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This is DK Dynamite, and tonight we're going to be talking about the MW3 war zone updates for Rebirth Island and even Fortune's. There's even plenty of tweets going up every hour on.

Upcoming s1 reloaded reveal

Upcoming s1 reloaded reveal

Twitter this week is actually fairly important, as we should be getting some marketing for the midseason 1 update, which goes live on January 17th. We could potentially be seeing a blog post, a road map, and even a short trailer. As of this Wednesday or even Thursday.

I'll be live streaming here on the channel every morning for the rest of this week in the event that any of that marketing does end up dropping, but tomorrow, on Wednesday, we're at least getting new weekly challenges, possibly a new aftermarket part, and some other surprises. Who actually knows?

Warzone updates this week

but it was confirmed and I just heard from Activision right now that we should be seeing a weapon balancing update as of this Thursday, so for those out there looking for a tweak to the MTZ Interceptor over in War Zone, we should be getting that no later than the end of this week, but Raven also went ahead and confirmed that on the 11th of January, which is also this Thursday, we'll be seeing the Vondal Resurgence Quads playlist.

According to the poll, they went ahead and ran last week. This is the playlist that won over the other points of interest. Updates today also confirmed that we'll be seeing a bit of a tweak to melee hits since, as of right now, they're doing more damage than intended. It's possible we get some of the first set of patch notes this week as devs just got back in the office following their holiday break or they end up waiting until next week with reloaded to just drop a big batch of patch notes that are going to go ahead and fix things for multiplayer.

2 new warzone maps in 2024

2 new warzone maps in 2024

War Zone, and even zombies, but we're now in 2024, which means that we're getting two Resurgence Maps added into the current iteration of War Zone. These maps include Fortunes Keep and even Rebirth Island. This is a nice surprise that I really didn't expect to hear about over at COD next over at COD next the day before the actual event, but during the pre-brief we were told that yeah, over the course of War Zone Mobile's life cycle we are going to see the release of both Dan and Rebirth Island, and that game of course goes live in spring, and I even brought up to War Mobile developers.

I'm like, why don't you guys add all vaulted Waro maps to Mobile? That would be a great way to honor those maps legacies. But then, what do you know?

Will ashika & vondel be removed?

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Looking at how war maps were dropped last year during MWW's life cycle, we saw the release of Asika Island in season 2, and that was the only resurgence map that we were able to play since prior to that, with the release of War Zone 2, we only saw Almaza, and then if you guys wanted to play War Zone Caldera, which was War Zone 1, that was all you were able to play.

There were no type of resurgence options on fortunes or rebirth that you were able to jump into, so we had to wait until February to go ahead and play Asika. Island, then season 4 brought us Vondo, which was a map that I was honored to go ahead and play early over at Infinity Ward. It's a great map.

It's a hybrid one that supports both Battle Royale and Resurgence. I'm really a big fan of Vondal, and what's cool is that both Asika and Vondal did support DMZ Day 1. We'll circle back to that in a couple of minutes, but I think what's really likely is that these maps are going to be cycled out with the inclusion of Fortune Keep and Rebirth later this year.

I don't think they're going to have it where there'll be a timer rotation between them. Ashika, Vond fortunes, and rebirth—I really can't even see more than three big resurrection maps being live at once. Two, I could see, but three or more, I really just can't. If they keep the maps in, then so be it.

I'm down for it. I get it. What becomes frustrating is when there's nothing but a solo option or just a quads option for one map every single week, then you have to wait for a timer to expire to go ahead and play duos or trios on the map that maybe just came out. Hopefully that's not what happens, but it looks like if these maps do get rotated out asika and vondal, the only way you'll be able to play them will be through DMZ if you still have that installed, but Fortune Keep is being described as an early 20204 drop, so what's cool about Fortune Keep is that this is a very unexpected drop for War Zone 1.

Fortunes keep release details

Fortunes keep release details

A couple of years ago, during season 4 of Vanguard's life cycle, there were no leaks prior to season 4 that suggested a new Resurgence map was going to be added in, and it was cool to see that towards the end of the Vanguard cycle, we just got a new Resurgence map, and we're like, hell yeah, let's do it, and the map itself was sprinkled with little Easter eggs.

It was very refreshing. Unfortunately, it was a very short-lived map that was only live for a couple of months prior to being vaulted for the release of War Zone 2. It's weird how short-lived it was. I'm not going to even go over the Albra Resurgence, which was even shorter. I think it was only live for like a week and a half or two at the most.

I'm not really going to count that because Fortune Keep was an actual new map that was completely original. It was just really fun to play. I think Rebirth got way too sweaty during Vanguard's life cycle, probably because of all the weapons that were alive at once in War Zone 1, but with the MW3 movement integration, the map is going to play great, right?

The movement integration has already really improved how Asika and Vondal play; I can't even imagine how Fortun Keep is going to also play on the current iteration of B. But I really don't see this map dropping any later than season 2. I think early 2024 represents season 2 and no later than that, right?

Season 2 is going to start on February 7th and will probably last until late March or early April at the latest. I don't really see this map coming out in season 3 because at that point you're hitting late spring and you're getting close to summer, and that's when I think Reber is coming out, as we'll talk about in a second, but I do think there's a strong possibility they follow the schedule of last year by dropping two new war zone maps, one during season 2 and one during season 4.

Rebirth island release details

Rebirth island release details

Reer Island is being described as a mid-2024 release. Notice how it doesn't say late 2024; it says mid, so when they say mid. I'm thinking season four or five at the latest, and I'm also questioning what iteration of the map we're going to see for Rebirth Island, right? We saw many different versions of the map throughout its life cycle; you know, we're talking the Cold War cycle all the way to the end of the Vanguards.

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