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Vortex event huge bug & issues

Vortex event huge bug & issues

Welcome back to a brand new article. In this one, we're going to talk about next week's massive update, the final update that we're going to get for season 1. For those of you guys grinding out the vortex event, some of you guys may have noticed that you haven't been granted your rewards. This is actually an issue going on right now where it says you've completed the event or you've received the rewards.

You're supposed to get the magma camo for getting the 458, {421} that is required according to the event tab, but apparently that is not accurate enough because Cod updates ended up posting this. They said the XP targets displayed in the vortex UI are inaccurate. This means that the tiers may appear to be completed sooner than intended.

While this issue occurs, the rewards remain unlockable at the following intended targets, and if you take a look at these, the XP amounts actually get crazy, so originally the total was supposed to be 458, to get all the rewards and the animated Mastery camo, but now it's looking like you need 1.2 million XP to actually gain everything, so for those of you guys who got the notification saying you've completed the entire event, you've gotten all the rewards, but then when you go and check your locker, you don't have this camo at all.

This is exactly why, because you may have gotten 400k XP, but you actually need to get 1.2 million. So I just wanted to clarify this right now to let you know that if you don't have it, you're not the only one who's having this issue. It's just that the UI is inaccurate. With the numbers that they have shown, all you have to do is continue playing the game, as you usually generate XP, and once you hit that amount, it should be available in your locker, and the rewards will be granted to.

New playlist update patch notes

New playlist update patch notes

You Today we also received a brand new update to the quickplay filter; they have now added a gun game.

It says gun games are now available in the quickplay filter in Modern Warfare 3. Additionally, weapon check animations will no longer play upon respawn in the small map playlist, allowing you to get back into the fight uninterrupted. We also received the brand new playlist update, and it says this week in Call of Duty's War Zone playlist update, we have Battle Royale and US extend solos, duos, trios, and quads that haven't changed, then the Resurgence has changed, where Yik Stand is going to now be available in duos and quads, and Vondo and Asika are going to be available in solos and trios.

And then they brought the return of lockdown Vondo quads. I saw many people asking for this, which is now available, but in return, I believe they have removed plunder.

Next week update patch notes & upcoming content

all mw3 bundles

This is everything that you need to know about today's small, minor update, The The next thing that you need to know about is the next-week update that we're going to get.

This is going to be a bigger update where a download will most likely be required. Here's everything that you can expect with this update that we know so far. I talked about this in yesterday's article, but they're investigating different issues; for example, the squad widget displays an incorrect number of squads.

There's a couple of other changes that I talked about in yesterday's article, and I'll go ahead and showcase different photos of one of the major ones, which is the event T being inaccessible. To many of you guys, and unfortunately, it doesn't seem like it's going to be fixed in this next update. They said they're going to fix it in the upcoming weeks, which is probably going to be when season 1 reloaded comes out on the 17th, and also expect the tire and aftermarket to go live.

cod easter egg

All of the different attachments that they ended up removing over the holiday break, such as the Melstrom Dual trigger for the Lockwood and the Snake Bites for the Tyr, will be re-enabled once again, and they will have the number of Nerfs that they need. Even went ahead and confirmed this; they said we've seen your questions about weapon balance, and we're happy to confirm that an update is coming out midway through next week, and yes, that includes changes to the MTZ.

Interceptor, currently all the metal weapons are very overpowered in the game right now. You can expect those to get some type of Nerf when this update comes out, which is going to be on Wednesday. That includes things like the Ram 7, the MTZ Interceptor, and maybe the WSP Swarm. The striker, the attack eradicator: These are all different weapons that are currently dominating The Meta; you can't even forget the lmgs that have like no recoil.

A lot of these are most likely going to end up getting nerfed. Some of the weapons that people don't use often may end up seeing a buff just overall to keep the game balanced all the same. This major update will be taking place on Wednesday, as I've mentioned, but even before that, on Monday we're actually getting a big store update, and that is going to be bringing in all these CDL team packs, so marketing has started to appear.

New mw3 cdl team pack bundles release date

New mw3 cdl team pack bundles release date

The first one that was showcased was the LA gorillas.

This is their team pack. This is what the operator bundle will look like; it doesn't showcase the price. I'm going to guess it's probably going to be around 2, 000 to 2400 Cod points. Last year, we saw them in the store for $9.99, each for the entire bundle. This time around, it's looking like they're going to double the price, and it's probably going to be around $2, 000.

Just based on the CDL launch pack that we have that costs 2, 000 Cod points, they're probably going to be around that same price tag because everything in that bundle is pretty much going to be available for these team bundles, except it's just going to have different colors and variations depending on the team.

cod free bundle

They also have the marketing for the Miami Heretics. It showcases two of the oper variants; it also has the player card, the weapon camo, the official weapon charm sticker, and all that, and then you also have New York Subliners; they showcase their pack, which showcases two operators; and then you get the Minnesota Rocker; it shows that operator bundle; then there's a weapon charm sticker; and then it shows a battle axe.

I'm almost certain this is not going to be available as a part of the bundle; there's no weapon blueprint like this in Modern Warfare 3, if I'm not mistaken. But these are going to be just some of them that have been revealed so far. Once we get closer to the end, they're going to start showcasing.

For all the other types of teams, the marketing artwork for those will be revealed, but so far, if you have any questions in terms of what the operators look like. There are going to be camos. Every single team will have their own unique camo, which will be universal to all Modern Warfare 2 and 3 weapons.

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