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How to complete 7 hidden quest easter egg & reward

How to complete 7 hidden quest easter egg & reward

Today I'm going to show you guys how to do the seven hidden quest Easter eggs that will unlock you the brand new SSOA subv weapon blueprint. If you don't have the SSOA subv weapon blueprint unlocked and you complete this, this will actually unlock the weapon for you, but here's how you can do it.

The first thing you want to do is make sure you have completed all six Easter eggs that were previously available on Fortune Keep. This includes the bank heist with the one with the drill, the dragon stir, which is the one that involves the light house and the lights, and the curse skull, where you have to grab that curse skull and get eliminations.

The throne room Easter egg has like a vault underground, and you have to open up the throne room, and then you have the ray gun Easter egg, which is the one with the hazard room, where you have to go underwater and swim, and finally the zaror. Race the Easter egg with the one that has the white flags.

7 hidden quest challenges

If you've completed all these, you are good to go. You just need to complete one more to get this reward.

Locked armory easter egg guide

If you haven't, you will need to do all the other ones. I'll have time stamps after I show you guys how to do this new one, and then you can follow that, and I'll also have the dragon stirs.

The Easter egg is down in the description. To do this, you're going to want to land on the second floor of the research vessel; either the front or the back is fine. If you're familiar with land towards the back, the goal is to get into the room towards the back of the ship on the second floor. This will be a room that will have some crates and some loot, but most importantly, it'll have tables.

And different types of shelves, and within those shelves there will be an item called The Mysterious, item which will be glowing gold there will only be one of them that will spawn per match so make sure you are the first one to get that once you get it you're going to want to work your way up to the very top so hit the stairs and go up you're going to want to go towards the right side of the vessel there will be a door it will have a red button and this is where the mysterious, item will come into play this will be a key card that will open this location for you and it's as simple as that once you walk in it will automatically, give you the notification.

Once you have completed the Easter egg and opened the loot, this will give you a bunch of different crates. Loot and items, and if you've done the other six Easter eggs, it will give you a notification saying that you have completed all seven hidden quests and will give you the S SOA subv. In my case, I realized that there was one Easter egg that I didn't complete, which was the throne room.

I ended up doing that one, and then that's when I ended up getting that pop-up notification. But let me showcase all the other Easter eggs and how to do them.

Security box bank easter egg guide

Security box bank easter egg guide

The first one is the bank-heist Easter egg. To me, this is the hardest one to do because it's RNG, and there will be different spawn points depending on the town location. I'll go ahead and show a screenshot here on the map.

I also have a link to the website; it's actually pretty accurate. I went ahead and checked all these different areas, and you end up finding them on the floor somewhere. As you can see, these are the random spots that I found, but they are RNG-based if you get eliminated. While you are holding one of them, they don't disappear, so make sure you land back there and grab it.

7 hidden quest easter egg

Once you collect all three, you're going to want to head over to the bank, which is still located in the town, and want to go upstairs. It will be a small office with tables and chairs. You want to go and jump and climb over that little window. And find a red button that's under the table, and then you want to click on it; once you do that, it will activate the bank heist, and then you want to go up over towards that door, open up the door, and then activate all three of these different drills on these different safes that are available.

And give it like 5 seconds, and then that should unlock you the Easter egg, get you that calling card, and complete it for you. Your next Easter egg is the cursed skull.

Cursed skull easter egg guide

Easter egg To do this, you're going to want to land on the very left side of the map, towards the left of Lookout. There's going to be a tower.

Before you reach this tower, make sure you find any form of explosive, a proximity mine, a claymore, a seex, or a C4. Any of those will do. What you want to do is go down to the very bottom. There will be a ladder that goes up if you look up, and to the right, you will see a wall that doesn't look like it's supposed to be there.

You want to throw your explosive at that wall and blow it up. Once you do so, a secret room will open up. You want to walk in there and grab the skull. Upon doing so, it will respawn you at a random location. Make sure you remember where you are in case you get eliminated. And what you want to do is get five eliminations.

To break the curse, any elimination you get is tied directly to the skull while you have it in your inventory, and this also counts for other players, so if someone eliminates you, you take the skull and get the rest of the remaining eliminations. They will complete the Easter egg instead of you, so make sure that you don't lose, and if you do, you can quickly land back and try to grab it. Once you get all five eliminations complete, there will be a pop-up saying that you have completed it, and it will spawn in a Loot Crate.

Vault throne easter egg guide

Vault throne easter egg guide

The next Easter egg is in the throne room. Easter egg, you want to head on over towards the keep and go straight downstairs, into the main throne room building.

Once you're in there, on the right and left sides of the throne chair, there will be interactable candles that you can light. Make sure you light both of these, get on top of the chair, and then crawl. Upon doing so, it will open an area underground. From the center, you're going to work your way down there, and when you walk in there, there will be either a thermite or a Molotov.

You want to grab that and throw it at the center of the locked vault, and once it disappears, there will be some red lights. These red lights represent the different candles that are surrounding you in that room. You want to make sure you match them and light up the ones that are correlated, and for the ones that are not on, you want to make sure you turn those off, and once you get it matched perfectly, you will need to stand in the center.

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