News - New Witches Book & Chess Board Easter Egg Guide Vondead (warzone 2 Witches Stick Blueprint Reward)

New free witches stick weapon blueprint

New free witches stick weapon blueprint

Welcome back to a brand new article today. What I got for you guys is that I'm going to show you guys how to complete the two brand new Easter eggs that we have in Von Dead, the new nighttime map of Vondo. The Easter eggs are live now, and I was able to complete them. I did them multiple times just to test them out and see what the easiest ways are, and that's what I got for you guys in today's article.

One of them is going to give you a free weapon blueprint, which looks something like this, and that's going to be for the witch's Easter egg, and then there's also going to be another reward you're going to get for completing the chessboard. Easter egg, and that's going to be a chess charm currently.

When I did these Easter eggs, they were pretty easy to do, but you got to remember I did them before most people figured out how to do them, so they were a little bit easier. In your case, they may end up being a bit more difficult.

How to complete witches book easter egg

chess board easter egg

But let's get into it. So in order to complete these Easter eggs, you're going to need to do this in Vondal.

You can do it in Zombie Royale. You can also do it in the Resurgence mode, but I'm not sure if lockdown or DMZ work for this. For the witch's book Easter Egg, you're going to want to head on over to the graveyard, which is going to be on the top left side of the map. Once you land over there, towards the left side of the graveyard, there's going to be this room that's like an alter room.

You're going to walk in there, and then it's going to give you the opportunity to summon. When you summon, you get around 300 XP, saying step one has been completed. Just a disclaimer: anyone in the lobby can do this step, so all it needs is just one person to summon it; it could be you, it could be someone on the other team, and it'll summon it for literally the entire lobby.

chess board easter egg vondead

After that, you're going to have to head on over towards the windmill, which is located on the bottom right-hand side of the map. This windmill is going to activate, there's going to be a ritual, it's going to be glowing, and it's around 300 m away from the graveyard's location, so as soon as you summon that, you're going to need to run as fast as you can because the bad news is that if another player on the enemy team gets there, they can actually steal your weapon blueprint, basically taking the Easter egg away from you, and you won't be able to complete it.

But once you get over to this windmill's location, there's going to be an entrance towards the front you're going to want to walk in now. The thing is, when you walk in, it's going to be dark; it's going to look like you didn't do it right, and there's just nothing going on here, but as you get closer towards the center, it just randomly pops up.

I'm not sure if this is a part of the Easter egg or not, but once it does pop up, the new weapon blueprint called The Witcher Stick is just going to be floating there, and you're going to be able to grab it. Another disclaimer is that if you are in zombie mode, you're only going to be able to look at it, and you're not going to have an opportunity to get it, so someone on your team will need to grab it, and the good news is that if anyone on your team grabs it, it'll unlock the Easter egg for literally everyone, so what you can do is have someone go to the graveyard, some of it while you camp out by The Windmill.

And as soon as they activate it over there, you can just grab it, and you'll automatically have it. That way, you can eliminate the chance of other people stealing it from you. You can technically just sit by The Windmill and wait for anyone in the entire lobby to activate it for you, and when they do that, you'll be able to get it as well, but this will unlock it for you permanently.

You can use it in any other game mode. The range is a blueprint that you can customize, and you can update as much as you want, but that's the first Easter egg.

How to complete chess board easter egg

How to complete chess board easter egg

The second one that we have is going to be the chessboard. Easter egg, you're going to want to land on the chess board, which is going to be on the bottom right-hand side of the map.

One disclaimer that I have to give you is that there is an alter. Sometimes the alter of Lilith will spawn there, and sometimes it won't. If it does spawn there in that match. I would recommend you just back out of the lobby because a lot of players are going to land there; they're going to try to activate it, and they're going to give you a hard time trying to complete this, so I would recommend you just leave the lobby and try to find another one until you get one where the altar of Lilith spawns somewhere else.

cod easter egg

Now, the location itself doesn't change; it's just the capability. To activate the summoning ritual, what you want to do for the Easter egg is find the horse and chest piece. There are two potential spawns that I have found. One of them is in the top right-hand corner of the chest board, so you'll have to just go up; it'll be like a corner.

You'll see the horse piece just sitting there. If it's not there, there's another potential spot that you can look at, which is going to be on the bottom right-hand side, and it's going to be by a corner, so it usually just spawns in one of those two spots. I haven't seen a third spawn. But once you find it, you're going to want to go near it and wait for its eyes to glow.

Now the thing is the goal of this is to not get touched by this chest piece because if you do it will stun you, and then it will resp spawn and start the Easter egg all over, and you'll have to pretty much start from the beginning what you're going to want to do is once its eyes are red you're going to want to stay looking at it and then back up as far as you can as soon as you turn around it's going to dash towards you and then as soon as you turn around back and look at it again it stops moving.

easter egg

And it's going to try to tag you, so what you're going to want to do is try to get it to the chess board without getting tagged, and there's a missing chest piece on the black side of the board you're going to want to get on over there, and make sure you try to get it on there. It may take you a couple tries until you get the pattern down, but just remember that it moves very fast, so if you look away from it for like, literally, a split second and then turn back around, you can even turn up your sensitivity.

If your sensitivity is really slow, that way you can help it with this, but once you get it on the chess board and you put it at the spot it's supposed to land at, its eyes are going to turn green, it's going to slowly line itself up, and then it will say the Easter egg has been completed. It'll spawn a bunch of loot toward the center, which will be a bunch of money.

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