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Todays new mw3 content update

Todays new mw3 content update

Welcome back to a brand new article. In this one, we're going to go over all the details that you need to know about today's update, bringing in the Vortex LTM, some different types of patch notes, the new weekly challenges, and much more. Also, a reminder. I did post a couple articles over the last couple days going over 2024, including a road map of everything to expect in the year 2024 that we know of so far, upcoming events, content updates, and more.

Also, I've covered everything that you need to know about the season 1 reloaded update.

New playlist update

This brand new update brought in a playlist update, and that removed all the ship-miss-holiday-related events have been removed I believe Miss is still available in the regular rotation, but you have hardcore quick play, you have the new Vortex LTM event meet 24/7, is back, you also have 10v 10 Mosh Pit War mode gunfight, there's also Cutthroat ground war and invasion, so this is what we're going to have up until next week for war zone.

The only difference is that Santa Slay Ride has been removed; everything else remains the same: you have Resurgence quads in rotation, you have Resurgence trios, and years ago. Resurgence. Duos rotational, and Resurgence solos rotational.

Week 5 challenges & aftermarket part reward

Week 5 challenges & aftermarket part reward

Don't forget that, because it is Wednesday week, five challenges are now available for you to complete. The challenges are available across all modes. You have some for multiplayer, zombies, and Battle Royale. You're only required to complete five out of the seven challenges in order to unlock the new Jack signal burst, which is going to be an aftermarket part for the Hoger 556.

For the challenges, the tip that I would recommend is to just use the Hoger 556 and put a scope on it. Just by doing that, you can knock out a good five out of the seven that are going to get a kill with the recommended AR and get long shots. Get head shots as well as just regular kills with the Hoger 556.

all mw3 bundles

So you can knock out most of these challenges at the same exact time, so just use that weapon if you want to complete all of them. This is what the attachment looks like in the range. I didn't put any attachments on it so you can see what the raw abilities look like, but it turns it into a burst weapon and has a little bit of recoil going on with it with the right attachments.

It's definitely a kit that could be very overpowered, especially for those of you guys who play War Zone anyway.

Vortex event 16 rewards & event explained

You can't forget the brand new event that dropped today, and that is the domain Vortex event. This is going to bring in a total of 16 different rewards that you can get. 15 of them are going to be the regular ones, and then the last one will be the mastery, and that's going to be the animated magma camo that we've been talking about non-stop over these last couple days, but here are all the rewards that you need to know.

So we got the goat weapon sticker, which is the first one; the second one is a double XP token; and the third one is going to be called the through the smoke large decal. The fourth one is going to be another double-weapon XP token. You also have a charm called the Ghost Fire. The next one is called Skull Fire for the large decal.

cod easter egg

You have the volcanic emblem, you have a little rusty calling card that was leaked previously, and you have a double battle pass XP token. You have the winged fire weapon sticker, you have another Double XP token, and you have the forged inflames, calling card, putrid skulls weapon sticker, you have another Double XP token, and then finally, you have that animated magma camel.

You will need a total of 48,500. XP to compete in this entire event, the good news is that you don't need to play the Vortex LTM event to gain this XP. You could play in any mode that you want. For those of you guys who don't own multiplayer, you can still play in War Zone and get all these different types of rewards.

You just won't be able to track it through the event tab itself, but from what I know, at the end of each match that you play, when it gives you, like, the report of the XP that you've gained for the different challenges you've completed, at the end it usually tells you and shows you how full the bar is on your progress towards the next reward for this event, so you can use that to track it, but you really don't need the event tab this time around.

There are no challenges that you need to do; all you have to do is just play the game and gain XP. If you want to give yourself bonus XP, you can use the horse operator skin, which gives you an extra 1, 000 XP per match. Now let's go ahead and talk about the patch, Not So.

New mw3 patch notes update

New mw3 patch notes update

Call of Duty is now back from its break, and they are now giving us a little bit more communication. On what they're currently working on and the different issues that they are currently working on resolving, the first one that we have here says we're investigating an issue where the squad widget displays the incorrect number of players in your squad.

Another thing is for the war zone; they're investigating an issue causing players to get kicked for inactivity. Despite being active in the game, the last issue that they have mentioned so far is that they're investigating an issue causing inconsistencies. With equipping your armor plates, while I was editing this article, I also posted another patch note, and it says we're aware of an issue causing the event tab to be inaccessible.

For certain players, despite the fact that Challengers remain progress and rewards can still be earned, we expect to release a fix in the coming week, so my guess is the fix is not going to happen until the reloaded update. The good news is that we're not going to get an event other than this one for a couple of weeks anyway, so that means this is going to be probably the last event that you'll have to deal with without having the event tab, and then after that, we should be good to go for the boys event now.

Just to let you know, they're currently working on these issues; they have not fixed any of them as of right now, so there's going to be a separate update that will take place. not entirely sure when that will be, but they will be adding that, and there will be patch notes to go over and cover, but since they are back starting this week, you can expect that the update will more than likely be next.

New dark rituals operator bundle

New dark rituals operator bundle

On Wednesday, we also received a brand new store update with today's new event, which is bringing in dark rituals number four. This will feature the ritual boss operator skin for Corso. This is a showcase of what it looks like; it looks very identical. To Mace, the outfit also sort of looks like a Mortal Kombat type of character, but this is going to be the operator that you get.

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