News - Shotguns Were Secretly Buffed (warzone 2 Zombies)


The shotguns might have been secretly buffed in zombies, and what I mean by buffed is that they actually might be working properly now, so if you've been playing this game for a bit, you know that the lock with 680 has kind of been the meta and really the only good shotgun to use. And that is mainly because it slug attachment, actually worked for whatever reason for our hay maker here in our River the slug attachment never really worked on these weapons which is mainly where these shotguns get a lot of their power in Zombies cuz once you Pack-A-Punch a shotgun that has slug rounds, it not only keeps the extra Dam damage that the slug rounds gives you and the range but it goes back to just shooting like it would with normal rounds in it but I've been having people in my Discord tell me and I've been seeing posts all over the zombie subreddit saying that the Haymaker, actually might be decent now and along with that the river might be working as well so we're go through and test it out today I already started out this Outlast contract just to get a baseline of where all the damage is.

These are only tier one zombies, and I haven't packed to punch them yet, but it does seem to be one-shotting most of them, depending on where I'm hitting them. Please don't go down here, and I've mainly been using the haymaker. There's our contract, and there's our self-revive. It wouldn't be a article by me if I didn't fumble a self-revive within the first few minutes, but the Riveter still kind of seems a bit weak, but maybe that's because it's fire rate is insane and it has a 30-round mag and our Hay Maker's only got a 20.

But if these do end up working and you want to copy my build here it is, but now that we've kind of seen what they can do, let's go ahead and throw these Aether tools on it and go ahead and pack-a-punch, our shotgun, so you can actually see if they're worth using now all right. Let's see how these are doing against Tier 2 zombies.


Now it looks like it's one: shooting. Even from back here, what about all the way down there? Yeah, it's almost working like there's instakill. That ain't bad; let's go try. It is only Pack 2 Outlast and see if we can handle that let's start this bad boy up and see what we can do now let's give our Riveter a little try here it is only pack two doesn't look like it's one shotting the zombies really, but it is putting out some decent damage.

I'm still not fully impressed with it, but I guess we'll see when we get it to Pack-A-Punch 3. What about our Haymaker against this Mangler? He's gone immediately. So far, the haymaker's been really good. The jury's still out on our rival, and I say that these have been secretly buffed because there's been no official mention of anything changing for these weapons.


It wasn't in the patch notes, and they haven't put out any tweets about it. The Cod Update account didn't put out anything saying that we fixed the issue with slug rounds in these guns; it just seems like they went through and did it and then just didn't mention it to anybody, but we made it through that Outlast in no time at all, with little to no issue.

Let's try taking out a bounty. Give me something tough, like a disciple. I want to really put these to the test. You know what? That's fine we'll see if we can make it through his armor. Let's give the rivet our first shot at it and see where we're at damage-wise. This, H., is not very good. Let's see what happens after we break its armor.

If we can even break its armor there, let's go. Let's rethink how much we are doing to his flesh. Not a crazy amount, but the haymaker got him taken out easy. Let's do another bounty so we can get enough money to get Pack-a-Punch 3 on our rival and take these bad boys into Tier 3 and see what they're doing there, because if these things are viable in Tier 3, that could be a game changer.


Give me that pack three, and what is this doing against Tier 3 zombies? Oh, Riveter, I still think it might be ass. I don't think it's beating the mid allegation; it could be a bit better, but I don't think any shotgun that has 60 rounds in it, while Pack-a-Punch, they're going to want to make super good, but the Hay Maker, on the other hand, with 40 rounds in the mag, is two shots in.

Zombies These are armored Tier 3 zombies—the unarmored ones it'll take out with a head shot. The pain reliever might have just had a glow-up. Let's go see if we can take out a mega-abomination with it. There's the guy I'm looking for. Let's go we didn't do an insane amount of damage, though, but he broke his face pretty fast.

That's something, and it's nice that we have that slug around range, so we have to be right in front of him to shoot him. Here comes another laser. Let's try to take out the middle here. Oh, we got it barely; we almost went down for it. How much health is he at less than half? Now that he's yelling, this is our perfect opportunity to do some easy damage to him.

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There we go. We got a little bit of on her. Why the hell did I say it like that? That sounded like I was from. Wisconsin, but I almost got him killed. He's a very close disciple; he just had to ruin it. How many self-revivals do I have? None, so let's just go ahead and end this. Take the disciple out of here so I can stop bothering me, and let's take this Mega Abomination out because I see another player coming and I don't want them to.

Interfere, no, almost got him sweet; that wasn't bad at all, and this shotgun might make a comeback. Player of the Year—even that would win over dear Hamlin. I still can't believe Joe Flaco won it over somebody who literally died, came back to life, and played football with them all in the same year.

Well, that's neither here nor there. Let's try a Tier 3 bounty with it. I still don't have a self-revive, but I'm feeling weirdly confident using this weapon. I just got to be really careful about when I decide to try to tank the mob nation's laser, and we got to hope that there's not two of them over here all right.


Come here i just want to talk. Why don't you just go ahead and shoot that laser so we can get that head blown up right away? There you go. Thanks for listening. Did we get it blown up? There we go. He just stopped shooting it. I might have just gotten out of his range, but here comes another one.

Perfect now we have to reload. I thought we had that Aether shroud, but we got a decent amount of his health already gone, and now he's charging us. Stop it, knock it off, just open your mouth, and let me see them. Pearly Whites, no pillar you got to protect, me pillar saved my life. We got him to like half health already.

We hop in game to check out the Secret Buff to the shotguns and see if it makes the Haymaker and Riveter viable in zombies.
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