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The mr peeks easter egg explained

Mr peaks is the rabbit from the new Dark Horse story. Has popped up in several locations around Ekhan. And it's been discovered that you can only find Mr. Peaks in battle, not plunder. I also have a lot to say about that later in this article, there's over a dozen spawns that have been found so far, and when you shoot them, you get some amazing loot, whether it's gas mask durables.

What to know before trying this

What to know before trying this


Whether it's self- revives redeployment, packs extra cash kill streaks some really useful loot that can really help you during the endgame of a war zone Battle Royale match you do get a sound cue when shooting Mr Peaks to know that you've done it sometimes you'll even get some subtitle text talking about the fact that it is an Easter egg that you're in the process of solving there's no hints as to where Mr Peaks could be found though like a secret room that has a bunch of pictures, or a list of locations detailing where he could be found there aren't any sound cues when you're nearby a Mr Peaks rabbit that would have been cool if like in the dark ether that we have in MW zombies season 1 there would be noise made when you're near a Mr Peaks rabbit to let you know that hey he's nearby, would be cool if even supply box uavs, let you know that there was a Mr Peaks located nearby that would have been fantastic but it's also worth mentioning that Mr Peaks does not despawn, after a few minutes like the Drone parts do I know it was incredibly, infuriating to know when I made that drone part article.

After the first circle closes, which is about 3–5 minutes into your match, the part's just disappearing, making your job incredibly harder.

Mr peeks easter egg rewards


And Mr Peaks being in the storm also doesn't change anything these rabbits will be in very specific locations, around the map and will be there for the entirety of the game if nobody shoots him so a calling card that's been leaked out for the last couple of weeks is one called bunny it's clearly a Mr peak's calling card and as you guessed, yes it is tied to this Mr peak's Easter egg around war zone now the calling card is already visible to anybody out there who could just pull up their customization, menu, it's likely locked for just about all of us but according to leakers you have to shoot 10 Mr Peak rabbits in a single game of war zone in order to unlock this calling card and before I even continue with that yes we have tested it we've shot 10 different rabbits over the course of you know five six seven different games, so it does have to be in a single match.

And the thing is. I was thinking maybe you can shoot three of them in under two minutes, or maybe as you shoot one another, one spawns nearby, so it's up to your teammates to help you get them all in a short amount of time. You know, an actual challenge of sorts. But no, it is genuinely based on just RNG. And what we don't know though is if whether or not this is a team unlock meaning that if you and your squad go in and shoot 10 different rabbits in one match do you all get the calling card or does one person, have to shoot each of the rabbits that would be ridiculous if that is the case but that is how the Drone Easter Egg Works, which I think does make sense considering the reward that you get in that Easter egg but for Mr paks here I am Crossing my fingers and praying that it is a team unlock, for those out there that go ahead and try this but that also raises the question right let's say in a match that you're in your team happens to shoot six or seven but randoms in the lobby on other teams.

All mr peek spawn locations so far

All mr peek spawn locations so far

If you happen to have shot two or three rabbits by mistake, would that still count as 10, and would you still get the calling card popup for having shot 10 Mr. Peaks even though some randoms in the lobby shot some of the ones that you were supposed to? It's unclear if the match spawns exactly the 10 that you need or more than 10, allowing you to still get 10 even if some other ones were shot by players that weren't on your squad.

So, like I said, this quest is entirely up to RNG. We have a nice detonated graphic detailing all the known locations right now for Mr.

How to best find mr peeks.

Peaks he's all over the map, and using all the known spawns, my squad and I strategize and conquer the outskirts of the map, first ensuring that we covered areas that would likely be consumed by the storm, so I was dropping Shahen Manor, sweeping everything to the bottom left portion of the map, and one person was dropping to the top left of Urzikstan.

Sweeping everything and then going to pop off the power plant, someone else then dropped the Oraf military base and covered the right portion of Ekhan, then a fourth dropped near Oldtown or even Lowtown. And within a couple of minutes, we all met up towards the middle of the map anyway to do a final sweep of all known spawns towards the center of Urzikstan.

And the best we could do in our games was around seven, and the thing is, we checked nearly, and I actually want to say absolutely.

This isn't for the faint of heart

This isn't for the faint of heart

Every single spawn that we know of, so what I'm thinking is there's still plenty of spawns that aren't known for Mr Peaks, especially in the scarce points of interest like zeran city, the suburb, or the suburb or even Hada Farms, because, as you could see on the known spawn list, there are quite a few areas that are pretty empty in terms of Mr Peak, so I'm sure there's some extra spawns just laying around there, but it's crazy to know that you can drop in, let's say, go to Shahen Manor, shoot Mr Peaks, and the storm will just take that area within a good minute and a half, possibly less, so if you just didn't check that spawn, you missed out on a Mr Peak rabbit because of the storm, it just blows my mind.

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This is what we have to deal with in terms of RNG. But the thing is, the reward could also have been something a little crazier, maybe even a blueprint that's themed around Mr. Peaks i'm not saying an operator skin, but something a bit more worthwhile than a calling card, and I mean that in the most respectful way possible.

Second reward like the drone ee

I can't see many teams or players in the world trying to go for this and that's why I'm assuming and even hoping that there could be an extra part to this Easter egg similar to the Drone one because For the Longest Time a loading screen had been leaked out for that drone Easter egg and we all assumed that upon finding all the parts that's all you would get but you do get a UAV drone that lasts the remainder of that match that you're in maybe there is a second reward tied to this Mr Peaks Easter egg, which would be cool I don't really feel confident, that there is another reward tied to this I think it's just a calling card but even if it spawns something like dancing, zombies or gives you a free Loadout drop which is also rumored right now or if it gives you anything.

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