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Welcome back to a brand new article. In this one, I'm going to show you guys how to do the new Rebirth Island secret challenge Easter egg that will unlock you this new DG 56 weapon blueprint. You can do this in any rebirth, revival, or mode, so you can jump in with friends or do it solo if you'd like.

new rebirth island easter egg

As I did here in this article, you want to land over at the factory, and what you want to do is look for the door labeled B4. This is going to be on the second floor I usually will hover right when I get to that area and then wait until you actually find that area rather than going into the building and then searching door by door it makes it so much faster, once you find that you want to head in there and look for a red crate that always spawns in right behind this little fence you want to shoot at it and once you do it will pop open and give you an ID card you want to pick that ID card up this will be the only one that spawns in the entire game if you get eliminated, you definitely want to go back and land on your loot and if you're not able to find it you will need to back out and redo this part from there you want to head on over towards the building that is in the top right side of the harbor location it's a perfect square, what I would do is I would recommend you hit the water and go that way because chances are you're probably going to meet someone from the factory all the way up until you get to that Harbor location.

So I hit the water. There's also an underground little tunnel that you can go through. I will go in there if you want to make your way upstairs. Once you get there, there will be a locked door, and it will require that key card that you ended up getting. Once you activate that scan, the door will open up within it, and there will be a free UAV that you can use.

But when you take a look at the right side, there's going to be a button that tells you to turn on the power. You're going to want to click this, and as soon as you do, that is step one of the Easter egg. For step number two, you want to head on over to the chemical engineering building. There's going to be three different places that you want to enter.

new rebirth island easter egg guide

The first one will be at the very top. On the right side of chemical engineering, there will be a little door. You want to enter through that door. On the left side, there will be an X symbol with a number right under it. The number will change every single time. I would recommend that you remember this, so take a photo of it, maybe with your phone or a screenshot.

For the second location, you want to hit the stairs, go down and take a left, go straight down that hallway, and there will be a w symbol that will appear, and it will also have a number under it. You need to remember this number as well, and for the last symbol, you'll want to leave the building towards the left side of it once you're outside.

You want to run down until you find some double doors. Take a right, and then on the left side of this little room there will be a symbol, and this will also have a number. And right after you find all these numbers and have them memorized, you want to head on over to the main building, which will be on the right side of the symbol.

rebirth easter egg

Once you're in there, I would recommend you close all the doors because if someone sees you're doing this, you're probably going to try to eliminate them. There's going to be a total of four buttons in this room. The first one is to activate this Easter egg, which is this red button you want to click on or hold square.

Once you hold that button and activate it, there will be three other buttons that you can press. One of the buttons will only change the a symbol; one of them will change the A and the X symbol; and the third one will change the a, w, and X symbols. They're completely random as to which ones they are, so you will need to experiment with them.

If you mess up, you can always go back to the first red lever, reset everything, and start it again. In my case, it was seven. W was 1 and X was 6, so I wanted to activate the button that activates all three just once to make sure that the W turns into a one, and because that's the number and I don't want to go past that.

rebirth island

I then activated the lever that will activate two, and then I used that lever to activate until I got the second lowest number, which was six for the X, and once I got there, the final one was a, and it needed to be seven, so I used the one lever. And that one changed it to seven, and it was completed.

Once you complete this step, you'll be unable to access it. What you want to do is head to the building right across, which is the factory; it's going to be upstairs. You're going to want to find this vault that has all this loot hidden behind it that you're unable to access. What you want to do is turn around; there will be a computer there that will have a bunch of numbers.

In my case, these numbers were blurry because I was playing on the lowest graphics settings, so just a tip if you guys are on PC. Make sure you increase your graphics so you can actually see these numbers, because they are very important once you're able to see the numbers you want to look at with the highest percentages.

rebirth island easter egg

And as you work your way down to the lowest, there will be a total of eight digits; in this case, the highest number that I saw was 53. The second highest was 33, then the third highest was 30, followed by 8, and then followed by two now that is going to be the code that you need to enter in that order so I went over there and I put in the highest number of 53 then 33 then 30 then eight and two and that actually ended up activating the Vault and opening it but now after you open the vault you'll have access to all this loot but there will be another button on the right side of it that you will also need to press this will open the right side of the vault which has the dg58, weapon blueprint, and an advanced UAV.

As soon as you grab the DG58 weapon blueprint, this will complete the Easter egg for you, and it will say and give you that notification that you have now gotten this blueprint. I'm not sure if it grants this reward to the entire squad or only to the person who grabs the blueprint. And just a disclaimer: you will need to do all this in the same match if you want this Easter egg to count.

I hope this guy helped you guys out.

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