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However, it is a little bit strange that this hasn't technically been officially confirmed by any sources at this stage. Normally, by now, we would have expected a blog post on this. I was fully expecting a blog post either Thursday or Friday last week, and that just never happened, but according to the battle pass timers, we're approaching the middle of season 2 this week, and on top of this, when you look at the battle pass, we have that classified tab, which is expected to be launching alongside season 2 reloaded with the new weapon in there.

This is mentioned as being classified for 3 more days. Keeping in mind. I'm recording this on the day before you're actually seeing this article, so on Saturday. And therefore. I think it's very safe to assume that we will have the season 2 reloaded update coming this week, so today I did want to share a recap of all of the things that we can expect to see for this season 2 reloaded update as well as for the rest of season 2.

This information was all revealed with the launch of season 2, and perhaps that's why they didn't have a separate blog post here; they've already given us the information a while ago, but in either case. I do want to do a recap on this so we know exactly what's coming up , and let's start this off with maps.



We've already had three 6v6 maps at the launch of the season, which was excellent, and we've got one more coming with the mid-season updates. And this is Das House from Call of Duty: Vanguard, but it's totally reskinned.

I'm loving the aesthetic of this; it looks like we're at the top of a highrise rather than in a really dark environment like the original Das House, and I'm actually looking forward to this one quite a bit. On top of this, we are going to be getting two new variant maps, and these are Skid Grow, which is a variant of Skid Row, and Airborne, which is a variant of Terminal.

And these are going to be going into that category of vortex maps, so we've seen them in the past with Tetanus Spard and Satan's Quarry. We saw in season one that those are all variant maps of maps that are currently in the game, and that's pretty much it as far as map content that we can expect with the reloaded updates.

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So there is not really a whole lot of new content here, but they did really frontload heavy on the new maps, and just in general, I am happy to see four 6v6 maps added with this season.

New weapons

Next, let's talk about the weapons we're expecting to see with the reloaded update. The first one is the S-SOA subverter, which is a battle rifle, and this is based on the ARX200.

And with this one, they mentioned it's chambered in 762; it's a hard-hitting rifle, and it dominates mid- to longer ranges. They also say it has a low rate of fire and predictable recoil, and this is great. I'm looking forward to this one. We haven't seen a new battle rifle added to Modern Warfare 3 yet, so this will be our first, but on top of this, we are going to be getting a new melee weapon, and this is the soul render, and this one seems pretty interesting.

It's not just your typical melee weapon with this; they mentioned that you can have really rapid slashes with it, and I assume it's going to take multiple hits to kill. However, you can use your aim button to activate the guard stance. And then you can release that guard stance for an instant slice, and I'm assuming this is then going to be a one-hit kill, so it seems like you can kind of charge this up for a big one-hit kill or you can just go in slashing really quickly for multiple hits to kill, and I'm definitely interested in getting my hands on this and doing some testing with it because it does seem like a very unique melee weapon , and while that's all we're expecting as far as brand new weapons go, we're also still expecting multiple kits to be released throughout the rest of season 2, so these aren't all coming at the same time with the reloaded update.

Aftermarket parts

Aftermarket parts

It's just the kits that we still haven't seen yet that were announced at the beginning of the season, and it's also worth mentioning that we don't know the order that these are coming in, but the first one to mention here is the Jack Burnout Kit. This one is for the hogar, 26 lmg. And with this one, it looks like we're getting a significantly faster fire rate; however, as you continue holding down that trigger and firing, the barrel heats up, and therefore you become less accurate over time, so as you continue to fire, your aim-down sight spread will increase, and you'll start to see some bloom with that.

We're also expecting a kit for the Hoger 556. This one's called the Jack Backs Saw, and with this one, they describe it as a double barrel kit with a drum magazine. So I wonder if it's going to be somewhat similar to the Jack Edon kit for the AR9. And then finally, for the kits that have been revealed for the rest of season 2, we have the Jack Outlaw 277 kit for the bass B, and this just converts it to a lever action rifle, and there we go. That's it for the kits that we're expecting for the rest of season 2, and it is a bit interesting that we have four more weeks of season 2 yet only three kits announced, so we might be going a week without getting a kit for a weekly challenge, or perhaps he'll be introducing a new one that they didn't announce at the beginning of season 2.

Game modes

Game modes

Next, let's talk a little bit about game modes that we're still expecting throughout the rest of season 2, and the first one's very unique. This one's called Jugger Mosh, and with this, it is a third-person mode rather than a first-person mode, and everybody's a juggernaut. Now this will rotate between kill-confirm-domination and hardpoint.

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And with this in the middle of the map a one hit kill melee weapon is going to spawn, which is obvously going to be quite powerful when we're talking juggernauts that take a lot of hits to kill and it also looks like we are going to have health bars in this so you'll actually be able to see how hurt you are and how hurt other people are and you will be able to replenish at least some of your armor from dead players around the map, and something else they mention with this mode is we can expect an event to launch alongside this limited time mode so there will likely be some unique challenges that can only be completed within this mode or maybe they'll just be a lot easier to complete in this mode, then another mode we're expecting within the second half of season 2 this is Bounty which is just going to be Team Deathmatch.

But the player with the most kills from each of the teams will be marked as an hvt, and it actually alternates between teams, so you won't have both of those players marked at any given time; it's just the player with the most kills on one team; they'll be marked for a certain period of time, and then after that time elapses, it will swap to the other team, and it will then mark the hvt from that team.

While we still haven't seen official confirmation, Season 2 Reloaded for Modern Warfare III is expected to be coming this week so today, I wanted to provide a recap of all of the content we can expect to see for this update and beyond for the rest of this season.
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