite fast, which is good, but there's a delay for the bolts to actually explode. And so you can take damage from the zombies. In the meantime, the bolts will cause lots of damage to you, so you'll need a PhD Flopper on, ideally if you're using it, but it does have a good damage profile against zombies and bosses, so it is still worth using now.

For my loadout, I'd recommend putting on the Carbon Elite V3 arms, the Jack glassless, optics, blast cap, and bolts. Those are important; those are the ones that cause the explosion, so definitely worth putting that on. Then we've got the 28-strand cable and the speed track echo. Put that on, and you're going to have a lot of fun with this loadout moving on.

Best loadout #9 in mw3 zombies

Next to number nine, we've got the MC. W assault rifle now this is often quite an overlooked assault rifle in fact a lot of them are in zombies but especially this one it's particularly good it's got lots of ammo the mobility isn't awful it does decent damage to enemies and there'll be another benefit I'll talk about later on as well so for this load out I'd recommend putting on the kumira.

Black iron heavy short barrel, the Jack glassless optic again, the SL collapse stockless mod, as well as the 60-round drum magazine, and finally we've got the XRK.

Best loadout #8 in mw3 zombies

Best loadout #8 in mw3 zombies

Edge bw4 hand stop under Barrel this is the great assault rifle definitely worth putting on and when you Pack-A-Punch this with an epic or Legend, ether tool you're not going to be disappointed, at all moving on we've got the retti, coming in at number eight and this is again a very overlooked, pistol it's a burst fire pistol which kind of sounds unimpressive but actually is very good when you start using it so for this the burst fire obviously can be repetitive having to keep pressing it down to firing so it can be annoying but it's got quite a good damage and time to kill profile if this annoys you like I say you can change this Weapon by putting on the jack Frosty carbine conversion kit which basically changes it to a high Mobility SMG, this isn't in my Loadout but you can p it on if you want to instead if you don't like the pying.

best loadout in mw3 zombies

Instead, I'd recommend making them a kimbo, so you've got two weapons. You can't go wrong with your wield, and the good thing is that when you pack and punch this weapon, you get 100 bullets per magazine, per gun, so it's 200 on the go at any one time. You definitely can't go wrong with that. For the loadout, I'd recommend putting on the Verdant hook-mounted laser, the akimbo retti rear grip, and the 9 mm high grain rounds, which increase bullet velocity and damage range.

We've also got the 50-round drum mag and, finally, the Brewin Xpress. Trigger action, which gives you a faster fire rate, means you can chuck more bullets out more quickly at the zombies.

Best loadout #7 in mw3 zombies

Up next, we've got the Haymaker at number seven. This previously was an okay shotgun; it's obviously been quite overlooked and wasn't very good, but now it's fantastic.

Zombie Killer, and the good thing is that it does have an okay amount of ammo; it's actually relatively. Fast Fire rate for shotgun one of the fastest in the class it's got really good mobility and it does incredible damage too so what attachments would I recommend putting on well first of all for the loadout you're going to want to put on the imperator, long barrel The Verdant hook box laser we've then got the no stock mod the 20 round drum magazine make sure you put that on and finally the most important thing the 12 gauge slug rounds for the ammunition now these haven't been nerfed whereas other shotgun slug rounds have been so slug rounds give you even more damage if you put this on you're can to fire incredibly fast at zombies special zombies highly worth using and I highly recommend, but if that wasn't good enough for you up next at number six we've got the ram 9 SMG now this is a new DLC weapon that came in the start of season 2 really good SMG, as it's got excellent Mobility, a good damage profile fire rate and a decent ammo capacity as well it's got 550, rounds in it and all in all it's a great allrounder.

CHANGE YOUR LOADOUT IMMEDIATELY TOP 10 BEST WEAPONS in MW3 Zombies Season 2 MW3 Zombies Best Gun. Here are the top 10 best weapons in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies Season 2. This mw3 zombies best weapons guide will show you the best guns in mw3 zombies currently, allowing you to dominate all enemies in MWZ.
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