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The new Modern Warfare 3 season 1 update patch notes are now live, and we're going to be going over everything that changed in the new 1.34 update. Before I get into that information, thank you guys so much. 300,000 subscribers—that is a massive milestone. Y'all are amazing now. Let's get into it.

We're going to jump right to the weapon balance because that's what's really important about all these updates, but you guys can see here we have the new EMP kill streak and we also have the new starm kill streak, so these two are returning from previous Call of Duties. The Swarm should be able to get us a lot of kills, and the EMP is going to take out all electronics, which is going to be really nice.

We also have the Assassin vest, which is going to keep us off the UAV, and honestly, I'm really curious to see how this is going to play out now. Obviously, we also have weapons.

New mw3 season 1 dlc weapons

New mw3 season 1 dlc weapons

Within this update, we have the Ram 7 assault rifle that's returning for mod for 2019, and the XRK stalker sniper rifle; it's going to be a 50-caliber bolt-action sniper. I am beyond excited to go ahead and use this, and we also have the Storm Ender launcher, which is actually essentially an EMP cannon.

It can't kill people. I honestly thought this was going to be able to kill people. It looked like a shotgun from the pictures, but this is going to be destroying equipment, so if you thought you could go around blowing people up unless they're next to a Claymore or a prox mine, that's not going to happen now that we also have a number of aftermarket parts.

We have the Jack Purifier, the Jack Eden Double Barrel Kit, the Jack Thunder LMG Kit, and the Jack BRB Kit. We have the Jack Bullseye; we have the Jack Glassless; we have the Jack Signal Burst; we have the Jack Beholder rifle kit; and we also have the Jack Head Hunter carbine conversion.

New mw3 season 1 movement changes

New mw3 season 1 movement changes

I know I was going to say weapon balance, but this is actually pretty important because it kind of ties in with weapon balancing and obviously gameplay, they did go ahead and Nerf snaking which was a mechanic that allowed you can kind of peak A head glitch or cover, very fast to the point where you would not be able to be taken out they went ahead and nerfed that down and they also added a stamina bar so you can kind of see exactly how quickly or how slow your Tactical Sprint is being replenished.

New mw3 season 1 weapon balance (buffs & nerfs)

Now here's the weapon balance. This would be really important here for weapons and attachments. Decrease the hit-fire spread penalty incurred when firing and moving for all submachine guns. Okay, that's pretty interesting. I thought we're going to go ahead and buff all the submachine guns, but you can see here.

1.34 update

Under the assault rifles, they adjust the MTZ 55-56 to increase maximum hipfire spread while standing by 10%, and they increase maximum hipfire spread by Crouch by 6%. Increased hipfire spread penalty incurred while firing by 10% and increased hipfire spread penalty incurred by moving by 4%. Now for the MTZ and heavy short barrel, they decreased the hipfire spread benefit by 5%.

And for the Bruin Thunder v9 stock decrease hipfire spread benefit by 6% so pretty interesting they essentially nerfed, nerfed the MTZ 556 if you were to try to make it a submachine gun which realistically nobody was so we're in the clear the MTZ 556 is still going to be one of the better assault rifles to use in the game and I'm really happy they did not go ahead and destroy that weapon now they actually adjust the bass B increase damage multipliers and semi-auto fire type to intended values The lower torso is going to be 1 to 1.2, and the X arm and hand are going to be 1 to 1.35x.

1.34 update mw3

So they went ahead and buffed up the bass B, if you were to put it in semi-auto mode. Now I'm actually going to go ahead and try this out in semi-automatic mode. The gun already has pretty good capacity, so we can go ahead and run a different attachment instead of running an ammo type, or. I should say, a magazine type, because if it's a two-shot kill to the head, all we need is 20 bullets in semi-automatic mode.

We're chilling now. The Sidewinder, they did go ahead and adjust this weapon to decrease aim-down sight time from 2 points from 20 280 milliseconds to 265, milliseconds, so they essentially went ahead and buffed it. This is going to be a buff if my warning and reading skills are correct. Predator Precision barrel increases gun kick control benefit by 5%.

modern warfare 3

This is a buff. Huntsman series are integrated suppressors; a barrel increased gun kick control benefit by 7%, and the RB, burus grip, increased gun control benefit by 5%, so they went ahead and buff The sidewinder that's definitely a buff because there's no way they would nerf this weapon. It's a battle rifle; people really aren't running battle rifles besides the bass B, so The Sidewinder did receive a buff in this update.

We're talking about submachine guns, y'all. Let's pray they did this properly because so far they did not touch the assault rifles as I thought they would, which honestly is a good thing. Let's be honest, now that the submachine guns are the striker, Decrease the sprint of fire time from 110 milliseconds to 100 milliseconds, so this is going to be a buff.

Decrease aim-down sight time from 230 milliseconds to 215 milliseconds; this is a buff, and the striker stuby Barrel as nobody ran added 9% aim-down sight time benefit, so the striker received a buff. This update, which is going to be massive here, I definitely think that you know all the SMGs need to be better at their respective ranges.

It looks like they're going ahead and doing that. Now the wsp Swarm has increased its range of fire time from 110 milliseconds to 88; that's going to be a buff, and they increased their aim-down sight time from 190 to 175 so they buff the wsp Swarm and the striker, two of the better submachine guns.

modern warfare 3 patch notes

They went ahead and adjusted, which again is going to be a massive W. The Striker 9 decreased sprinting time from 110 to 100 and aim-down sighting time from 225 to 205. And they also went ahead and adjusted the stubby barrel, which nobody really ran on here, and they added aim-down sight time, you know, benefit, which is going to be amazing.

Now shotguns Let's go ahead and take a look at this because the shotguns realistically weren't as good as I thought they were going to be in this game. Sprint or tax stance will no longer reduce pellet count, so they didn't really buff the shotguns. Okay, I guess that's honestly pretty much a w because nobody really wants to have overpowered shotguns, marks, and rifles.

The NEW MW3 1. 34 UPDATE is LIVE and here's the Modern Warfare 3 Season 1 Update Patch Notes! NEW MW3 1. 34 Update CHANGES EVERYTHING in SEASON 1.
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